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Helping you to :

  • Reach your best rank ever, even Legend, top Legend(no here I can’t ! I’m not a lyer, my best was 291 during Knights of the Frozen Throne)
  • Start to win your first matches in tournaments ?(Sorry for Wild and Arena, not for the moment !)
  • These are my specialities !

You can ask yourself, how ?

Well, as many, you can watch my free videos on Twitch and Youtube

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Vahaad, hard core gamer playing HearthStone since the closed beta.

I’m 35. I used to be Level then Game and Lead Game Designer. When I had less ideas to create new video games, I became a teacher for medical profesionnal softwares used in operating rooms. And when fed up of that job, I began this activity in HearthStone.

What I love the most in this game is solving more and more difficult mind puzzles, and becoming better and better to it, playing ladder or tournaments.

I began to play it casually because I spent lot of hours at my medical software teacher job, and I could never go pass rank 5. When I decided to try to make my job from HearthStone, on the first month, I got Legend.

I will still try to live only from the game until I won’t be able anymore for financial reasons !

Achievements :

  • 3rd Pro LAN Tournament Orléans OGS2 2017
  • Winner and finalist of many online tournaments 4 to 32 players.
  • Legend rank reached 6 times (Europe server only, last time this last month November 2017)
  • Best Legend rank ever reached : #291« Knights of the Frozen Throne » August 2017
  • Best rank reached this month of December 2017: 2

Do you think that this list of achievements seems weak for a streamer ?

Maybe you are right...but :

Teaching is not only about being the top1 legend player !

  • When I’ m not coaching, I’m streaming ladder, tournaments, watch and read about international e-sport etc... I work on my personal advertising like I’m know, full time job in HearthStone.
  • With 6 years working as a software teacher, and being the child of two teachers : I got some real experience of teaching. Moreover, I was 4 years a Game Designer ; i had to explain programmers the goals, Art Director the feelings I wanted the player to feel etc…Explain things in a professional environment is a skill I got some experience in, and I love it ![/li][li]I’m always working at getting better with the best decks
  • At least before playing a deck, I need a proof that someone has reached Legend with it with more than 65% win rate, but better, decks that made players reach top 10 legend. Pro players have written good feedbacks about this deck, or they play it in tournaments (apart from tech cards)[If a deck has proven to be within the bests, so I’m working on it until I consider mastering it enough : ideally get more than 65% win rate on 150 games at my best rank.[/li]

I hope you will enjoy my videos !

Don’t be afraid to give your negative feedbacks if you can argue about them !

You are the ones who can make me improve in my job !



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