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    As do I, I had a good moment earlier I could have submitted but forgot to screenshot it.

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    Yeah, I am looking forward to it.  I hate playing meta decks and deckbuilding and testing is my favorite so I always enjoy release time.  

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    I like this deck.  I built a version of it myself.  I didn't think of the albatross.  

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    I took out the Master Oakheart, Dragonhatcher, and Sleepys and put in a Stonehill Defender, Ysera, and an Elise.

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    I'm sure it's been posted elsewhere, but I am too lazy to look that deep.  but here are a few I know.

    1.  Doppelgangster is a pun on Doppelganger which means a look alike or body double.

    2.  Harrison Jones is obviously a nod to Harrison Ford and his iconic character and treasure hunter Indiana Jones.  

    3.  Finkle Einhorn is a reference to the movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

    4.  Sleepy Dragon is most likely a reference to The Hobbit and the treasure protecting dragon, Smaug.

    5.  Bloodworm's reference is to a leech.  Which sucks blood from its prey to live.  which is why it has lifesteal.

    6.  Dinosize's flavor text refers to the former practice of Supersizing a meal at Mcdonald's.

    7.  Kobold Monk's flavor text refers to The Matrix in which the young child under the supervision of the Oracle tells Neo, "there is no spoon."

    8.  Zola the Gorgon's flavor text and name refer to gorgonzola cheese.

    9. Branching Path's flavor text refers to The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.


    1.  Arfus's art looks like it was drawn in the style of a Patronus from the Harry Potter series.

     2. Drain Soul looks like a reference to the Mortal Kombat series.


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    A Hunter Quest feeder...

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    posted a message on Ben Brode Interview - Insight into Casual Hearthstone, Meta, Just for Fun, Card Bans

    I posted a crazy, yet workable solution for this issue back a few months ago during the Un'Goro meta.

    I may be risking the ire of the community and the Brode Brigade but there is one feature that HS ranked constructed lacks that would make the experience of climbing the ladder much better.

    • A sideboard feature (explained in much greater detail below).

    For example: A lot of players know the struggle of facing multiple Pirate Warriors or Secret Mages in a row, going on a losing streak and then they have to tech Golakka Crawlers or Eater of Secrets just to have a chance, BUT the next cluster of games you never see a Pirate or a Secret on the opposing side and then your tech cards are useless and you hit another losing streak.

    To fix this I'd implement a pre-game side-boarding system. Before cards are even dealt, each player gets to see what class the other is playing and then each player gets to decide if they want to sideboard in up to 2 format-legal cards from their collection. So, imagine I'm playing as a Paladin and my opponent is playing Warrior. The game queues up and we see each other's class ONLY. Now, based on the current meta (Un'goro), I have a choice. Do I want to sideboard against a possible Pirate Warrior and exchange two late-game cards for two Golakka Crawlers before the game begins? Or could this be a Taunt Warrior? Which would make sideboarding in Spellbreaker or The Black Knight? Or not sideboard at all? Since my base deck has a good matchup against Taunt Warrior. The opponent gets to do the same for my Paladin class. Do they think I'm playing an aggro Paladin and feel like more AOE effects would help? Or a control Paladin and want to sub in one or two late-game value cards? Since both players do this at the same time, it doesn't hurt either player and you don't have to worry about those match-ups where a tech card is dead weight. If you sideboard in Golakka Crawlers and your opponent is playing Taunt Warrior, then that's the choice you made and have to live with it for that one game.  Thoughts?

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    Cool deck 

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    I will try this one out.  I made a couple of changes though.  

    1.  I don't understand having The Curator when you don't have any beasts or murlocs to draw into.  Arcanologist serves a very similar purpose (by digging out the single Ice Block) and is a 2 drop instead of the seven cost Curator.

    2.  I also took out the Alextrasza.  Since there are no other dragon discovery bonuses within Mage besides Sindragosa, you have a higher chance of getting an Alex off of the Historian.  So I exchanged it for a Skulking Geist.

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    Instead of Twilight Summoner, I prefer Arfus.  It really is just a personal choice.  the summoner is probably better with the whirlwind effects.

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