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    As a software developer I get that you can't account for every single possible scenario. That being said, the Law of Unintended Consequences can almost always be spotted in the corner gleefully rubbing its hands together when they make balance adjustments that will likely be for multiple different cards belonging to a particular class/tribe.

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    This should be interesting to see how it works out. Pick another amalgam and what will you get? 3 options of 1 minion type? 1 option each for 3 different minion types? Somewhere in-between? Thought it'd be kind of funny if it only gave you amalgams as options.

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    I wonder how many people are going to throw a fit when their two 2/1's with Rush aren't 4/1 because they are "Crabatoa's Claws". It's the weapon you get from their deathrattle that has the +2 bonus.

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    And a nature spell on top of that? Wtf? (I mean, I get why the spell itself is a nature spell, but in Priest?)

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    posted a message on Voyage to the Sunken City: Card List, Release Date, & Expansion Details

    Why are the keyword descriptions still incomplete on this page? Colossal should be "Colossal +X: When summoned, spawns X additional appendages." and Dredge should be: "Dredge: Look at the bottom 3 cards of your deck. Put one on top."

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    Blizzard word things in a sensible way? The same Blizzard that went "let's design two cards that function like they have Echo but not give them Echo!", that Blizzard? Surely you jest, sir!

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    I'm thinking it should and probably will. It'll be fun to watch people who don't realize that, use a direct removal spell on it and then later you cast said spell on one of their own.

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    Quote from Armond471 >>

    a card with a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference lol

     That's exactly what I came here to comment on.

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    I think in the beginning you'll typically net a spell and a minion as your opponent tries to figure out whether it's Ambush or Dirty Tricks possibly more if they either try to flood your hand or are face players that just want to try and unload on you. After that if it somehow becomes a staple without other secrets, then it becomes a tempo card as your opponent does the least thing they can do to trigger it and not give you anything good, which then burns a turn for them.

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    Quote from fabjx71 >>

    Your next one means any time during the game right? Even if I haven't drawn it yet?

     Correct. Compare Raging Felscreamer with Kirin Tor Mage or Preparation

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    At the end of your turn, cast another Devolving Missiles...

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    posted a message on Six-Shooter is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    I'm a bit confused as to why Beneath the Grounds and Fal'dorei Strider are banned but not Jade Idol.

    Nevermind. I understand the fundamental difference between them. Though it still feels a bit lopsided.

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    posted a message on Ben Brode Leaves Blizzard Entertainment


    Quote from InfernalPony >>

    MTGA has awful economy atm and no dusting


    in MTGA you either need to be a whale and spend hundreds or more of $$ for even 1 full top-tier competitive deck .. or be f2p and only play cheap budget shitty decks that always get utterly smashed by expensive competitive decks

    MTG is a much more expensive game than HS and so far MTGA is doing nothing to change that

     Amazing how one can spend money on a digital game that currently has no way to do so at the moment...
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    It must be time. The game is LAGGGGING like crazy just to transition between screens.

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    posted a message on New Druid Card - Ferocious Howl

    It will find its uses but as for working with Lesser Jasper Spellstone the key to remember is that playing this, as with any of the other high armor cards like Oaken Summons, it only counts as the first upgrade.

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