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    Dude, you can't even English right 

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    Maybe it does but the meta is starting to spread as more counters come out the popularity of those decks are starting to drop. 

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    I personally cannot win with this. I get get healed over with most decks and others just take me down faster then I can build up. I run out of fuel and it's GG 

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    Lower levels I am not really running into priests So I replaced Liam with the rushing bot legend I threw in the 1/3 bots and Roo bots over squire and whatever else and it works well. Though Cauldron has not been a factor in anything yet. Considering pulling it out for card draw until later levels... if I ever get there. 

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    I'm not even a good player. I've only ever reached level 9 once and funny enough with Secret Paladin. I've just returned to the game and made 2 VERY expensive decks but wanted a third so I needed something good but budget. This deck jumped out at me as very doable. I had to dust a few old Legendary cards but they are no longer in this meta anyways. So in just returning I stormed from rank 25 to rank 18 with 8 wins in a row. 

     This deck just pours on the pressure and for the moment it's not popular enough that people know what it is or what to expect. It has the ability to over commit and suffer a clear ( provided the other side is emptyish. ) and recover the very next turn. It's so much fun to watch people try and trade into a card and it gets divine shield, Noble sac or Redemption. I've had people quit in frustration over it. I'm sure I'll suffer at higher ranks but not because of the deck, but because of my lack of skill playing, but be damned if it isn't a fun deck to play. 


    Maybe to put in a spell breaker you remove 1 call to arms? I find that If I get to play both I RARELY ever call 3 twice in a row. With the removal of an argent Squire for a Fungalmancer ( which I assume is new from yesterday ) That's just lowers call to arms a little bit more. 

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    very interesting.. no free from amber... I almost thought that a priest staple.. at least one copy

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    So I came back to revise my thoughts on this deck. It's Really insane. I often can win before I reach 10 mana let alone Find Yog. I came up against a Stall C'thun warrior and he ended up with nearly 60 health. With careful use of luck, the Demented Frostcaller and freeze spells to control the 2 6/6 on the board and keep him from using his fiery war ax I hammered him into the floor and ended up winning without finding Yog.

    I do have 1 issue, Forbidden flame is only good for minions, I found with careful control of your spells and using what tactics you can have at your disposal you can deal with big minion drops as they normally come one at a time. What this deck has trouble dealing with is Zoo decks that get out of control. Seeing as Zoo is like if not the most popular deck right now it's the second, I swapped out the Flame for a flame strike which is good enough to clear almost any Zoo board. You can typically live that long unless you draw REALLY poorly. Granted it does mean having to draw the card but it's better then no board clear in the current meta. 

    a Word of caution is this deck takes a different mindset then normal Midrange mage cause like 85 % of your cards are spells. , so you need to know when to go for face and when to hold back. Sometimes you don't need to blast something off the board right away, it becomes best to sit back and wait it out rather then jumping the gun. But many times there will come a point you can just go ham on someone. a Later game Flame caller with a bunch of spells in your hand, and lord help the other guy if you have a fist full of spells, Flame walker and Apprentice. In the end if it's late game and things look bad, you can always drop Yog, he'll normally clear the board at the very least if he doesn't kill you LOL. 

    Otherwise I have a ton of fun with this deck even if I lose and TBH I don't lose often. I say if you're looking to play a deck that is fun and can pull a good amount of weight against more " Super Cereal decks " This is a REALLY good one. 

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    This is the Piss your opponent off Deck

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    So I just tried this deck out and I have to say, it's pretty good, better then any other Shaman deck I have played. I ran over a Reno lock and Mech mage with ease. Though I did make a couple of changes to it just to try and they seemed to work well. 

    #1 I took out the Shredders and replaced them with Fireguard Destroyers. I know the shredder is a good card no doubt, however this is anything from a Yeti to a 7/6 on turn 4. IT's a huge threat that needs to be dealt with and I feel has more impact then the shredder. Drawback of course is you are adding a little more Overload to the deck. 

    #2 I took out Brann, there is not enough battlecry in the deck to really make max use of him. Instead I dropped in a Bloodmage Thalnos. This can give me a turn 3 4 - 7 damage Crackle for taking care of possible larger early threats like a Druid dropping a bear. 

    #3 I can see where Blood lust can be good. Both games I had a fair amount of minions on the board. However, it's not hard to win without it. I put in a Lava Shock to help with locked crystals in it's place and it's helped. 

    #4 I put in a second Crackle over Lightning bolt. I don't know why you would use Bolt over crackle seeing as Crackle IS bolt but with more damage potential. It has more flexibility and can have more late game impact. 

    #5 I have not played enough to make this change yet, but I am wondering if there are Better options for Thunder Bluff Valiant. In the games I played I never really used them and they are more a turn 7 drop and this deck plays more like a midrange. I might looking into better 5 drops maybe even 6 seeing as there is only 2 6 drops in the deck. Sylvanas and The Emperor come to mind. Maybe even the Mist Caller. Time will tell. 

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