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    posted a message on $20... Too much for Battlegrounds?

    What's the point in paying gold for BG perks when you can't earn gold in BGs? I don't want to play constructed. And if I wanted to, why would I spend money on Battlegrounds?

    Also I hate it how they shove in your face that you have only 2 out of 4 heroes.

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds Balance Changes Coming, Tirion Leaving, No Constructed Changes Yet

    My hopes:

    Cobalt to T4

    Rat removed (too broken with Deathwing), but Infested Wolf moved into t2.

    Return Psych-o-Tron to help Mechs once Cobalt is moved to T4.

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    posted a message on Cart Crash at the Crossroads is This Week's Tavern Brawl!

    If they recycle brawls anyway, why can't they recycle good ones instead? The ones they've put work into.

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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary Card - Reno the Relicologist

    So the effect is comparable with a flamestrike. Would you want to have a flamestrike on a stick for 6 or just get a second flamestrike and not bother with having a highlander deck? Ehhh. Unless there are more cards to support this archetype (which I enjoy playing), this sucks.

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    posted a message on New Card - Barrens Stablehand

    That's just insulting. Cards with such high variance should not exist. As if Ram Wrangler didn't tilt me enough in arena. At least on average this card is underwhelming, but the time someone will snatch a victory from you with a random King Crush you will remember my words.

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    posted a message on [60%] ULTRA MAGIC

    Sorry, but it looks like a bunch of random cards put together. I don't see how is this better than literally any giant mage variation.

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    posted a message on TOO much of RNG this rotation? (both Constructed and Arena)

    I've came back from a hiatus to check out this game once again. I had a fair bit of fun, but getting bored again. My issue is that there is too much RNG. HS has always been an RNG-heavy game, but I think they've overdone it.

    Mainly in form of the Discover mechanic. It's just absurd now. I loved Discover when it was initially introduced in LoE - there were few Discover cards, and they were fairly balanced (Ethereal Conjurer, Museum Curator). Most importantly, you had some idea what to expect - Museum Curator is usually for some big minion and/or taunt, Ethereal Conjurer is usually for removal, and at turn 5 you can guess what your opponent has picked with some degree of success.

    New Discover cards are just absurd. That Rogue card that discovers ANY spell? Yeah, good luck playing around spells that class should not have. It's not even "your opponent's class". Or even 3 classes like in MSoG. Good luck playing around random Brawls and Pyroblasts. Gets me salty every time. Not only that, every damn top tier deck (except for Token Druid) has some form of random or semi-random card generation. Don't get me started on Dr.Boom's shenanigans, when mechs are such at high power level difference it may get just insane. Oh, I forget that Dr.Boom's hero power also rotates randomly and can vary between mostly harmless Arcane Explosion or 6 mana: summon a 4/5 with Rush, deal 10 damage to a creature, yay!

    Value generation in general went kinda absurd. Many decks (especially Aggro) don't run draw effects, because cards produce even more cards (hello, Twinspell), cards produce an endless stream of cards (hello, Murlocs), and of course there are one trick wonders that just play what was played before (Zul'jin, Kangor's endless army).

    Another pinch of salt goes to the lackeys and how they impact arena. Arena by itself is not too bad, I enjoy playing all the OP cards priest has, my opponents... probably less so. But by no coincidence Rogue and Warlock top the Arena - with their absurd lackey generation. Lackeys are a RNG on top of RNG. They are random, and produce mostly random effects. Ehhh. Lackeys are a surprisingly annoying mechanic which always tilts me when either I get the worst one possible (yay, a random 2-drop at turn 15!) or my opponent gets the only one that will save him (you REALLY had to discover Unidentified contract INTO Contract + betrayal?).

    Anyone else feels the same? It's not like it is an absolute worst expansion, I am having pretty good results in Arena and still tinkering with controll-ish Shaman for Constructed but it would be much better with less of these effects.

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    posted a message on RoS Arena First Impressions
    Quote from fusilli >>
    Quote from Ven_gyr >>
    Quote from fusilli >>
    Quote from Ven_gyr >>

    Priest is definitely top tier. Went 12-2 with my first run, at 7-0 atm. They have pretty much every insane card they've ever had.

     How are you succeeding in a controlling playstyle? All of priest's tools are, pretty much, not tempo gains, just good control tools, right? So don't you have a similar issue to lock, in that you get wrecked by tempo just going "whee, board refill every turn, because lackeys, draw, and other stuff!"? Or is the healing enough to pull you back? When I tried (unsurprisingly the arena deck's been lost by HA), I couldn't deal with top-end legendaries like KT/Y'sharrj, with mages popping out multiple charging 4/2s (or multiple Illidans), and similar. Not to mention that some tools - like potion of madness - are just made so useless by the metagame changes that they're not worth having - pretty much no targets for them. I just don't really see how the reactive, priest playstyle can work (unless we've got another metagame where I'm seeing completely different stuff to everyone else, a la WW).

     Priest has best 3-drops and best 4-drops by far. Kabal talonpriest, Dark cultist, new 4-7 guy... these are insane. I play priest in a more midrang-y way (which always been a go-to way for priest, tbh. priest is my favorite class to play arena, even when he sucked). Just play big dudes, heal them and squeeze value from them. Supplement stat-efficient dudes with health buffs, northshire cleric, and you'll beat most of the stuff you can get in Arena.

    One of my games: rogue turn 1 zombie chow, going first. What could be worse? Then, I disconnect... Then, I come back at turn 3 seeing that he played huckster. I just put that 4-7 dude via coin and we are even. Proceed with other ridiculously strong cards, while at the same time abusing hero power.

    I don't think anything can beat a good (not great, just good) priest deck that draws well. Kabal Talonpriest is essentially 3/7 for 3. It would be a good 4-drop, but it is a 3-drop.

    Also, dragonfire potion is nuts. But these are not too common.

     Anything I've tried to do that hasn't been balls to the wall aggro has failed miserably. In part because legendaries are everywhere. Sure, I'll just beat that Y'sharrj... not. As is random evolve tripe (Random evolve into Anton, for example). I think the 4/7 should be good, but when I get one or two hard removal spells, I cannot beat random Geddons which finish off the board, random mages dropping in a khadgar and power of creation for 4 argent commanders, portal keeper RNG (literally one the next turn and two the turn after that), or a warrior going for 4 echo whirlwinds, double coin into a randomly generated mana cyclone.  You just cannot beat that level of value, and that's what's happened, consistently, when I have tried to build anything that isn't aggro. Like the slower lock deck - wiped out by huge reach aggro decks, endless refill paladins with dragon producers, and similar. Dragonfire potion is decent, but not nuts - because people refill very, very fast, I find (oh, look, 8 mana, summon two illidans). Feels like you need to get a perfect curve for priest decks to be able to keep board until the lategame, at which game you, uhh, hope to not get wrecked by legendaries?

    And yes, all of those situations are ones I've seen since the start of RoS. If Arena wasn't the best route for gold->packs, even with going 1-3 in half my drafts (had two 1-3s, a 2-3, and a 10-3; the first was partly down to overpicking what turned out to be a bad card. The other bad ones were attempts at slower decks - the 10 was a solid hunter, that still hit 5-2), I'd not bother at all. It feels crappy going "well, that was a decent deck, with multiple wipes, multiple hard removals, and some topend for once, but only one win!"

     Looks like you got hit by a bad luck spree, tbh. Or I got hit by a good luck ;)

    Things you describe would make me quit Arena I think. However in my games, honestly, I feel sorry for my opponent. Probably feels really bad to play against such a priest deck.

    My current deck is:

    Holy Smite
    Northshire Cleric
    Amani Berserker
    Crazed Alchemist
    EVIL Conscripter x 2
    River Crocolisk
    Dark Cultist
    Faceless Rager
    Hired Gun
    Kabal Talonpriest
    Shadow Word: Death
    Hench-Clan Shadequill x 4
    Hozen Healer
    Proud Defender
    Swift Messenger
    Corrupted Healbot
    Darkshire Alchemist x 2
    Kabal Songstealer x 2
    Quartz Elemental
    Dragonfire Potion
    Holy Fire
    Bog Creeper
    Deranged Doctor

    9-0 so far.

    Edit: ended up 12-1. Lost once due to terrible draw (only 2-drop was crazed alchemist and then I had a 5-drop Quartz Elemental against a token druid).

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    posted a message on Arena players, a question

    I've played arena on a daily basis during... 2 years perhaps? I didn't want to grind constructed without any cards. I didn't want to pay either. So I've just played Arena. Did well enough (experience from other games helped) to perma-sustain myself with quests. I think I've had like 1k arena wins before I got 100 wins in constructed. Eventually Arena gave me gold for Adventures and more cards that I'd ever want. (currently sitting on 30k dust via wild cards disenchanted - I barely played this game in last two years, yet my collection still sustains me)

    Why arena is cool?

    Every run is different.

    Most of the cards see play.

    Much more skill-dependent. Pro players can reach 75% winrate.

    At the same time, arena is stress-free and relaxing. To me, doing a "daily arena" was some sort of ritual to chill after a tough day.

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    posted a message on New Card - Violet Warden

    5/7 taunt for 6 was played outside of C'thun decks, and that was druid only. I can't see why this won't see at least some play.

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