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    posted a message on Grandmasters Week 3 Recap - Results & Decklists

    Great work on this post heaps of deck lists...

    but realistically these decks don't exist cuz the power level is pure trash and the Demon hunter is 1/3 of all crap on ladder it's like a mini meta of

    WHAT WOULD THIS LOOK LIKE IF DH was NEVER RELEASED.  it's basically trash good post not directed at U but it's just stating the facts that with 10 decks 6 bans and all DH decks all banned it's pretty obvious

    no don't come back with me with the oh u can build around DH

    Cuz the moment u queue and build counter decks to DH U"RE already admitting that's a problem so it already is see the logic of using your brain there?

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    posted a message on Why more DH nerfs are inevitable

    blizzard is known for polish but let's face it we all know these guys aren't really known for balance that's my 2 cents

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    posted a message on How many total wins do you have ?

     i beat everyone i have no life! 

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    posted a message on Demon Hunter Nerfs Coming Today - Blizzard Developers Tweet

    Yeah I agree it's called creating a problem and selling u the solution it's a disgusting corporate practice

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    posted a message on Do you find this game too expensive?

    i started when HS was released 

    i've brought the welcome bundle 1 legendary and 10 classic packs and that's about it

    i play arena specifically i'm a 6.5+ average player hitting the leaderboards of NA server 

    all my collection and everything i've amassed it purely through arena and abusing dust refund rules never mass disenchant etc

    i feel the barrier for entry is harder for sure but with these new changes helps a bit with these new players.  atleast u get a deck of your choice etc i don't play much other card games cuz hs has many play modes of what i like innkeeper story adventures solo runs arena bg and constructed wild so i'm content 

    i think the moral of the story is just play wtf u like and if there's value i find better else where jump on the opportunity.  competition is good for HS so it evolves and the devs stop being silly and don't rest on their laurels gotta keep cracking the whip to come out with more and greater content! or..... the competition will catch up and surpass i welcome every card game more the better cuz at the end of the day the consumer has choice and gets a better deal and that i can say in the forums everyone can say a hell yeah too cheers



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    posted a message on Suggestions for a new economy system for Hearthstone

    i have 91500 gold and 174500 dust the economy system is fine there's literally no issues with it that i can see u just have to think outside the box a little guys

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    posted a message on Almost two years without Ben Brode. Do you still miss him???

    i miss him trying to sell us packs and the hype and legendary laugh

    but apart from that in terms of evolution of HS battlegrounds etc etc BALANCE AND ACTING ON CHANGE AND QUICKLY HELL NO he's more of the worst road block love the guy but TERRIBLE TERRIBLE BALANCE like EYE ROLLING wtf

    and his response " we don't like players to feel bad disenchanting their nerfed cards"  so we let them get raped for 4 months without doing any balance ?  that's the response go fuck yourself and do your job shit excuse moron

    i still love ben brode though KappaPride

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    posted a message on New player looking for an advice!


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    posted a message on Hearthstone Patch Tomorrow - Floating Watcher to Tier 4

    imagine a world if they fix standard and do it cuz of one patch

    imagine a world if they fix wild and do it cuz of one patch

    imagine a world if they fix arena and do it cuz of one patch

    Nah it will be right we go fix Battlegrounds instead SIGH

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    posted a message on Galakrond’s Awakening impression

    This expansion was PURE GUTTER TRASH it felt like the saddddddddest trash cash grab and they took the easiest trash way to get it out it was like TERRIBLE the staggered release is to drip feed content cuz it's so trash u can't even replay it what for the boss fights are all garbage nothing the best expansion this year was the middle one with the explorers NOT WORTH 2800 DISGUSTING utterly and purely disgusting and the fact u can't craft the cards till they ROTATE OUT basically just means it's leaning more and more towards p2w STFU u are paying CURRENCY REAL $ OR GOLD one way or another it's just sooo bleh...


    i did like the 2nd one though heaps of replayability upgrades over time the explorers get upgraded makes it heaps of fun combinations etc but yeah the last one was basically what happens when u fire 800 people LUL production stops they make the stupidest shit TELL U TO SHUT UP AND JUST CONSUME PRODUCT then GET READY TO CONSUME MORE PRODUCT OPEN WALLET PLEASE @_@ bleh......  terrible activision terrible trash company of their former self also the arena is all iplay to farm cards and keep my collection healthy but yeah this expansion of DOD and battle grounds killed arena that's my year of the dragon reflection in a nut shell

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