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    posted a message on Does Zephrys the Great prove rigged card draw/discover system?

    There is something weird with Zephrys after latest expansion. It really have given me idiotic options after that.

    Like I was facing lethal against hunter, he had enough leper gnomes + hero power to finish me off. I could have clear the table with my own minions and I needed just one heal to survive, but I got 3 nonsense options, all without heal. It was just unbelievable how zephrys couldn't calculate obvious next turn lethal and how to survive it.

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    posted a message on Casual is worse than before

    Playing casual without goal.. its weird. Like buying hugs from a hooker.

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    posted a message on Most hated deck in the meta?

    The only deck I'we truly hated was snip-snap warlock. Even I won more matches than lose, after wins I still felt annoyed because of playing against that garbage. You really hate a deck when even victory doesn't comfort you.

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    posted a message on Blizzard is a joke, change my mind

    Blizzard team have always been a joke. They make cheap cards too powerful, favoring newbie players. Epic and legendary cards should be way more powerful compared to rare and common.

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    posted a message on Which card are you glad is rotating out?

    when you cant beat the game by skill, beat it by card rotation.

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    posted a message on Petition too add back the Sorry emote?

    It would be awesome if you could build your own emote. Just give some text or something. blizzard would drown into all kind of complaints. :E

    My emote would be like "wow, you are awesome!".


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    posted a message on Star Aligner OTK with Untapped Potential

    Dirty rat is one card I have in all of my decks. It can literally ruin everything opponent tries to do.

    Against aggro you can play it instantly, and other decks save for late strike.

    When everyone was using original star aligner, I even had 2 dirty rats in my deck and usually won all matches, just breaking one link from the chain.

    I hope people will try this deck, will have fun with my rat.. ;)

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    posted a message on Do you find this game too expensive?

    I haven't used single dime on this game. Yet I can always craft what legendaries I want and I'm multiple times legendary ranked in wild.

    Friend plays only standard and he have hit legendary in there, and he is also free to play.

    We both think this game isnt worth of real money. Even using single payment isnt worth it if you can play all you want free.

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    posted a message on There is some advice to get legend?

    Don't stick with one deck. If you are only playing with one and getting hammered, take a pause and try other hero

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    posted a message on Kael's Miracle Wild

    I met this deck few days ago. Used Dirty rat after opponent played 2 pipers, and opponent conceded... wow.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary Card Revealed - Magtheridon

    Darkness deserves more credit lol. it is maybe slow but it also blocks no dublicate cards, more effectively than bad luck albatros.

    And I'm having a blast with Valeera the hollow > 2 x darkness with 6 candles. When both have awaken opponent cant still use zephrys, reno etc..

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    posted a message on Who cares about boring Standard

    My friend who is legendary is standard, said that you have to use exact copy decks to go forward in ladder. You cant be any different.



    Because of this I think standard have always been broken. I never use copy decks, that's not how I like to play. You can only find unique decks and players in Wild. I don't even find standard players anyhow skillful..



    (PS. I'm multiple time legendary in Wild with my own decks ;)

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