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    posted a message on Hotfix for iOS Devices
    Quote from arkaram >>

    didnt help (iPhone 8 plus)

     doesnt help when you have an ancient phone....i agree.

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    posted a message on Scholar Jaina & Horseman Uther Will Receive Unique Voice Lines In A Future Patch
    Quote from Theo333 >>

    When people say 'vote with your wallet' they mean the opposite of dump your life savings into companies.

     I feel sorry for you if $24.99 is an obstacle.....you need to step back and look at the poor choices in life you have madE..LIFE SAVINGS.....people say the dumbest things.

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    posted a message on Scholar Jaina & Horseman Uther Will Receive Unique Voice Lines In A Future Patch
    I have never seen a bunch ofQuote from RandomNoob >>

    Blizzard treats us like drug addicts. They sell some good "stuff" first like Hazelbark or Aranna and then they lower the quality of their "stuff"  (Jaina and Uther) and rely on our "fear of missing out" thingee to continue to buy and keep our collection complete.

    Sales were probably low if they decided to update the heroes. They could have done this in the first place if they really cared about their players.

     Bravo dopefiend you win the stupid prize for playing stupid games.....you get treated like that because you are a dopefiend.....stop playing blizzard made games or stfu and get on your knees like a good girl........heres you bag..ill be here when you start to get sick for your next fix....

    blizzard players are a joke.....hahahahahah and the jokes on you.

    I have never seen a player base that actually makes the game unenjoyable until I played blizzard games.

    Blizzard treats you like the whining, crying babies you are. 

    Guys like me come here to laugh at the drivel that comes out 

    Leave the house and go experience the real world...most likely wouldnt last a day....



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    posted a message on Scholar Jaina & Horseman Uther Will Receive Unique Voice Lines In A Future Patch
    Quote from GR3ND3L >>

    So the people that skipped buying it because it was not worth the original offering are going to get screwed now that they are saying they will retroactively make it better? So are they going to offer it for sale again when the improvements are made or is their message to the CUSTOMERS "Just buy what we offer you wether it is good or not and maybe if you complain enough we will fix it. Oh an all you people that don't just fork out like simps are out of luck"

     HAHAHAHAHAHAHA......I just love these f2p players....they make me laugh so hard all day long

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    posted a message on The Masquerade Ball Event Bundles

    F2P we don’t care what you deem as worthy of buying. Don’t buy it nobody here GAF what you think about anything. Go buy a bag of pot from your dealer or another donut for your diet...we don’t GAF. We all know you want the hero skin but you can’t afford it. We don’t GAF all we do is LAUGH. Btw.. I bought 25 packs which included a hero skin and another free legendary. I paid ZERO for this bundle after Amazon gave me $30.00 worth of free Amazon coins for doing nothing. Tell us all how you just hate blizzard and how much of a ripoff the game you waste hours of your life playing is such a money grab. Thanks for the free regular epic and golden epic of the just nerfed Druid GA card and another legendary on top of the free legendary makes 2800 free dust for me and 7 more golden cards for my complete collection and a new cool looking hero skin. Not bad for free. Tell me how much of a waste that was..... now time to spam emotes with my solid gold paladin odd deck in wild with my new cool looking hero skin. I can’t wait to laugh when they do update the voice lines in a future patch .......oh too bad you won’t have the skin when they do but who cares ....hahaha..

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    posted a message on 18.4 Patch - Nerfs (Guardian Animals;Tortollan Pilgrim), Elementals in BG & More!
    Quote from vNihilism >>

    Suck it up, Turtle Mage was for boring losers with a hamster wheel for a brain

     comments like this show the true hate for player with enough dust or money to make the deck that wins.....you are a true super genius who plays with his awesome super=duper cool kid deck that soooooo much fun you couldn't possibly be reduced to playing such an oppressive deck because you care so much about others players and their enjoyment of the game that you wouldn't want to contribute to making them feel bad........ save us all hero....5 

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: WarNerve#1478

    Regional on: NA

    Trade Only?: Yes, you go first! Playing now!

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    posted a message on The Mega Wild Bundle - Containing 56 Packs In Total
    Quote from Wowpod >>

    Grats on spending money

     what kind of comment is this? I sense the hate in this one is strong.......

    I'll pray for you buddy; I hope you feel better.

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    posted a message on The Cupcake Card Back Is Now Available In The In-Game Shop
    Quote from BigDdecksonly >>

    $3 JPEG of wich you'll see only half, the bottom one being inside the table. if i had a kid and they asked for this i'd beat them

     you would make a horrible father......do yourself a favor and don't be one. $2.99 is worth more to you than making your kid happy and to hear them say thanks dad is just...puke.

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    posted a message on The Scholomance INN-Vitational! - Streamer Event w/ Twitch Drops!

    Use computer remotely to log I to

    pc you are nowhere near....login to stream and minimize Window....4 hours later 80 dust appears.... log back into remote pc and close window.

    have never watched any of this or any other stream for packs and never will.

    enjoy that random IP from Brazil I used. 


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