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    I wonder how many people are going to throw a fit when their two 2/1's with Rush aren't 4/1 because they are "Crabatoa's Claws". It's the weapon you get from their deathrattle that has the +2 bonus.

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    Why are the keyword descriptions still incomplete on this page? Colossal should be "Colossal +X: When summoned, spawns X additional appendages." and Dredge should be: "Dredge: Look at the bottom 3 cards of your deck. Put one on top."

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    Blizzard word things in a sensible way? The same Blizzard that went "let's design two cards that function like they have Echo but not give them Echo!", that Blizzard? Surely you jest, sir!

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    Quote from Armond471 >>

    a card with a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference lol

     That's exactly what I came here to comment on.

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    I think in the beginning you'll typically net a spell and a minion as your opponent tries to figure out whether it's Ambush or Dirty Tricks possibly more if they either try to flood your hand or are face players that just want to try and unload on you. After that if it somehow becomes a staple without other secrets, then it becomes a tempo card as your opponent does the least thing they can do to trigger it and not give you anything good, which then burns a turn for them.

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     So... does this mean Unstable Evolution is going to get keyworded with echo now?

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    I'm not surprised, but effects don't stack either with itself or Brann Bronzebeard.

    Tested these against the Innkeeper:

    Brann Bronzebeard + Murmuring Elemental + Murmuring Elemental + The Mistcaller

    Murmuring Elemental + Murmuring Elemental + Kobold Hermit

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    Quote from VanArchon >>

    Test 1. Can Barnes even pull such a card? If so I'm guessing that I will briefly get a non-interactive 1/1 that immediately goes dormant.
    Test 2. Just for validation purposes, if Barnes can pull this and it starts dormant, play the real one to get the three candles shuffled in.
    Test 3. That the candles draw effect the Barnes created copy and when fully drawn, you have two 20/20 on the board.

    Test 4. Get it destroyed some how. Cast Eternal Servitude, pick it (if it is ever even an option) and expect another dormant card, now with absolutely no way to copy the Candles without some serious tricksy card copy/card theft. Have a minion slot on the board taking up space.

     Test results:
    Test 1: Yes and the animation doesn't even show a 1/1 it just goes straight to dormant. Though the animation for Shadow Essence does briefly show a 5/5 before going dormant.
    Test 2: Completed.
    Test 3: Yes. The 3 candles shuffled into your opponent's deck will activate all copies you might have on the board, and they will all be 20/20.
    Test 4: I came up with these tests prior to the preview image of what it says while dormant was released. So this test is a failure. The candles have to be drawn from your opponents deck, you can't copy them with cards like Thoughtsteal, cast them, and have them count. If you try, it's a good way to waste 4 mana on drawing a card for yourself. This also means that anything that pulls the actual card (Dirty Rat, Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound, recruit mechanics) and not a copy, will cause you to lose a board spot due to the battlecry not activating. At that point the only shot you have is if your opponent played their own The Darkness and then followed it up with Archbishop Benedictus before you draw any of the candles. Which would be close to impossible.
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    Quote from shelkem >>
    3: no, the second one will stay 1/1
    And we know this how? Speculation? Blizzard employee? If I pull Sherazin, Corpse Flower using Barnes, when it dies as a 1/1 and goes dormant, it is revived as a 5/3. I understand that it's different effects that cause the two to go dormant and there are no other dormant cards to test this behavior against, but I suspect that it will not retain the 1/1 stats. This is why I plan to test this out to see for sure.
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