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    posted a message on Im ashamed to ask

    I am not the most communicative guy atm but added you anyways. 

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    posted a message on Am I taking crazy pills?

    Well with 0 cost renew there isnt much to predict, you just discover on demand.

    Games against priest take that long not because of decision making but because of the gameplan. They try to run you into fatigue, thats the win condition. 

    5 times the same card is common against priest. 5 times Scorpion, sethek, renew, soul mirror is every second game. Hack I even had 5 Kargath Prime played against me.

    Btw I play mostly control style decks and even I felt like (never did) I should instant concede. Just because the time Investment isnt worth it. Its even longer for me 30+ min games aint rare.

    Also its not rly about decision making in a control vs priest matchup. I can play as smart as I want, if he discovers an answer to everything, it dosnt matter in the end.

    I dont even play around hysteria  anymore, it's better to gamble. 

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    posted a message on Can't Get Past Diamond 3

    One important advice, dont switch between decks at all, when you go for legend.

    You can play anything you want up until d5 but then you need one dedicated Deck for the  "final" push to legend.

    There are multible reasons why this is the best strat, one is matchup  odds. Another one is focus/flow.

    What you can do, if your Deck has the room for it, alter cards depending on the pocket meta that you face.

    Out of your Deck selection I'd go with demon hunter, though all 4 are legend Material.


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    posted a message on What's the reason the final ranks don't give you bonus stars on winning streaks?

    If you cant give a proper answer to a (seemingly) serious question, just dont answer at all... 

    The reason is quite  simple. With bonus stars you dont need a win ratio above 50%. All you need is a lucky streak. 

    So from d5 to legend you gotta proof your "worth it". Ofc there is still luck involved  cuz it's a card game but lucky streaks are gone, otherwise it would be way to easy. 

    It used to be way harder in the past btw. Without protected ranks and just one bonus star for streaks.

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    posted a message on Pokemon quests! (LoL, Pokemon, Smite, HoTS, Dota2)

    Ignoring the theme (since it dosnt rly fit into hs), all cards look stuning. Well Comfey is to childish for my taste but anyways great work on the optic.

    The druid cards you made are more  intressting then most of the stuff  blizz made lately. 

    Bard would be the most hated card in a matter of seconds. Not necessary broken but Lord the cryout would be loud. ^^

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    posted a message on What game mode are you playing most in the moment?

    Mostly Standard. I think the meta is pretty cool atm, though funnily I still have troubles to adapt to shaman. 

    Duels is my second  fav, simply cuz there you can do stuff that works nowhere else and control is pretty good. 

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    posted a message on Spell Damage Control Shaman

    I'd drop Yogg  for Alex or Ysera. 

    How do the Ogremancer work for you? If they turn out lackluster you could try Naralex and Mankirk for example. Though both are 3 mana, that could be a problem in shaman.



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    I believe that the whole spell school thing was a massive failure. Imagine how  big the colection got to be, in order to give all classes solid interactions with their schools.

    This is not a magic based game it's a board centered game, or at least it should be.

    Also it drove me nuts when I tried  to make a Guff Deck to see that there are still spells without a school. How does that make sence now?


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    posted a message on Is it Worth It to Disenchant Wild Cards for Standard?

    I thought about this very often but I do Play duels so it's a different thing.

    Here is what I did after my comeback. I hand picked cards, one by one, making sure I only disenchant goldens when I had the basic ones and also all cards that are definitly trash, including useless legendary.

    This gave me a truckload of dust and a super quick comeback without the feeling of deleting my whole colection. 


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    I agree mostly with above but I want to say, they can powercreep as much as they want. In theory it's not a bad thing, could make the game more spicy. The problem is, when they print only a few real powercreep cards and not adjust the whole game around them. 

    As example the problem with crabrider and farwatchpost was that no spell in that mana range does 4 dmg nor a (unbuffed) minion.

    I personaly dont mind more keywords/effects on minions to spice things up nor higher stats but then we need more answers (old answers adjusted) and probably more HP or HP protection somehow.


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    posted a message on New Shaman Rare Primal Dungeoneer

    You cant rly run Primordial when running dungeoneer.

    If he draws your one high cost spell your Primordial is not worth it anymore.

    The risk of gettin your two 8 cost spells by topdeck plus a tutor is way to high.

    This draw mechanic isnt rly good for control styles imho, it suits aggro way more

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    It's definitly not reliable against tick. Any Deck that could run mutanus would be slow, that means warlock can simply keep one or two of his 1 mana dudes in Hand.

    On top of that, warlock has anyways multible minions on hand in slow  matches.

    Actually this card  could  be useful for  Ticklocks, not that he needs more removals but its another way to corrupt tick and to piss off your opponents.

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    posted a message on New Shaman Rare Primal Dungeoneer

    I kinda believe this dictates a aggressive deck.

    Still it's better then no draw but the conditions are not rly made for a controlish  type of shaman.

    Maybe some nuke/ele Deck could be a thing, most  good nature spells are face material.

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    posted a message on What everyone's opinion about the Meta after the buffs and nerfs?

    I honestly believe that the game has a pretty high skill cap atm (maybe not for pala), pretty much every class has solid decks. Just shaman is unlucky. 

    The thing is because of said skill cap, the common dude feels like everything is broken and in fact all classes have the potential for broken plays. That's why there is such a skill cap, if you dont know how to play around or force certain plays you'll be smashed hard and easy. 

    In 90% of the games I lost I simply failed at one Point. The rest is unwinnable due too heavy high rolls or bad draws. This numbers are a wild guess ofc.

    So my Point on topic is that the meta is in a very good (not perfect) shape and the game is just not easy to play atm.

    Variety is a issue to some degree but all classes playable from bottom to top is a good thing.



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    posted a message on Has Hearthpwn lost its charm? Is there any way to recover it?

    You made me wonder, how old are forum User on avarage?

    Lately I just thought it's incredible how online communication changed. Back in the days of vanilla counterstrike we had community Servers. Ppl gathered in a shooter to talk, in a friendly way, while slaying each other.

    This is nowhere to find nowadays, if anyone uses chat functions in fast action games, it's most of the time to complain or insult.

    Even the concept of private Servers (open for public) is mostly gone.

    Things change, maybe it's us who need to adopt? 

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