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    Don't get too excited. Questlines are still a thing. Until they get addressed what's the point?

    The "perfect world" solution is to print a card that says "Battlecry: Destroy the Enemy's quest or questline spell", 

    The "I'll settle for" solution would be to print a card that says "Battlecry: RETURN the enemy's quest or questline spell to their hand" and the rule would be once it's returned to hand the quest resets back to the start. 

    But hey, the balance teams being what they are I doubt they'll be addressed at all. 

     This dumb idea of a tech card is regurgitated so often on these forums that it  makes me chuckle a bit more every time.


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    i understand the butt hurt of losing to some quests but please dont suggest idiotic ideas like destory the enemy quest, thank god u dont work at a balancing team.

     I guess everyone just conveniently forgets Oh My Yogg! is a thing and unless your opponent knows its that specific secret and burn the coin first, there is plenty of GOTCHA moments in hearthstone clip compilations.

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    Simply put: Way too many cards get designed nowadays that are fun for the person piloting whatever deck the cards get put into, but are annoying for the person playing against them.

    I can barely bring myself to play the card game, at most I might do some pve stuff in mercenaries. Battlegrounds I am not touching until that buddy stuff gets balanced out.

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    Happens to every IP. As it will get smoothed down of its rougher edges to be more appealing as time goes on.

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    Face Hunter absolutely gets special treatment. It's been Tier 1 or Tier 2 for months consecutive. No, it's not just unrefined metas, Face Hunter still escapes nerfs after the meta settles. No, it's not that it only has one viable archetype, because lots of classes get their only viable archetype nerfed. The only way to thoroughly read the past dozen Vicious Syndicate Data Reaper reports and not come to the conclusion that Team 5 has a bias in favor of Face Hunter, is to have the same bias yourself.

     Scavenger's Ingenuity, Kolkar Pack Runner, Irondeep Trogg... all found play in face hunter, and all were nerfed.  And in wild, Rapid Fire got nerfed.  No special treatment.

    And if face hunter weren't a consistently strong deck over the last year, the class would have seen zero play.  "Special treatment", to me, would not look like garbage legendaries (3-mana Tavish, Ichman) and uncompetitive archetypes (token, DR, big), in a meta where Blizzard consistently doubles-down on discount- and card draw shenanigans for repeat offenders like warlock, mage, rogue, druid, and demon hunter.

     Good point... unless they get rid of the mana-discount mechanic, Aggro playstyle is always there to have the Combo/Midrange classes in check...

     I doubt they will ever get rid of mana-discount, its been a part of the game since its inception with Sorcerer's Apprentice. At most they might blunt it over time with more cards like Summoning Portal where cost reduction cannot dip below 1.

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    I personally prefer a Control shell with a Combo finish. There is just something fun about attrition based gameplay and longer games. I like aggro decks, but at the end of the day they are more a means to an end for climbing the ladder and completing quests.

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