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    posted a message on Mages need nerfing soooo bad.
    Quote from Greator >>
    Quote from C_A_W >>

    Nerfs probably next week. Dean Ayala will probably to a Q/A on Wednesday, so maybe some news then. 

     That's way too late. Nerfs should take place immediately.

     Its just unplayable mess right now.

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: WarpaulCZ#2425

    Region: EU

    Trade Only: yes, you go first 

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    posted a message on Worst meta since... Outland?
    Quote from PetiteMouche >>

    Ive seen a lot of people say it's one of the worst ever.

    Yeah I've seen that every 4 month for the past 7 years.

    This meta is pretty damn good so far, some bullshit here and there but overall pretty fair, interactive, viable for all archetypes, and nobody wins on turn 1. Yes, some classes are more lucky than others, as usual, it's not a problem unless you're that guy who only plays one class.

    I don't see Lunacy mage nearly as often as some people pretend. And it's honestly far from the most bullshit deck we've ever seen. Control warlock right now is more bullshit than lunacy mage, yet people don't bitch as much about it, cause it's not random mana cheating so I guess it doesn't feel unfair, but infinite health, resources and removals is just as frustrating as lunacy mage for the wrong matchup.

    Experimentation is also a lot more fun than it used to, because there are so much more good cards in every expansion now, old expansions used to have dozens of pack fillers and a ton of trash legendaries, once the T1-T2 meta decks were figured out there was absolutely nothing else to do but to join them. And even if the meta and the community don't follow you on your experimentation journey and just stick to refined netdecks, you can and that's wonderful, cause you couldn't before, non-meta cards and decks were just too weak. Now you can climb ladder with pretty much any combination of cards, assuming you know how to build a deck.

    One thing I dislike about recent metas compared to the old ones is how polarized the matchups are. You get 50% win rate overall, but that's because you get close to 100% WR against some decks and close to 0% against others. Every game used to be winnable and every game was a struggle, a long time ago.

    Also guys, there's a meta outside of legend and diamond 5 ranks. The more you climb the more toxic and restricted it's gonna get, it's a competitive online game, you can't expect anything else and the devs can mitigate it, but certainly not fix it.


     Low samle size, but I dont have that much time to play. But mages and paladins are really everywhere.

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    posted a message on Does anyone else hate mage?
    Quote from PrincessKenny >>

    When are the delete mage memes going to start? Its time for a new class to get calls for being deleted.

    Mage isnt the problem. The problem is after the rotation most of the bad spells and minions rotated to wild so discover effects are busted and DoL is something like discover and thats why this is so good. Its not the class as whole. DH had really op core and every deck that came from that core was very decent. Mage is OK in that.

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    posted a message on Cards in urgent need of a nerf
    Quote from vladlen044 >>
    Quote from Bushmaster22 >>

    This entire conversation is stupid because if they nerf every card that everyone is whining about there will automatically be a new batch of cards for everyone to want nerfed. 

    Man-up and grow a set.

     Excuse me, but this is just not right:

     And thats counting mirror matches so their winrate is even higher.

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    posted a message on your opinion will help me
    Quote from shadow_Dragon665 >>

    hey , want help , i have control warlock deck , and i can craft no minion mage and secret paladin . was thinking minion mage is fun deck even though it wont last in tier 2 for long and pala is just pala probably will stay in tier decks and i will have 3 decks to play should i do this step ?

     If you have lots of dust, why not, but I will probably hate you. If you are f2p then wait some time till the meta settles.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2
    Quote from Goodlake >>

    Netdecking Libram Pally player gets Blackjack Stunner off first day of school, why not? Why make the boring jackass trade when he can just Sap my taunt, thanks to the secrets he played for free off the busted new weapon?

    I don't know what's been more tilting this past week - Paladins creating massive stats on the board by turn 5 that you can't do anything about because of all the free secrets they cast, or Spell Mages beating you with 4 mana Expendable Performers into 7 mana Survival of the Fittest. Hope the devs make some adjustments, because it's boring as fuck to run into these two decks 50% of the time you queue onto ladder.

     You only run into them 50% of your time, you lucker I am on 67% and counting.

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    posted a message on What's the most underwhelming card of the set?

    Well it might have to do something with broken cards in paladin and mage.

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    posted a message on Why cant i disenchant a golden card?
    Quote from Automehanicar >>

    So i got a golden grommash from a golden pack and i now i cant disenchant it cuz its a core card. Thats honestly stupid why would i want two same legendaries... Is it supposed to be like this or are they gonna change it?

     You can disenchant the wild or classic version of the card, not the core one.

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    posted a message on Cards in urgent need of a nerf
    Quote from LeonReinford >>

    Just to touch on the Tickatus being nerfed to 8 mana I do think that would impact it being played quite a lot and 7 with 3 cards in my mind seems more fair. 

    But even at 8 it doesn't kill the Tickatus Entirely infact I made a deck the other day to proove how broken the card truely is to a friend. Running only 2 minions Tickatus and Rustwixs the rest were spells, Jaraxxus and the neutral weapon.

    The design was simple keep clearing the board until you got Free Addmission or The Dark Portal to get a discounted Tick and Rust then Felosphy the tickatus and burn 10-15 cards at that point either Rustwix, Shadow Council, or Jaraxxus to finish off your opponent if they hadn't already conceeded. 

    Played 5 games won 5 games, In one of the games I played Dark Portal on turn 4 got Tickatus discounted to 1 mana then double felosphyed and corrupted them before even playing the 3rd the guy had conceeded because loosing half your deck before turn 10 is complete and utter BS. 

    Anyway if he was 7 or 8 yes he would be harder to corrupt but thats the issue 6 mana for an 8/8 that burns 1/6th of a deck that gets played multiple times is stupid. 

    Which is why I agree he needs nerfing that or they need to add a minion that shuffles all discarded cards back into your deck to give players a shot and coming back in addtion to reviving C'thun decks that are just pointless in that match up.

     Or removing the demon part of him could help (no more discounting/copping)

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    posted a message on mage and paladin

    Libram secret and no minion is all I see and I am pissed.

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    posted a message on Classic Pack Opening Re-Enabled - Dust Refunds

    Wow now I am glad I bought those packs and got Whitemane.

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    posted a message on A thing is about to happen here that has not happened since the Elder Days...
    Quote from GiantHaystacks >>

    I don't want to alarm anyone or to cause widespread panic but I've just seen something that I've not seen in all the years I've been playing...

    I was just beaten by a hand buff paladin!  Honest to goodness, as Yogg is my witness!  A Hand Buff Paladin has just won a game!  I never thought I'd live to see the day.   Oh, the horror! :(

    Whatever will happen next?  Dogs lying down with cats? Fish falling from the sky?  Viable Freeze Shaman!?


     Lies and deception ! What were you playing only 1 drops deck ? But Moorabi is in wild how could freeze shaman ever work without him ?

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    posted a message on Share Your Forged in the Barrens Pack Opening Results!
    Quote from Pandawan >>

    Think i am only slightly better than Warpaul 6 Legendary in 145 packs.

    Got both bundle, so total 145 packs but only open 140 packs as i left the Golden pack untouched.  My opening results are;

    Kurtrus Ashfallen (Mega Bundle Golden Legendary Reward) 

    Xyrella (Mega Bundle Golden Legendary Reward) 

    Serena Bloodfeather (Bundle Legendary Reward)

    Guff Runetotem (Bundle Legendary Reward)

    Death Speaker Blackthorn

    Varden Dawngrasp

    Scabbs Cutterbutter


    Tamsin Roame

    Neeru Fireblade


    Overlord Saurfang

    On top of thee measly 8 Legendary, i also got 3 Golden Epics, 32 Common Epics (still missing 5 to complete), 8 Golden Rare & 10 Golden Commons to round up this expansion pack opening.

    Well, there is ups and downs so does pack opening RNGs.  Not the very best returns with Legendary and Epics but aren't the worst.  As usual, would love to have open some Golden Legendary or rewards free Golden Legendary are those that "generate" cards.

    Oh well, better luck next time. 

    Good luck to those opening theirs and may you better than mine!   

     My luck made comeback today as I open about 30 packs for gold with 3 new legendary cards, so you might try that as well.

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    posted a message on Playing against Tickatus is extremely unfun
    Quote from DNsingbanana >>
    Quote from Shwarzinator >>

    Control players aren't brats. We just want to be able to play control decks. We don't mind there being decks that beat us. We just hate decks that we have zero chance against. I guess this isn't the first one of those though. Mecathun was one if I recall. Combo in general. I've been around a while and see it all. Losing to Mecathun, Malygos, etc. felt bad but this feels worse. Just sayin. Feels bad.

     The difference is that for mecha'thun you needed to usually run like 3-4 cards along with it to ensure the win, and you needed to reach fatigue. With tickatus you need just him, and because you can play it so fast the other control player has no chance at countering it. 

     I think you play Tickatus wrong. You are not supposed to destroy your own cards. That might be the problem yo uare facing, you also need to currupt him (play something that cost more mana(>6) for him to be effective) I think there lies you issue.

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