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    I'd argue this expansion is actually phenominal and fun with card power level actually reasonable. Aggro decks and fast combo games have fewer turns and thus each decision matters more. Couple this with apm intense turns and the skill to execute the combos is higher than it's ever been (maybe to grim patron levels in the case of rogue or warlock).

    Blizzard doesn't anticipate decks or print cards to fix specific decks, combos like the spell damage ally minion on auctioneer were clever work arounds players figured out to make the rogue deck as explosive as it is.

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    Quote from Greator >>

    I can somewhat tell if something is OP or not by watching streamers play. I don't call cards OP because I'm salty and I acknowledge playing OP cards as well myself.

     There are no OP cards though, a few bad cards yes but none of the current cards stand out is particularly strong. These are all negative QQ threads that this post is pointing out. Street fighter 2 and star craft don't need patches, people know how to make adjustments and adapt to the game to win without the need for patches. This game doesn't need arbitrary patches either. It's bad enough the paladin sword and deck of lunacy got nerfed merely weeks out of the gate. People have a learn to play issue and a complaining issue currently in this game.

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