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    posted a message on Boring Decks?

    Well a pure fun Deck isnt fun since it wont work. 

    I build my own decks quite frequently or use meta decks and shift them to fit my style.

    If I'd post one of these ppl would call them meta decks. My goal is to get my own idea to legend material, therefor even if it was unique in the first place, the finetuning will make it more and more meta-oriented.

    Great example is my Ambassador warrior Version. It's just as good (similar) as the regular Control decks just different in the win con. This Deck was unique in it's concept since I ran a truckload of dredge cards but I had to cut most of them to be competetive.



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    posted a message on Please tell me the odds, maybe I'm missing something

    Mule is 3-4 cards. Till turn 4 they get another 4 cards. They can draw 2 for 2 and 3 for 3 mana and 1 from a minion. 

    So this is a potential draw of 13-14 cards until turn 4. In avg they will draw roughly 10 cards before turn 4. 

    With the reroll of the mulligan I'd say the Chance is around 50% and that reflects my experience

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    posted a message on Tavern Pass bonus card P2W

    Complaining about value in the battlepass is beyond retarded.

    You rly want to hurt the only "fair" way to spend money? 


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    posted a message on Pirate warrior needs more support

    How about a canon that Hits face for 2 dmg twice whenever a pirate is played.

    Ofc the canon has the pirate tag cuz it's a canon.

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    posted a message on Charge problem.

     Overall Performance and high legend are two different worlds.

    High legend has a different meta usually, so a Deck that fails up there may still be problematic in general.


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    posted a message on What Decks did you try in SC?

    I can give you my curselock list if you want.

    It's a pretty straight forward list, funnily enough it wrecks druids and is good against shamy but struggles against all that board heavy aggro decks, even though its heavy control.

    It seems control (warlock) hasnt enough tools to deal with that massive board refills of the current aggro decks.

    P.s. it's great to roll over druids though :)

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    posted a message on Playing casually?

    I dunno if it requires a certain mindset. Anyways I consider myself a legend on demand Player and thats fine enough for me.

    From time to time I enjoy a Deck/meta enough to hit legend, when I dont I am happy with d5.

    Since I can bring any Deck to d5 with relative ease I can play whatever I like the most atm.

    Also I play only standard (ranked) and battleground. I give a fuck about any other mode not even the free pack can make me play brawls or any other mode. I even abandon quest I dont want to do.

    To sum it up, all I do in this game is what I want to do, everything else is a waste of time and nothing can force anything upon me to change that behavior. 

    P.s. anyways I still have a competetive spirit in me, I wont stick with experimental stuff for more the a couple of games if it's not working

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    posted a message on Do new Colossal cards compete with Kazakuzan?

    Aye Kaza nerf is pretty obvious. Otherwise no slow tactic beside Kaza has a chance.

    He is even more dangerous for slow builds then tick was, since Kaza is neutral.

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    posted a message on Do new Colossal cards compete with Kazakuzan?

    I believe they are more or less designed with Reno in mind. They all seem solid in a Highlander deck. The Big question is, does that work in nowadays hearthstone.

    Reno does nothing against Otk, that might be his dead.

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    posted a message on What are you most excited about to try out?

    For some weird reason I am excited about curse lock. Probably cuz I was a affliction warlock pvp nerd back in bc (wow).

    Yet I am damn insecure about a damage over time concept in a card game, well we'll see.

    I have a few concepts allready one even runs murlocs lmao

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    posted a message on RIP Lightfang?

    Maybe t4 and a slight buff incease like +1/1 more. 

    At t5 lightfang comes way to late considering the upgrade to 5 is slower now and other scaling minions are in avg around t3

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    posted a message on AFKay tier 1!?

    She (her buddy) buffs. Thats key nowadays. 

    If you get a bounch of good tier 3 divine shields like mechs or windfury ele, she'll be a almost guranteed 4th place.

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    posted a message on "Your Opponent" and "You" (names not showing for weeks)
    Quote from ArcyroX >>

    I sometimes face opponents with name: "Your Opponent"

    now I wonder, does this mean my opponent has turned the streamer mode on, or is it just some network error and game couldnt load my opponent's name?

     Aye, they have streamer mode activated

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    posted a message on Hero Power Mage for climbing?

    As forty said, wait for the meta shift. Wont be a major one but it may effect mage. 

    Though imho shaman is the better mage atm. 


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    posted a message on Is there a good quest priest?
    Quote from Andrei2007 >>
    Quote from Xauriel >>

    Should the meta slow down by 2 turns in avg quest priest could become decent. 

    Its actually a control killer deck. 

    For now it's to slow to hit a 50% win rate and the meta wont slow down enough with the coming nerfs. 

     That's another common misconception. If the meta slows down by 2 turns in this fantasy land, priest will not dominate because traditional control as we know it is dead. The classic hold a big hand, armor up and just answer and kill every minion does not really work when decks can generate a threatening board turn after turn. And if you consider Ping Mage, Quest Warlock and Control Warrior control decks, well Priest only beats Warrior. Because those decks are not fast and the priest already has atrocious performance against them. Sure, they don't have a "win the game" card like the priest quest offers, but they don't need it. They have inevitability in chunks, making it way more efficient than a big payoff all at once.

    And I will also explain why the quest is terrible. The first parts of play a 2,3,4 cost card and then discover a card is fine. But then you have to play a 5,6,7,8 cost card, on curve, or completely mess up your efficiency. We live in a day where cards that are expensive are not good. They are slow, predictable, unlfexible. And sure, play your mutanus on 7 instead of dealing with the board. Bonk by bonk you'll be wondering why you are dead before you cast your win game spell. Ping Mage has a strong hero power that grows over time, allowing it to also protect their board, and if the meta becomes as greedy as you think, we'll start seeing ways to bounce back Mordresh.

    Warlock also has very efficient plays with self damage to make sure they dominate the board with big bodies, while also healing back up all the damage they did. It's incredibly hard for priest to compete when best they can do for 6 mana is a lightshower elemental on curve. You can also consider ramp Druid a control/combo deck. It's got its own unique style, but it has many ways of punishing priests, from running Survival of the Fittest, to making many Ivuses, Yshaarj minions, armor and attack, yogg and basically an infinite number of win conditions. Sure, they run expensive cards but they can also go to 20 mana. And the passivity of priest allows them to do that comfortably.  And with warrior, they are still prone to the otk charge or etc rush combo. Armor would help a lot here, but warrior might find a way to chip through it with weapons, and chip from efficient body minions like the 8 mana guy that summons two 3/3s every turn.

    I hope that clears up any confusion on priest. The class needs another redisign to make them able to get on board. Right now, they just get bullied by everyone. 


    Edit: Since I forgot about freeze Shaman being a controlly deck too, you better snipe that yshaarj with your curve mutanus and not die soon after, or else it's over.

     Hell dude what did you read? IT's not much that I wrote and I rly struggle to find the "domination" part. 

    I did talk about a lousy potential 50% win ratio. 

    Btw I am not sure if you know that but priest was one of, if not the top performer in high ranks just a few months ago. 

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