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    posted a message on New Features, Improvements & Cosmetic Additions Introduced In 2022

    What I really need is a button to open all packs at once!

    Opening  pack per pack more than a hundred times in a row is what I hate most with every expansion!

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    posted a message on Wow, even wild sucks now ...

     Wild is so fucked up, it's unbelieveable. I am playing since beta and I have been legend and diamond 5 is the least i am achieving each month. But the state of the game is so awfully imbalanecd, it takes out the fun of the game.
    It should not be possible to play such powerful cards like quest rewards more than once! Mages playing time warp over and over again is too much. Most time i get them down to 2-4 HP (and they have lots of tools to survive and take no or less damage for rounds) before they start their time warps and i can sit there and watch time plaing as much rounds as needed to beat me down from 30 to 0 HP. And they need some rounds, because their whole deck depends on that one card to be played over and over again.
    Same with these big priests, cheating out insane powerful minions like Neptulon or Blood of G'huun so early, you cannot get rid of them. And even if you can - they have tons of gimmicks to revive them, so you have to fight the same minions over and over again.
    I am glad they nerfed that Guff-shit now!

    I just think they do mot much play-testing anymore. Whenever a new expansion pops out, they seem surprised how things develop.

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    posted a message on Guff

    I hate that guy just for his goofy appearance, and I am encountering him half of the games. I don't want play duels anymore. This shit is way too imbalanced.

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    posted a message on The Hearthstone Problem - An Analysis

    I know that mana cheating was always part of the game (I played handlock around old rank 2-5 in classic), but it was limited to some classes and there were only few cards or combos. Nowadays every class has access to seemingly endless options of mana cheating, resulting in games, where you got beaten at 3 or 4 mana, and I mean really beaten down to 0 hp.

    I never was a fan of that stone paper scissors principle, because I want to be competative with my deck against any class. I mean playing black in chess isn't auto-defeat though white has a small advantage.
    I don't want to play a counter deck against hordes of pirate warriors and quest hunters, which leaves me with no chance aganinst all other decks.

    Wild and Duels are my hunting ground and achieved legend in wild and 12 wins in duels with various chars, but the problem in wild and duels is even bigger than in standard. The solution is not only to ban several cards, but also to implement new (counter-)cards just for wild or duels to balance it.

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    posted a message on The Hearthstone Problem - An Analysis

    Bigger! Faster!! Stronger!!! Enormous!!!! Immense!!!!! Colossal!!!!!!!!

    This is, what Hearthstone is these days. Big spells, gigantic minions and fat damage!
    But not after a hard fight at the end of an epic battle! No! What about an OTk after 3-4 rounds? For one to feel mighty, the other to feel conscious ...
    My mothertounge is german, so plz be patient  and polite.

    1. Manacheating
    This seems to be the worst problem, resulting in very early OTKs and very often you find yourself helpless after a few rounds because of that combo of your enemy.
    It should not be possible to have a full board of high mana minions at turn 4 or 5. It should not be possible to cast a 10 mana spell at turn 4-5 ...
    ZERO mana minions and spells are a no-go!

    2. Quests, Questline, Nagas ...
    So many mechanics you can't counter.
    In a good designed game, every card, every action can be countered. How many times did you find yourself in a situation where you knew exactly what was coming next and what your opponent was going to do, but all you could do was sitting there helpless, watching your enemy play while you couldn't even react appropriate.

    3. Endless card generation
    Too many mechanics to get more cards than you were starting with.
    What makes it worse is the combination with 1. - endless generation of zero cost minions and spells.
    To top this: cards like Zephyris, discover a card to destroy everything your opponent worked hard for some rounds.
    We need to get rid of mechanics like "discover", "dredge", "copy", ...
    And we need to get rid of cards which generate cards from other classes (except rouge).
    And at least we need to get rid of the endless amount of actions per round. A limit of 5? 10 actions maximum would be nice. Nothing is worse than watching your opponent play card after card long after the rope burnt out, without any interaction of yours.

    No matter what you play (Standard, Duels, Wild) - most games don't last until 10 mana. This isn't the Hearthstone I loved for years!


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    posted a message on Share Your Voyage to the Sunken City Pack Opening Screenshots & Results!

    First 85 packs 4 legendary + 1 golden legendary (from 1 of the 5 golden packs)

    Bought 50 more packs mith ingame gold - 1 legendary

    Because there were so many cards still left, I decided to buy 5 packs and repeat this until the next legendary shows up. so I bought 5 and startet to open:
    1. 1 legendary
    2. no leg
    3. 2 golden legendaries, 1 golden rare and 1 normal rare
    4. 1 legendary
    5. no leg

    After 135 packs with disappointing results I got great results in the last 5 packs.
    I am playing since beta and I remember having 2 legendaries in one pack years ago.


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    posted a message on No Testing?

    Yep, too many bugs, too many adjustments to be made.
    Betatesting is now done by streamers and us, the costumers. Seems like they fired their quality assurance and hired some personal to draw portraits and skins to be sold in the shop.

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    posted a message on No Testing?

    What I love most in HS is duels! But it has never been worse than now. After 3 games you are facing Reno, Reno, Reno, Reno ...
    And hardly any of the games reaches round 10. Nobody at Blizzard saw this coming? This game needs balance!

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    posted a message on So where is the fun?

    Before HS became casual, it was chess, now it's dice.

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    posted a message on So where is the fun?

    I am really getting tired of this game now. Playing hearthstone from the beta until now, i have witnessed many changes, not only of mechanics, but of the game itself.
    HS 2022 is either an aggressive solo race to finish a quest or an interactive solo patience until you have the cards for that ultimate absurde OTK combo with playing 20 cards in an turn and spending seamingly endless mana or reducing cards to zero mana cost.

    And with Nagas it will become even worse! It's the same problem we already have with quests - you can't break 'em, you can't interrupt 'em, there is no f*ing interaction to stop a quest from getting completed. And there will be close to no chance to stop the unplayed Naga in your opponents hand.
    Sure, there are some cards, not many, but some can get the Naga off your opponents hand, but for what cost? You won't be competative for all other decks!

    Other thing is, I am playing plat5 now, I am facing 98% hunters and warriors. Most games don't last longer than 5-6 rounds.
    So this game became more and more boring. You have to chose between success and fun. Seems like you can't get both.


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