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    Quote from xskarma >>

    Innkeeper stopped working due to some back end work by Blizzard on the game. The app would need to be significanly re-written to make it work again. Decisions on how to approach this problem have not been taken yet.

    @xskarma why not offer a way to import hsreplay collection (which have sync working and a opensource client wink wink) into hearthpwn like outof.cards?

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    thank you so much! awesome work!

    the guide said 

    If you did things correctly the puzzle will change to give you a set of new opponent minions that will be different for everyone but it will also give you a new ? Minion, flanked by a Chronobreaker Dragon on the left and a Buccaneer on the right of it, just like in the image below. If you get anything else, you did the input of your steps wrong and you need to start from the top!

    which is wrong and made me lose 1 hour. actually minions in stage 2 are left = dragon and right = pirate. but it can be any minion from that tribe, not specifically those mentioned in the guide

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    Quote from Bodycount1 >>

    Because of this deck I'm getting easy wins with Nerub'ar Weblord.  Thank you

     easy win with either Nerub'ar Weblord or OP's Pogo-Hopper

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    Quote from Cracken23 >>
    Quote from Zattom >>

    This workaround will work once

    1) Delete this directory %localappdata%\Innkeeper

    2) Download & execute InnkeeperSetup.exe, then launch Hearthstone

    3) Play a game, even a solo mode like the training Innkeeper

    4) Go to the collection and it'll sync

     I tried and didn't work. Actually it made Inkeeper broken so it didn't show a sign of living. I uninstalled and then reinstalled, after it installs I finished a game and headed to My Collection. It suddenly start to sync and now it is works fine. 

     im running the latest inkeeper and im still having the same issues

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