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    Quote from PanjaSoul >>

    I hope that they keep making cards with the 1-of  theme at the very least

     They most likely will, like they did with kazakus. Just we'll see different 1-of legendaries and 1-of decks won't always be based on a full heal.
    I would like to see alexstrza "nerfed" to set a players life total to 30 though, having a full heal available is nice and as is alex is a burst and not healing tool and there's a massive difference in 6 and 9 mana. (and reno decks in wild would have 2 full heals no go them.)
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    Quote from DMaster2 >>
     Their fault for abusing a broken deck. That should not hinder a constant balance on the metagame. But unfortunately HS have an incompetent dev team.
     If _______ is the best deck then people should play it, that's not their fault, that's what they were told and encouraged to do. That's what you do if you want to win.
    How often are cards banned in mtg? Not often, same reason. And Nerfing is banning except the card doesn't even exist in wild. Standard exists shit rotates now, there isn't ever a reason to fiddle with non-classic cards anymore. (Mind you I could say they should fiddle with classic by buffing some things but that's a different question.)
    Quote from JawsLoanCompany >>

    Their play testers are Blizzard's own employees who have absolutely no clue how the game is really played.  They're the ones who really enjoyed playing with Purify and thought the card was a great idea. 

     Purify is a great idea, it's just obviously not a competitive card. Most cards are going to be for arena and/or for funzies not competitive.
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    Inspire is a really [b]dangerous[/b] mechanic, because it encourages degenerate repetitive board states. If you had two good inspires out you would press the button and do the same thing every turn, and since those are good strong effects why wouldn't you press the button, so the same thing happens each turn.

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    Quote from brilliant_gnome >>
    Quote from hart7668 >>

    This is a card that probably shouldn't exist in Hearthstone. This is one of my favorite things to do in Magic the Gathering (Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek, Duress), because I'm a heartless control player whose greatest joy is preventing my opponent from playing Magic. Having this ability from Hearthstone would probably turn a lot of people off from the game.

    Also, since minion combat is so core to Hearthstone's mechanic, having cheap removal spells would probably be too powerful as well (things like Path to Exile, Dismember, etc) 

     I agree that it is very contrary to what kind of game HS has tried to be. It is, as you allude to, likely not done because people find it frustrating.
    But I do contend that by opening the doors to selectively drawing from your opponents deck and generating infinite resource, those kind of abilities should be included in the game, as counters beyond merely pushing for tempo.
    In magic i start with seven cards in hand, in hearthstone I start with three.
    Also they aren't generating infinite resources, they are invalidating a degenerate strategy(fatigue), not degenerate in a power sense but in a design goals sense you don't want a deck that just sits there and waits 40 turns and never actually does anything.
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    Quote from Almaniarra >>

    I'm not new to TCGs don't worry and i know they chose rotations but with wrong way. If you re trying to keep the game fresh you must do it. i understand that idea and it is also nice to motive players to use new cards, giving new players some chance on ladder; These all are nice things but you must do it with the right way. You must think about old players too. If you are rotating some cards, You must do it for all sets except basic cards for example. And ladder must stay experienced place, its what a game needs. Main ladder must be Wild, not standard. Tournements must be in wild mode too. But it's the new world order, money is everything isn't it ?

    Blizzard is a game company and companies exist for earning money. Games are for money its a truth
    But standard is for more money. It's Blizzard's greed. There is no doubt, but They must think more about their older players/consumers. So greedy.

     Competitive formats in MTG- Limited, Standard
    Non-Competitive formats in MTG- Modern, Legacy, Vintage(None get pro-tours.)

    If the main competitive format is wild than it's bannings and power creep not rotations, every set has to be stronger than than the previous highest power level and they need to ban/nerf the old archetypes into irrelevance. (See YGO.)

    It's greed as much as it is the health of the game, those two things are intrinsically linked. The world is littered with TCGs that died, if a game isn't being bought and generating hype with new sets then well it's going to die and lose interest no one wants the same decks for two years when they can jump on the next flavor of the moment flash in the pan game.
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    Welcome to TCGs, Rotations or bannings and power creep.

    They chose Rotations, and point of Rotations is that mechanics enter then leave and something new replaces it.

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    Quote from cluelesspug >>

    I don't understand how this card can exist. If you are up again a non-combo control deck, you automatically win. No fatigue, plus you pack your deck full of tons of big vanilla bodies. It's not even a bad topdeck in the late game because by then your golems will be bigger. Plus, this is infinite Yogg-Saron, Hope's End and Arcane Giant food.

    This is one of the most powerful (if not THE most powerful) cards in the game against control. I don't think I'm overreacting either. Sure it's bad against face decks, but what Jade Druid is going to do to Control Priest and Control Warrior is a shame.

     Absolutely, but it's been clear since whispers that blizzard is trying to murder fatigue as they should. A control deck should be trying to enact an actual game plan in the late game, not be running mono removal and doing what would get you called for slow play at a mtg tournament.
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    posted a message on Jade Lotus & Shaman Card Reveals: Jade Spirit, Jade Lightning, Aya Blackpaw, Jade Golem & More!
    Quote from Sunsk >>
    Quote from Wada >>

     Pandaria is a cool place with a lot of cool visual and races and themes. 
    It was only a matter of time before we got Pandaria expansion.

    Also, HS expansions are the "What if" scenarios of Warcraft.
    For example, Grand Tournament was "What if the Tournament continued even after we defeated Lich king?"
    The Whispers old gods was "What if the Old gods won an corrupted everybody?"
    Karazhan is pretty simple "What if Medivh was  was 70's playboy?"

    Gadgetzan is actually "What if, after Gadgetzan became a sea port, the economy flourished ?" So in this expansion, Gadgetan isn't a 6-7 building desert city, it's a bussy and rich town.

     I never heard HS is a ''what if world'' of warcraft.
    Also, even if that is true, that doesn't justify piggy bikers. With that logic, you can even release Donald Trump card, that's so stupid.
     Um no, it being Warcraft justifies biker boars. Warcraft is a silly setting with PANDA MONKs, and NATIVE AMERICAN COWs. And goblins, and gnomes.
    I mean I can craft a rocking bike in WoW, and even if there weren't already boar people(which there are) there's so many what's one more on the pile, the pieces for hogs on hogs are already there. 
    Also Medivh's tower makes a pretty good arguement he was a 70's playboy before the whole portal incident, I mean really an entire theater and game room?
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    Quote from SleepTurtle >>

    Kabal=less rng . but required good draw.  highlander deck inconsistence only have 1 copy card

    Grimy goons=rng minion buff. will random decide the outcome of games.


     Deck inconsistency is the kabal's RNG.
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    posted a message on New Card Reveal: Toxic Sewer Ooze
    Quote from Gastlypowerjr >>
    Quote from NeoEpic >>

    but all of the non-adventure expansions are going to have filler, and that should be fine

     Pompous Thespian and Purify say hi!
     I'll agree with thespian, purify is not a competitive card but it's not filler.
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    posted a message on Priest Legendary Reveal: Raza the Chained
    Quote from 2Itachi >>

    Kinda hoped for a legendary that could be viable in all priest decks and not only reno since priest reno decks are nothing compared to mage and warlock

     We were told part of the cabal archetype is renoing.
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    Quote from vitorsly >>

    Even if they ask for permission?

     With a lot of hassle yes, but people will send in 1 of epics and legendaries and what you want is mechanics that can go on 20 different cards with minor tweeks and make a theme. And those mechanics have to have a direct impact on things that matter(Board, Hand, Mana.). Because those are the mechanics that make themes.
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    posted a message on New Card Reveal: Toxic Sewer Ooze
    Quote from Jagg3dX >>

    Completely agree, im not sure why they dont use any fan created cards, im sure they can just ask for permission and blizzard can give credit for design.

     Actually no, legally if they look at a fan created card and used it you could claim the design and sue them.
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    posted a message on New Card Reveal: Toxic Sewer Ooze
    Quote from CrystalPanther >>

    Blizzard seems to be completely out of creativity. We don't want endless variations of the same cards, we want something NEW.

     You've never played a card game have you? Endless variations of basic effects is what sees play.
    This is pretty obviously arena fodder where it will be a fine pick for your curve and as anti-weapon tech.
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    It is true that their other tri card let's me access more stuff from the other two classes, and their legendary has effects right at home in them. So yeah in the sense you are saying, I agree.


    But damn if the don ain't amazing in a goons deck.

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