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    posted a message on Looking for original Discard Lock (with quest)

    The issue simply is that lakkari sacrifice is too slow. Even if the imps comes again and again, in the lategame 2 3/2s that you can't even do anything with them until the next turn when they survive is not worth the hassle. Also you always have 3 minion-boardspace locked for it. I think that this is even more important than the reward; the locked space. It's too much on a deck with a class that often utilize the full board. Also discardlock has still the issue of discards being random. It can even happen that you are forced to discard your quest-reward because it's too slow. It requires too long to be even remotely useful.

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    People still think that Diablo IV will come out in the near, cute. Diablo was never intended to have a part 4 yet. The whole 2 blizzcons ago about teasering for diablo was just about diablo immortal. Blizzard wasn't even concepting diablo 4 yet. It was just about blizzard being so far out of touch with their community that they thought everyone would wet themself to get a mobile game for diablo. Because: MOBILE MOBILE MOBILE. And the easy china money.

    Even the last diablo 4 on blizzcon was so extremely rough: i think they were so extremely desperate to clean their name from the diablo immortal desaster and the mobile-bs that they just created something for blizzcon, not something we will play in the end: it just remembered me of an diablo 3 with some small new things added to make it look new. But a finished product wasn't this by far. They scrapped the whole HOTS-Team just to make this demo ready for blizzcon just to have at least something. Because if they didn't, the fans would have rioted. But this game was never intended to be ready until long time in the future.

    Simply because don't forget: do you guys not have phones?

    And as said above: creating a game takes years. Diablo wasn't probably only a concept art if even that. Blizzard only had the mobile-money in their brain. And exactly because of the shite they did, they can't release diablo immortal: because they know that it was just a shitty game, grabbing the diablo merchandize money as every other mobile game out there. But then they got this extreme backlash, and if they would put out a crappy game, they would probably never recover from it.

    So yes, diablo immortal might be a game that is finished in the eye of netease, but if they released it in this state, the game would not only get a huge backlash, it would also always be tainted of the blizzcon years ago. So yes, it will be released not far away, but i think it might be still somehow developed AND might also only come out when there is even slightly a chance that diablo getting released. I think this is the only way they can make this game even slightly successful, by releasing it with the release-date of diablo 4, so people can pre-order it, and then play the game until the real things comes out on their phone. Phone games does not have such a long lifespan anyway.

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    posted a message on Brawl of Gaudiness - Tavern Brawl #244

    Isn't out on EU yet, still nice idea. I would have loved it not as a random-deck, instead as a build your own deck. 

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    posted a message on If you could revert one nerf, what would it be?
    Quote from episode63 >>
    Quote from Leon_PF >>



    Sad Paladin player 😟

     Bro they didn't even try it at 3 mana, that was the real kick in the nuts. Like...from 2 to 4, really? For a class that already has a bajillion fantastic options to play for 4 mana? 

     And giving odd paladin equality: surely not.

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    posted a message on Jarraxxus Should Start w/ an 0/1 Demon...

    Rather than this, the hero-power should simply summon a 1/1 imp when there is no demon on the battlefield that he can buff.

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    posted a message on New Priest Rare Card - Dark Prophecy

    Priest have one big weakness: utilizing their Hero power early. This card always gives you a high health minion that probably survive. Having a way to use your power (or some healing) to have a board early is one of the biggest weaknesses of priests.

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    posted a message on Nerfs Announced
    Quote from Danjo >>

    Blizzard just succeeded in making Apothecary a useless rogue card, just like they did with Preparation.

    At 5 mana, it's too late in the game for Warbringer, and a 1 mana reduction isn't enough to justify it in Whelp decks.  It's complete shit now, and it's sad that a knee jerk reaction to a highroll deck caused such a fun card to receive a nerf.  Deathrattle rogues were not tearing up the meta, and yet here we are.

      Sorry, but that's bullshit: it's not a fun card, it's a coin toss card: you either get the high roll Necrium blade into +3/+3 on your hand (or whelps) and win the game, or you lose. Sorry, but that's not fun in any way except for people who love to play decks where you either win to 100% or not. It's exactly the same bullshit as Naga Sea Witch Warlock in wild. The winrate is not insane, but if you get the coin toss, you win the game, period.

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    posted a message on Tips for transition to wild?
    Quote from Kill_Dash_Nine >>

    You're late to just start playing wild unless you want to spend lots of ca$h on packs. You're better off playing standard.

     As said before: absolute bullshit: Mech Paladin, Pirate Warrior, Secret Mage are the top dogs right now, and cheap as hell. But don't buy Curse of Naxxramas as above mentioned: you only need Loatheb on the legendaries, and also only rarely right now. And the rest of the cards that are strong are common or rares, easier to craft them. But League of Explorers is a good buy for the bucks.

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    posted a message on Nerfs Announced

    From a wild perspective:

    Dragonqueen Alexstrasza into Dragonqueen Alexstrasza is a reasonable nerf and only hurt standard and not wild (the card pool for dragons in wild is much much bigger); and Priest isn't affected by this at all: (Wild Dragonqueen Alexstrasza into Drakonid Operative into the opponents Dragonqueen Alexstrasza is normal for priest ;-) )

    Durability-reduce of Ancharrr is... ok, it still makes it viable, especially in wild, but the opponent lose 2 damage, in a fight against a pirate warrior this can be crucial. And the opponent is forced to use the damage increase-cards probably on ancharr, and then it goe from 2 less damage to probably 6 less one and that's actually huge. It lets them draw less and waste more on ancharr itself.

    Scion of Ruin was simply overpowered. No doubt on this, 3 3/2 with rush that are affected by handbuffs is op. Even in Wild there would be a way to abuse them too heavily in the future.

    Fiendish Rites: (probably) unnecessary in wild, but understandable nerf in standard.

    Dragon's Pack: 2 5 mana 5/6 with taunt. Don't need to add even a thing. it's op af; not unsolveable in standard by many classes, but now it does not force a board clear out on turn 5.

    Invocation of Frost: It's a Glacial Shard on steroid, but it's a class card. This nerf is by far too heavy. (1 to 2 is an mana cost increase of 100%. I think a nerf by only freezing a minion would be enough; This would not make it castable if the enemy does not have a minion and make it also a bit of a nerf, but less than 1 mana cost.

    Necrium Apothecary nerf makes this deck probably unplayable; good riddance. Not because of the winrate in wild (and it's not low according to stats) but because of the Naga Sea Witch Scenario: winrate is not the highest, but you go into roll the dice, you win or not; there is not gameplay behind it: you either rolled the dices right and you automatically win or not.

    This changes will reduce probably the pirate warrior population a tiny little bit, and all decks that were surpressed through deathrattle-rogue too. Many decks that countered pirate Warrior were among the later one, so hopefully we see an heavily reduction on them. Shaman was also nerfed again, but Galakrond wasn't the one who really mattered there at all.

    Sadly there wasn't any wild balance changes at all: wild wild still have Secret Mage and Mech Paladin. Both are countered by Shaman, but not necessarily galakrond. Pirate Warrior is also just slightly affected, but deathrattle rogue actually is. The top of the meta is here to stay, BUT there's now an better way to counter it.

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    posted a message on Fun And Interactive

    Counters for 200:

    This card combination is far more reasonable and destroy this deck completely

    What is Preparation into Vanish?

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    posted a message on Wild in the 15-10 area is Priest Hell
    Quote from Thaulopi >>

    Every single game is against a priest who resurrects everything he lost and laughs at my face. Trolling with BM and staling the game.

    I hate to play control decks so, wild is dead for me now? How to counter the flood of Quest and Resurrect Priests?


     And still Priest is Tier 4 in wild, with 9th place in winrate. If they were so good, why is their winrate so abyssmal: because they are in tier 15-10. Just play secret mage and voila.

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    posted a message on Is it time to revert nerfed Wild cards?

    Sorry but NO. Wild is not a deck for broken cards, it's a format many people enjoy and it's quite balanced right now.

    But no, there are cards that can't be unnerfed:

    Blade Flurry for example: Blade Flurry was simply too overpowered, having an AoE that hits face for insane amounts of damage. we know how strong such an effect is with another card that was nerfed: Aviana with Star Aligner: Star Aligner has not without reason a 7 mana cost, and even with this conditions, this card is still somehow strong.

    It was overnerfed ok, but unnerfing Blade Flurry is overpowered, especially for a really strong class like Rogue. Was it overnerfed? Yes, but Blade Flurry should NEVER HITTED FACE. Revert it back to 2 mana without damaging face: here we might be able to talk about it. but there's a red line for the face damage.

    Yogg-Saron, Hope's End is the only nerf where i can definitively be behind an compelte unnerf: it was nerfed because of e-sports. In wild, the consistency of Yogg'Saron is no longer as it was before. So in this case it was already unnerfed.

    Saronite Chain Gang can only be buffed it shudderwock gets nerfed significantly. This would make Shudderwock-shaman right now too consistant.

    Spreading Plague: WTF? Spreading Plague is still one of the strongest cards in wild, why unnerf? No thanks, this card is op enough, we don't need a buff to it too. 

    Tuskarr Totemic Hmmm... not really sure, Shaman is right now strong enough, it really don't need it, and Tuskarr Totemic would again also buff Thing from Below, one of the strongest minions in the game, so... Not really sure yet.

    Leeching Poison was far too strong, it was nerfed not only because of Kingsbane, but also because it limit design in future expansions. And this is the reason why most nerfes should stay and blizzard should continue to nerf wild, to not make another mistake like star aligner druid.

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    posted a message on Buff Basic and Classic
    Quote from Uberninja >>
    Quote from XanKortal >>

    Warsong Commander: I think it would probably be to strong the way I did it but what if if was only 2 attack minions? And if they changed it and it went crazy, just change it back i guess.


     No, 2 attack would still allow 20-30 attack frothing-shenanigans, and we don't ever need this back. Just change the charge to rush, and it's fixed.

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    posted a message on Buff Basic and Classic
    Quote from Uberninja >>


     Sorry but NO. There's a reason why charge was nerfed and no longer played: We learned this mistake with Grim Patron and Frothing Berserker. I know that some people lover to have an otk-combo with an 30 attack charge frothing, but no, this was nerfed not without reason.

    I personally would change it to following: "Your minions with 3 attack or less have Rush". Still better than Warsong Commander now, but still not as overpowered as the old one. Instead of giving it rush when you summon something, it only has rush when your minion has 3 attack or less When you buff for example your frothing above 3 attack, it loses rush. This would still allow some shenanigans with Grim Patron in Wild, but no longer be as overpowered as it was with the old Warsong Commander. Even if we keep the summoned part, it should only give rush.

    But the old Warsong Commander is too overpowered and no, you won't get it back, no matter how loud you cry about it.

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    posted a message on Card exploit with Waxadred

    Sorry but what? Cards with effects on "cast when drawn" ALWAYS draw cards. You draw 2 cards, they are cast when drawn, they automatically draw cards. So you draw 4 cards. Where's an exploit there. This is working as usual.

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