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    posted a message on what should i craft: alexstrasza or ysera?

    I don't know... Alexstrasza into Majordomo sounds pretty OP to me >.> (Only half joking.)

    I use Alex more often, but there is merit to Ysera. I would have to wait and see what decks are created, it's too hard to guess on any new OP decks that will come out in the next couple weeks.

    I know it's hard to hold onto dust, but it would be wise to wait.

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    posted a message on Deck Help Requested!

    If you want to make a solid Control Priest deck the very first thing you need to craft is 2x Auchenai Soulpriest. They are almost 100% mandatory, they combine with Circle of Healing for an AoE and your hero power for a 2 damage cast whenever you need it.

    Also get all of Naxx asap, you need the Sludge Belchers, Dark Cultists, Loatheb, and even Kel'Thuzad works great in a budget Priest.

    Genocide's deck is a good start. After Auchenai work on Wild Pyromancer's and Injured Blademaster's.

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    posted a message on Hit 1st Legend on NA with a New Type of Hunter

    OMG TOO LOUD! lol, good one.

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    posted a message on New gold secret site achievements - need help
    Quote from MightyGorgon »

    Figured out TOO SOON! and Perfectly Balanced (the latter one was pretty easy! :) ), but I haven't earned Grave Aggression yet...

    Hope I can find it following the same technique as for the others. If it has not to do with those "tasks to do" please give me a hint!

    I'm stumped on Grave Aggression too, you're not the only one =)...

    Glad to see more achievements added though, great fun.

    EDIT: I guess the silver ones aren't fully implemented yet, going to the adventure guides doesn't seem to work, or maybe I am at a wrong one, anyone else get the silver ones?

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    posted a message on Blackrock Mountain

    I was hoping when an egg was cracked we would get a pet whelp that followed the mouse around =(

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    posted a message on Annoy-o-tron Hype!


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    posted a message on nerf Emperor Thaurissan?

    Why not see what happens in the meta first? With Naxx Kel'Thuzad was thought to be broken OP and he still rarely sees play. Emperor does look good, but unless your class has great draw potential, by late game when you can drop him your hand might be pretty small to get enough value.

    It's too early to be making petition threads...

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    posted a message on Which Legendary to pick?

    With 2x Shrinks, yeah Shadow Madness is a good pick. Besides you have an antique healbot so that should be more than enough for heals. SM will give more tempo causing 2 for 1's if played right..

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    posted a message on Which Legendary to pick?

    While Illidan could be great, it's a very unpredictable card, in arena you are looking for value and reliable cards.

    Sylvanas will give you more tempo, especially over many games she is a steady presence. While Illidan on the other hand might win you a game or two, the rest he will probably be removed too quickly and net you a greater overall loss.

    Sylvanas for sure.

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    posted a message on Priest TheoryCrafting - BRM Deck Building and Discussion

    Welcome, this thread is dedicated to post-BRM Priest TheoryCrafting and Deck building. With any new card addition the meta changes and new decks and synergies arise. The goal of this thread is to discuss everything concerning what will happen to the Priest in the post-BRM era.

    Example Discussion Points:

    • General thoughts on specific cards.
    • Possible synergies between new cards and existing ones.
    • Ways to counter new cards.
    • Deck types, new and old and how they will fit into the new meta.

    Along with anything else relating to the Priest class and hopefully bringing it back to a highly competitive level.

    Now, lets hear your thoughts and constructive discussions on anything Priest and BRM related. Do you see any good synergies between old and new cards and do you think we are going to be a good candidate for a Dragon deck. I just can't see us running enough dragons to make some of the cards worth while. Especially since the only dragons beside Legendaries I can see us running would be Azure Drakes and even then it's not so much for the Spell Power just the card cycle.

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    posted a message on How do people hit Legend so easily?

    Check out this article, it will help you assess where your skill level is currently:


    Usually only people in stage 4 (maybe 3) are of the right mindset and skill to climb to high ranks. It just takes (a lot of) time, practice, patience, and memorization and of course critical thinking skills. Always be aware of what your opponent probably has in his hand.

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    posted a message on What is the correct way to evaluate RNG?

    The simplest answer is to just find the median number, like for Crackle expect to roll a 4.5 or a 4 to 5. But that usually isn't the best way to look at it because if you don't end up killing it you may have to hit it with something else like another minion and now he basically 2 for 1'ed you.

    So for your example I would first make sure I have a second option to deal with it if I roll low, and if not... I would rather wait (if you opponent won't overwhelm you in that one turn) and find a better and more reliable way to deal with it next turn.

    If not, most of the time I ignore the highest it can roll, and plan on the rng rolling on the lower end of the spectrum. For crackle I always expect it to do a 4. So majority of the time it keeps me from putting myself in a bad situation and having to rely on a good roll. By underestimating RNG you have more than just a 50/50 to deal the damage you are expecting.

    For your question, (depending on mana) try for the totem, because first you have a 66% chance to get a helpful totem, either a Taunt one (so you can save Annoy-o-tron), or the Spell Power one so you can Crackle.

    There are times where you have no alternatives and you really do have to just go for it and expect the best. Try hard though to not put yourself in this situation and prepare for the worse.

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    posted a message on What is the greater accomplishment

    As others have said, they really are two entirely different beasts. That doesn't mean they can't be compared though. I would say that going infinite in arena is a bit harder.

    In constructed you have much more control over every aspect of your games, from your deck to what you tech against. It more of a time factor and remaining in a good mindset. Knowing when to take breaks so you don't take massive dives in ranks in one sitting.

    But in arena the variables vary widely. It isn't hard to hit 7 or 9 wins, but to average 7+ is a lot harder. You aren't sure of anything, from if you opponent has 2 Flamestrikes or if they are packing 4, any number of things can cause games to swing wildly from one persons advantage to to others. You just have to prepare for anything and 95% of the time go for the most value cards/trades. Along with the cards you're given, even if you know how to draft well, sometimes you just get to decided which card is less crap.

    In my opinion infinite arena is more of a challenge, but not unobtainable. Since GvG getting steady 7+ has become a bit harder and players have become somewhat better. Good luck whatever you goal is. (I have over 600 arena games played and am pretty decent but still not infinite, close, but it's not easy.)

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    posted a message on Should Classic packs get discounted?

    Something else I could see happening in the future is increasing the basic set of cards (the free ones you get when starting) to include some of the weaker/vanilla cards (like Spider Tank) as more and more expansions pile on.

    While doubtful, there will come a point where there are just so many cards that opening even a pack a day it could take forever to even get the most common of cards, let alone sets of 2 and even more so specific/good cards you're  looking for. This will theoretically be years away though. The crafting system does help immensely, but as long as Blizzard keeps power creep to a minimum there will have to be some change or it will deter new player from starting by the sheer dauntingness of 1000's of cards and go against their basic principle in HearthStone of being as simple as possible.

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    posted a message on Should Classic packs get discounted?

    It may happen, things will have to change by the time they release the next expansion (not adventure), or they will hit a wall similar to World of Warcraft. They lost out on quite a few possible audiences due to the fact that the level cap got so high it wasn't really fun/logical to have to work THAT hard/long to get to end game. Eventually they had to find way to make it come easier.

    I wouldn't expect a discount any time soon, but probably beginning of next year they will manipulate the way you can get your collection quicker in some way. Either through giving more gold, discounting, or some other variation there of. Just don't expect it any time soon. Blizzard usually caters more to the casual players than the hard core. Thus to keep that audience they will have to change their business model at some point when the entirety of the collection gets too large.

    Though don't ever expect it to get too easy, if it was the 'collecting' part of the game would have no meaning. A card collection is something meant to be worked toward over a long period, months maybe even a year for some.

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