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    I totally agree with you: Blizzard should have put more effort in updating the collection manager to prevent the chaos we've got now! Nowadays you can't even look for the cards your collection is missing, because golden cards are not taken into account anymore / Blizzard changed sth in the presentation/distinction of golden and non golden cards in the collection manager.

    Also: I saved 30+ Classic Packs to open Gelbin Mekkatorque - the only card I'm missing from the reworked Classic set -, but opened a duplicate Millhouse instead. 🤔 When opening the Classic packs I noticed, that the duplicate protection seems to not work properly anymore regarding Classic packs, at least not the way it used to work, as I only got cards I previously disenchanted, because I had their golden versions (e.g. Millhouse). The ladder I don't really mind, but it's still weird as to my understanding, I should only have received cards I didn't disenchant copies of (after the application of the duplicate rule). Could also be because of the changes in the collection manager mentioned before regarding golden and non golden cards. 🤷

    Has anyone had the same experience?

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    Switch to Odd Warrior, when you face a lot of DHs.

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    Quote from jinstronda >>

    I am looking at the cards and all of them look like good fan made cards and interesting ones, for me (since ungoro) is the best reveal, i am super excited

    I agree. I haven’t been as excited as this about a hs exp in years.

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