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    posted a message on Less nerfing, more learning people.

    My issue with the game is that I'd like it to be something that it isn't, and I have to accept it and move on. I enjoy situations where both players have several tools (cards) and options, there's some strategy, and you gotta make decisions to solve "the puzzle" (puzzle being the match or turn), being smarter than the other player, or get outsmarted and lose. So I personally enjoy a more control oriented meta, with slower games and more decision making about when and where to spend your resources, baiting your opponent, etc. and not this autopilot matches where one player begins to snowball and the other gets this particular card that denies enemy's plan or just lose (at least that's my impression about these last years' meta). HS has never been too complex, but at least I remember some (old) times where there were some decks that required some thinking/maths/whatever, and even if they were really/too strong, at the same time they were somehow A BIT demanding for the player. 

    Nowadays, with this autopilot meta, people have gotten much more lazy, so now the trend is this turbo-netdecking and "nerf this, nerf that", cause we want it all chewed up (but it's not only with this game, lol). As said, in my opinion it's just a matter of accepting the trend has gone this way, so the minority (where I include myself) has to "try to enjoy" this ecosystem or move on to another game/hobby/more important thing to do than HS.

    Just my two cents, have a nice day.

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    posted a message on Cards you hate that aren’t broken.

    Secrets in general make me a bit anxious, but when I think about it it's mainly because of the existence of some particular ones:

    Top hated: Counterspell

    2nd position: Oh My Yogg!

    3rd position: Freezing Trap

    I think my issue with them is that I find these secrets too "extreme" in the sense that you can autolose if you don't have a way to play around them. Not saying they are broken, I understand how they work and how to [try to] play around them, but as said, I get kinda anxious when dealing with them, cause you gotta choose if you make a risky play, sometimes to throw the game if it turns out to be "that secret", and others you try to play around/test them and by doing that you feel forced to missplay pretty badly when it's not that one. Dunno, I just don't like to deal with them. And I'm fine with almost any other secrets in game, but those three are pretty obnoxious to me.

    Oh, and the only reason I don't consider Oh My Yogg! my top hated is simply because it's pretty "new", but in terms of power/cost/how well it fits in its archetype, I think it's the most repulsive one: very cheap, really disruptive and tons of RNG involved. So my point to give Counterspell my top 1 is purely because I'm hyper bored of that card, giving me headaches since day 1 of HS. But as said, at least it's 3 mana, not 1 like the paladin one. And my issue with Freezing Trap is more or less the same, I'm just bored of seeing it and having to play around a so conditionally strong effect. Yes, you can even make benefit of it depending on your minions, or minimize risk to a point the trap itself isn't worth it, but as said before, I don't enjoy checking "if it's freezing trap".

    Guess the cherry on top is that they are cards that match really well with emoting and bullshit when you get baited or throw the game when going with your only play and triggering them while crossing your fingers for "please no counterspell/OMY/freezing trap".

    All this from a control player perspective, which I think it's important to consider, when playing aggro you prolly don't have so much issue with these particular cards (and even then...).

    Just my two cents, have a nice day :)

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    posted a message on New Set but I just Don't Care Anymore...

    I've always been curious about those people who "need" to type the classic/meme comments such as "You won't be missed" or "None gives a fuck" in these kind of threads (not even going to quote them). I somehow feel bad for these poor souls, cause holy shit I can't help but feeling sorry for someone who needs to be disrespecful/mean on the internet to feel good, or cool, or whatever. I mean, you gotta be really fucked up if that's your thing. Others even vote up those comments. It's like a really pussy style bullying. Anonymity in internet brings out the worst in us, cause I'm 120% sure these randoms wouldn't have the "courage" to be that mean-cocky in person. Sometimes I just wish I could slap'em and say "hey kid, please don't be like that, just tell me what's wrong with you, I'm hear to listen", even if I would never actually resort to violence. Guess I'm getting old, and also feel the need to type this crap that none cares about. The cycle continues.

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    posted a message on WandaVision: Marvel is BACK!!!

    Just watched the first two episodes and I found it pretty "special", in a nice way. I'm not a huge fan of the Marvel universe tho: not the kind of guy fapping with character teasers for movies, or crying when Thanos does his "Thanos things", etc. (got some friends like that and I tend to be the killjoy that feels a bit embarrased with those moments but hey, no hard feelings). What I mean is I enjoyed the different setting/atmosphere of these series, just to encourage to give it a try to non-fanatics, cause they'll find something somehow "fresh" at least, and a nice tribute to old sitcoms/cinema.

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    posted a message on Illidan Stormrage Challenge

    After several failed tries with Galakrond version I swapped to a Quest Ress Priest and beat him first try. Maybe I just highrolled, even tho I don´t think it was that much: perhaps got some above average turns, such as getting Vargoth from Mass Ress on turn 9 (you can somehow "control" which ress pool you can get) but just that + quest hero power made it easy peasy. Won't say it's imposible with Galakrond, but in my experience this match up felt quite smooth with the quest archetype + deathrattle taunts package with ress.

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    posted a message on Sac Pact, Albatross, Kael'thas & Felwing Nerfs - Dean Ayala

    "If you are really only interested in winning games, you should take Albatross out of your deck"

    Proceeds to nerf the card.

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    posted a message on Incanter's Flow

    Can't explain why, but this card is already giving me a headache.

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    posted a message on New Demon Hunter Card Revealed - Sightless Watcher

    Love this "strategy oriented" mechanics, reminds me of Slay the Spire's Watcher Scry ability.

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    posted a message on New Hunter Rare Card Revealed - Mok'nathal Lion

    Pretty bonkers combo with the new Prime hunter minion.

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    posted a message on the mods here suck dick

    Kiddos complaining about people sucking dicks in 2019. Can't even focus on OP's topic cause I brainfarted.

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