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    posted a message on Expansion is great! Don’t believe the cry babys

    I dont really like 30 minute game either, but I would like at least 10 minutes so I can play some of my cards and make some impactful decisions, like should I save this removal for bigger minion or can I play it, not wondering if I will die if I have less than 20 HP at any time. 

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    posted a message on Quest Warlock 1.1

    Tier 1 if there wasnt aggro

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    posted a message on No good control decks in expansion?

    Fuck this game really everyone is playing fucking aggro with infinite dmg and draw what the fuck did blizzard do to this game. It just doesnt matter that you heal for fucking 60hp in a game the opponent has 2 mana deal 8 and other bullshit cards. Fuck this really fuck this shit I am out.

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    posted a message on Opening Results! [United in Stormwind]

    2 bundles  got me 10 legendaries and 1 golden one. I am very happy.

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    posted a message on Wild is dead, combos, insane mechanics & card draw
    Quote from Killzun >>

    The problem is not the OTK and Combos. The problem is Reno decks where you have to kill the opponent twice in a game and 3 times against Mage. OTK and Combo decks have a better chance against Reno decks. Take Reno out and the OTK and Combos are likely to significantly diminish because the format will be faster.

     Thats the only thing that still holds control decks and you wanna delete it for faster games ? That is the problem with wild super fast boring useless games.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Why is there so much fucking aggro 15/18 games were against fucking aggro that kills you by turn 5 and it doesnt matter what you do.

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    posted a message on Mutanus

    It can be 7 mana 4/4 do nothing, in my opinion the card is OK and this kind of disruption is 10x better than tickatus. At least there is some combo disruption in standard.

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    posted a message on New set resets your Collection Achievement for Barrens.

    Well you do not have the cards, it cant give you achievement for something that you don't own. You should have kept the cards to the release of the mini-set same as last time.

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    posted a message on Two things I noticed about Paladin which are bugging me
    Quote from BigDeal >>
    Quote from Kayas >>

    Paladin has strengths and weaknesses just like any of the current meta and has counters just like any meta. You can't simply say, "I play mage and I lose to Paladin all the time and it's unfair!" because your mage deck is probably a bad matchup. That's how metagame works.  If you play one deck, another deck is going to dominate you and you will hate it.

    Is Paladin good? Of course. Does Paladin beat everything? No way. 

    If I'm playing Priest and I see a Paladin, I'm not as worried as I am if I am playing Demon Hunter or Warlock. Honestly, you can break it down on every class and every single one of them has at least some success against another deck in the meta. Except Shaman. Shaman is dreadful.  


     Paladin has NO weaknesses at all.  None.  lets review:

    1. Tons of card draw
    2. Easily get rid of a wide board
    3. Massive healing
    4. Cheap buffs
    5. Crazy secrets - and the game has NO secret counters at all right now. Zero.
    6. Huge minions
    7. Card discovery & generation
    8. Super EASY to play - as braindead as standard face hunter if not worse.

    What weaknesses????

     I think luck of the draw can be his weakness, but wait, he always has something on turn 1 that tutors his turn 2 and so on. And the burst damage from conviction is insane. And the fcking dmg stays on the minion it doesnt go away like bloodlust or savage roar.

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    posted a message on Still can't play with friend's decks

    Yeah it's bugged

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    posted a message on I wish they’d just come out and say the queue system counter matches you on purpose.
    Quote from Aegis24 >>

    For the last 4 days I’ve been getting mostly spell mages on ladder.  60% or so of my matches were spell mages keeping me around a 50% win rate.  I say fine, make a deck that does well again spell mages.  Since then I haven’t seen one single mage, let alone spell mage.  I’m like 15 matches in.  No instead I’m facing stuff I haven’t seen since the expansion launched.  Control demon hunter, watchtower shaman, these decks perfectly counter my deck and they didn’t exist in my queue until I played this deck.  It’s maddening as hell.  When you bring it up people just say “confirmation bias,” or “you’re just paranoid,” or “just bad luck,” but these kinds of shifts don’t statistically make sense without a counter queue of some sort in effect.

     How would you program that into the game ? There isnt something like checkbox that you play aggro deck so the game can filter all the decks that have control selected to match against you. And why would they alocate resources to that. 

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    posted a message on Mages need nerfing soooo bad.
    Quote from Greator >>
    Quote from C_A_W >>

    Nerfs probably next week. Dean Ayala will probably to a Q/A on Wednesday, so maybe some news then. 

     That's way too late. Nerfs should take place immediately.

     Its just unplayable mess right now.

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: WarpaulCZ#2425

    Region: EU

    Trade Only: yes, you go first 

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    posted a message on Worst meta since... Outland?
    Quote from PetiteMouche >>

    Ive seen a lot of people say it's one of the worst ever.

    Yeah I've seen that every 4 month for the past 7 years.

    This meta is pretty damn good so far, some bullshit here and there but overall pretty fair, interactive, viable for all archetypes, and nobody wins on turn 1. Yes, some classes are more lucky than others, as usual, it's not a problem unless you're that guy who only plays one class.

    I don't see Lunacy mage nearly as often as some people pretend. And it's honestly far from the most bullshit deck we've ever seen. Control warlock right now is more bullshit than lunacy mage, yet people don't bitch as much about it, cause it's not random mana cheating so I guess it doesn't feel unfair, but infinite health, resources and removals is just as frustrating as lunacy mage for the wrong matchup.

    Experimentation is also a lot more fun than it used to, because there are so much more good cards in every expansion now, old expansions used to have dozens of pack fillers and a ton of trash legendaries, once the T1-T2 meta decks were figured out there was absolutely nothing else to do but to join them. And even if the meta and the community don't follow you on your experimentation journey and just stick to refined netdecks, you can and that's wonderful, cause you couldn't before, non-meta cards and decks were just too weak. Now you can climb ladder with pretty much any combination of cards, assuming you know how to build a deck.

    One thing I dislike about recent metas compared to the old ones is how polarized the matchups are. You get 50% win rate overall, but that's because you get close to 100% WR against some decks and close to 0% against others. Every game used to be winnable and every game was a struggle, a long time ago.

    Also guys, there's a meta outside of legend and diamond 5 ranks. The more you climb the more toxic and restricted it's gonna get, it's a competitive online game, you can't expect anything else and the devs can mitigate it, but certainly not fix it.


     Low samle size, but I dont have that much time to play. But mages and paladins are really everywhere.

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    posted a message on Does anyone else hate mage?
    Quote from PrincessKenny >>

    When are the delete mage memes going to start? Its time for a new class to get calls for being deleted.

    Mage isnt the problem. The problem is after the rotation most of the bad spells and minions rotated to wild so discover effects are busted and DoL is something like discover and thats why this is so good. Its not the class as whole. DH had really op core and every deck that came from that core was very decent. Mage is OK in that.

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