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    Also regarding the quest:  going full in on the Discard archetype tends to burn through cards really quickly.  The quest is bad in a pure discard deck because you waste two turns doing nothing in what is an aggro deck.  You can also get completely shut out if the Mage goes first and pops a Counterspell.  Moreover once you do have the quest complete it doesn't synergize with your deck at all.  Those little 3/2's?  Going to ruin your Gul'Dan's rez pool.

    So first deck, aggro Discard archetype from Roffle no quest:
    Cheap, inexpensive.  Can add the quest to it, but if it highrolls you win by turn 5.  Quest does not work in this because the discard minions put you behind in handsize, you've delayed your winning board to the point that the more greedy decks can counter.  Would need to continue drawing to contest but you'd just fatigue.

    Second deck.  Wierd control from Roffle with quest:
    Deathwing is very memey.  It's focused on board pressure, but if you encounter any Quest Mage or other combo you will lose.

    So third/fourth deck.  Dane.  No deck codes.  These cannot and should not be construed as legal, safe or sane advice when crafting.
    Interesting Expired Merchant-Fist interaction.  Probably the best way for a discard aggro deck to close out but it can get very awkward when you have high mana cards stopping your Fist from being discarded.  PLEASE DO NOTE THAT HE EXPLICITLY SAYS NOT TO CRAFT IT.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cr6DKHg75ZM  (WARNING THIS IS A MEME COMBO)

    Gift opponent cataclysm, force them to play it.  Interesting meme, but the corruption mechanic shows some hope.

    So takeaway is not viable in the current meta.  The archetype desperately needs more interactions like Fist of Jaraxxus and Silverware Golem.  Should the archetype gain a means of self corrupting a Jeklik it might be playable but survivability/fatigue is still going to be a big issue.  If selective discard like Discard a Spell or Discard a Minion ever gets printed it might gain ground but only in Wild due to past releases.

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    Compare Open The Waygate to Lakkari Sacrifice.  I just find it amusing that a company would consider the two in any way comparable in power level and release both in the same expansion.  It makes me question my sanity in spending any money at all on packs.  The three mage archetypes are all 62-67% winrate.

    At least for Secret Mage there's this...  get some pleasure in torturing them.


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    Discard Lock is an archetype that has been continually teased, but consistently dumped upon.  The quest is slow, the reward doesn't synergize with any of the other Warlock archetypes.  Like seriously, I never ran into a quest Warlock and thought "Oh this is going to be terrifying".  If they're using the portal they're using 3 board slots for the equivalent of 2 Bloodfen Raptors every turn.   Last update to this?  Rastakhans, with High Priestess Jeklik and some means of controlling what you discard and Soul Warden.  All of this combined with the stuff going out into wild to barely make Discard viable in Standard.

    For reference, compare to Murloc Shaman.  Quest?  Not bad, not needed but can give A TON of value.  Archetype?  Massively supported, namely Everyfin is Awesome, combined with Devolve (optional), Hex and room in the deck to tech/flex.  Continual updates?  Check.  See Underbelly Angler, Toxfin, Sludge Slurper.

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    Hmm, I remember a fair bit of graveyard hate in other games.   In the Witcher CCG, Monsters would literally eat the dead out of the graveyard.  'Oh that's a nice Queensguard, it would be a shame if I stole all 3-4 of them and ate your biggest minions.'  Things like you can only resurrect a particular thing once, and permanently changed stats in the graveyard are very healthy when strong Res mechanics are in place (ie the Ragnaros you Barnes'd remains a 1/1 even if resurrected).

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