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    Quote from hotdoghunter >>

    the average hearthstone player wouldn't bother making a deck even if they did offer a free ticket. and still, most players would be lucky to get 2 wins. 

    I feel like a free pass is totally justifiable, so every player could at least get their single pack for the week.

    Also I think it's hilarious that you don't even come close to making your gold back unless you go a full 12 wins lol. The people who are capable of getting 12 wins don't need the packs and dust.


     You are right, they don't need the packs or dust that's why they gave those people like me a reason to play it so they put the skin there. Items everyone can buy are pretty meaningless but items you have to win are special because unfortunately, everyone in life doesn't get a trophy contrary to popular belief. 

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    Quote from elevenx67 >>
    Quote from LUTi >>

    the predatory part is the 2 quests that appeared for this scammy brawl

     So when Brawliseum replaces the normal brawl (depriving everyone of that week's Standard pack) everyone bitches, but when they then add a quest to give everyone that same pack (for playing one game in *any* mode) it's "predatory"?

    Some people are never happy...

     You are correct! I enjoy those people because they give me endless entertainment value. The new dk skin to go along with the solid gold unholy deck makes them hate quit left and right. These are the people who wear masks and call themselves antifaa.....I've played this game since closed beta and I would really like to hear some original complaining but I don't know if that is even possible now.

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    Quote from EnTaroAdunEU >>

    Ah yes, this Brawl is so much fun.

    Playing since Launch, multiple times getting Legend in Standard and Wild, a lot of 12 Arena runs, knowing what to expect in the current meta.

    Doesn't matter though, as I am facing opponents with golden cardback who draw perfectly which I didn't. 

    I mean, we got rid of Roguestone, which is nice, but there are still several "Solitaire" decks out there, facing them is so god damn awful and feels even more like a waste of time. Yes I know, I could play these decks too, but hear me out, I want to have at least a little fun when playing a deck. If I want to play alone I have Singleplayer games.

    I got out with 3-3 playing Ping Mage (got it from a streamer getting 12 wins with it), which is ok considering the fact I got steamrolled by a Priest highrolling like crazy with Bless Priest and an unwinnable game vs Ramp Druid with too much armor and a really early Brann Anub Astalor Combo. Final loss was the mirror, opponent had perfect opening and Dawngrasp on 7.

    Kinda glad that 1000 gold is not much for me and I don't have to worry about it, but man, getting only ~120 Gold and Dust and 4 Packs is really really terrible and disappointing. Blizzard should display the reward structure ingame, but we all know that won't ever happen.

    I feel bad for the f2p playerbase, especially when the announcement of the Mini-Set is right around the corner. Imo the entry fee should be around 500 gold at most, then there's still more than usual (arena) on the line.

    PS: None of my opponents were noobs, they played meta decks and knew exactly what they were doing. Well, okay, maybe the Paladin was a bit unexperienced with his deck, played the card to reorder your deck from highest to lowest on turn 2 and had no play until turn 5. xP
    6 games, 6 different classes, so at least I got some variety! But really weird that you can face ANYONE as your mmr is not carried into this Brawl. I saw streamers facing new players or opponents who misplayed heavily. In my case I got the other end of the stick, which is just unlucky.

    Hope you guys got your skin with at least one 3-3 run so you didn't have to stay any longer in this scam mode! :)

     I went 8-3 with evolve shaman and whatever rewards I got really don't matter because I own everything in the game. I haven't bothered to even open the 286 packs I have sitting there or push the button for 300+k dust. The new skin is nice to go along with my solid gold unholy deck, makes people hate-quit, and gives me laughs.  I will say that even with a turn 3 12/12 it was still anyone's game. That's how it goes. Without the skin, I wouldn't have even bothered with it and this was the first time I ever played because for people like me, the rewards are meaningless. The f2p community hates golden cards and cosmetics anyway so I don't have a clue as to who is getting scammed.

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    Quote from Hearthsam >>

    This card seems a bit nuts to me in terms of how much one standalone slot in your deck is able to accomplish, it's a neutral Pyros on steroids. The guy is in practically everything except DH, with a current HSreplay stat of 47% in all decks, beating out the next card (Brann) by 14%. I'd imagine DH is getting looked at in the upcoming patch which is inevitably going to reduce its playrate and skyrocket Astalor above 55%ish.

    He fits into aggro, combo, midrange, control decks.. anything except no-minion DH. In one card you get curve minions to plop down when you have no other plays, some board control, some healing, and an omegalol burst win condition which often times checkmates people because they know it's in hand. The card gets exponentially dumb when you double it up via Brann, Shadowstep, Bolnar/Macaw, etc.

    Personally I feel like this card is a bit over the top and it's very surprising it got printed after all the rage over Denathrius, and now Astalor is even better than Denathrius for face burst due to no infuse needed and easier combo potential. The final form needs some toning down, perhaps 6/12 damage or 8/16 damage to minions only? Thoughts?

     Astalor would be an issue but the fact anyone can have him in their deck negates any arguments. The game is based on drawing a random card out of a deck  Put the card into your deck and play the card if you draw it. This is the condition the game has been in since closed beta. My question is why does anyone care? You aren't playing the game for a job and you playing the game or not playing it doesn't matter at all. I play the game purely as a collection hobby. nobody would miss me if I was gone. I just play the game to D5 and max the reward track each season. I care about things that mean something in my life. I wish people could find happiness. What will be the next card everyone says nerf after astalor is nerfed?  Play the game and enjoy it or don't but know that this issue will never go away. Those are my thoughts on it. 

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