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    posted a message on Boomsday Big Rogue

    Great deck. Took out the preparations for Gruul and a Deranged Doctor

    I find I run out of 8 costs often, and Deranged Doctor has saved me quite a bit on burn decks. 

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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Boomsday Project Community Compendium

    All this and yet no card reveal for Hearthpwn. Good thing ValueTown got one. The amount of work put into that is truly about 2 to 3 hours a week. 

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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Boomsday Project Community Compendium

    Ahh the compendium voting, where none of us is as dumb as all of us.

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    posted a message on The Boomsday Project Arena Meta Report - Meta and Tier Predictions

    Great write up. Cant wait to see what was true / plays out. Insightful thoughts either way!

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    posted a message on Our Hearthstone Arena Highlights for The Boomsday Project ft. HearthPwn Arena Mods

    At least 21 people as of 9am. 

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    posted a message on Chanman, Gaara, and BoarControl Review Boomsday - Value Town #178

    Dont worry guys, I got your synopsis right here:

    0:00 - 1 minute of Boarcontrol commenting on his trophy he won at Seat Story, the competition, and Gaara being quietly salty about it. 

    1:23 - Promise that this video  will 'quickly' get to card reviews.

    2:33 - They will look at all the cards, skip over the ones they talked about before, but will look at all the cards, and all class cards. They will also kinda take their time but also wont. 

    3:12 - talk of Seat Story again. Gaara begins browsing Reddit. Boarcontrol talks for 3 minutes at one point without a breath. 

    6:24 - Chanman makes contradictory statements unprovoked for the next 5 minutes. 

    11:30 - Valuetown makes mention of their card reveal they got. Which is absolutely ridiculous that their card reveal video was able to be under 3 hours. 

    11:52 - Chanman discusses his wet dreams. I am not joking. 

    16:44 - Chanman discusses his recent Anthrocon costume he made. I might be joking.

    18:33 - Chanman discusses his questioning of why spicy is the only flavor the human anus can detect. I am joking.

    19:01 - they get to card discussions. This was 'quickly'. 

    33:43 - Chanman puts forth his opinions on some cards, and then changes them to match Gaara and Boarcontrol.

    44:12 - Everyone sees how long they can hold their breath for. 

    45:21 - Gaara wins. 

    53:44 - Boarcontrol regains consciousness. 

    1:23:43 - Jokes about 'arms' priest. with the Extra Arms card. Gaara's mom comes in the room, with a very clear and distinct Southern Alabama accent. She asks why he keeps talking in a funny accent with his friends. There is about 2 minutes of silence. Gaara continues to speak in his accent. His mom sets down his pizza rolls and leaves. 

    1:43:22 - Gaara attempts to swallow his tongue. He's unsuccessful. He compares this futility to Blizzards attempts to make cards for a Shaman Control deck.

    1:55:23 - They log into Omegle to ask strangers their opinions on cards. Half the strangers they link to are naked. 

    2:02:53 - Chanman changes his opinion 5 times on one card based on the others comments. 

    2:11:11 - Boarcontrol asks is the video will reach 4:20 so he can blaze it. 

    2:19:15 - Gaara tries to make a joke. It doesnt go over well. Chanman tells him if he tried it in that southern accent his mom had it would have been funny. 

    2:19:53 - Gaara curses, in a southern accent for the next 11 minutes. 

    2:30:37 - Chanman says that more cards should be made based on professional players. Gaara states they did already for him, Shifter Zerus. Chanman does not get it. 

    2:40:23 - They do 'shout outs'. Including all the places to find their excessively long videos. No one has reference Hearthpwn, and how they consistently host this weekly for them. 

    4:20:19 - Boarcontrol blazes it. 


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    posted a message on New Mage Spell - Research Project

    Research Project? If this was anything like real life, it would have read you draw 2 cards and your opponent draws 1. No one ever gets the same payoff from work in research projects. 

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    posted a message on New Card Reveal - Missile Launcher

    This Expac is almost a must purchase to remain competitive in Wild or Standard. The power creep on these cards is so strong. 

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    posted a message on The Boomsday Project - Complete Card Reveal Schedule

    Flux, please tell me they gave Hearthpwn a reveal this time around...

    I literally cant think of anyone else more deserving for all you do. 

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    posted a message on Dane's Infinite Aluneth Mage

    Finally a deck I approve of. 

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    posted a message on Play With Your Boomsday Cards Early - Attend a Boomsday Pre-Release Event on August 4/5!

    I just want Hearthpwn to get a card to reveal. :(

    The level of supplemental support you give Hearthstone is amazing, and it should be recognized more. 

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    posted a message on New Shaman Card Reveal - Menacing Nimbus

    That was a whole lot of hype in that blue post to reveal a common 2/2 with a dime a dozen mechanic. It's a good card but sheesh that was a lot for it. 

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    posted a message on Activision-Blizzard has gone too far with the Mega Bundle
    Quote from KooKie >>
    Quote from Velrun >>
    Quote from KooKie >>

    This expansion's money will go to We Happy Few. It is simply a terrible pre-offer for a random acquisition.

    Good job Blizzard! You are losing us, the paying players!!

    Nope. Hearthstone has never been more popular and they have never had more paying players.

    Can you prove me wrong?

     I can tell you I know 4 people who decided not to buy this expansion.

     Guys we better act quick on this insider trading information. Sell stock fast. I'm logging on to E-Trade now...

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    posted a message on Activision-Blizzard has gone too far with the Mega Bundle

    I think my bigger beef is with the quality content and disparity of dust vs disenchanting value. 

    135 expac cards that about 50% of which are going to see use in competitive play. Make no mistake, that is what you are buying when you get the bundles. 

    I think it's time to change dusting value with so many expacs a year. I either dust old cards to make the new ones, or purchase enough fodder through packs that I have the dust. 

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    posted a message on Activision-Blizzard has gone too far with the Mega Bundle

    I'll get the $50 deal... as long as the cards are worth it. I wont buy before I see the cards, but it's sad they dont replicate Witchwood's expac, best value by far. Agree with OP though, $80 is absurd. Someone else can enjoy the skin, and I'll be fine with using 3k in gold on packs I earned rather than my money. 

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