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    I wish there would be a limit of cards played per turn. I fuckin hate it to sit there to watch my opponent play a game with no interaction from my side.
    Just for example this ignite mage who played his entire deck + more (ignite) at turn 6.

    Same as quest locks and hunters and mages - they play their own game, no matter which cards I am playing.

    Getting overpowerd rewards for playing curve is insane. In this state, this game is so unfun and broken to the bone.

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    Finally found it (Worshipper, Pool 1)

    How can i delete a thread?

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    posted a message on Send In The Murlocs! is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    what a fishy piece of scheissdreck

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    posted a message on Wild is dead, combos, insane mechanics & card draw

    I am playing wild at a minimum rank of diamond 5 for more than a year and hit legend in that time. With every new card set, wild develops more and more in the direction of one hit comobos or near one hit combos.
    When game starts, you may already know whats coming because your enemy is not interacting with you, he is more on playing a single player Hearthstone on the same board, where he is collecting cards for a winning combo. Some of these combos are using a countless draw of cards or generating (discovering) an endless amount of cards . All you can do is sit there and watch cards swapping, cards popping out of nowhere, cards diving in your opponents deck and new ones jumping out of his deck again and again. Seems like your opponent is playing 20+ cards per turn.
    In most cases there is nothing you can do to interrupt him or to destroy the combo. You just sit there and wait for the end of your turn, or the end of your game.
    There may be some cards to destroy the one hit combo in your opponents deck, but this deck will not be competative against others. It's just usefull against one special deck.

    It's good that there are more than one win conditions, but when you are finishing your turn with 30 HP (and some armor), while your opponent was <10 HP and you are losing the game in one turn because of some weird combos, it makes you feel cheated.

    I do not mind losing a game. I do not mind losing vs a special deck, but losing vs this decks sux.

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