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    First pre-release bundle I've purchased.

    5 legendaries from the 85 packs: Forest Warden Omu (pack 5), Rattlegore (pack 36), Lord Barov (pack 48), Mindrender Illlucia (pack 63) and a golden Speaker Gidra (second-to-last golden pack). 19 epics.

    Haven't been particularly keen on Priest, Paladin or Warrior since starting to play in early 2019, but let's see how things turn out!

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    Quote from warcraftofworld >>

    are these manz gonna give us some free packs this time around?? like 3 packs on the house. big up myself.

     Everyone gets a free legendary and 6 SA packs through quests.

    • From 6 Aug: Players will receive a random SA legendary class card for logging in
    • 6 Aug: Play 25 Cards in Play mode to earn 2 SA packs
    • 7 Aug: Play 20 Spells in any mode to earn 2 SA packs
    • 8 Aug: Win 3 games in any mode to earn 2 SA packs
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    Planning to buy the 80€ Mega Bundle plus up to another 80 packs with gold. 

    Only started playing the game early last year. Was completely F2P until last week when I purchased the Welcome Bundle for 5€. I picked up Brightwing as my legendary, but also a first Brawl and second Twilight Drake - both of which I suspect will come in useful. 

    Began the current expansion playing a fun, fairly aggressive stealth and secret Rogue before switching to Spell Druid and Tempo DH for a couple of months. The last month has mostly been a Highlander DH running Zephrys, Kayn, Metamorphosis, DQA and Nethrandamus. Would like to experiment with a wider range of decks in the upcoming expansion.

    I've banked slightly over 8,000 gold (collected since AoO launched) and approaching 5,300 dust. Still need to check if I have a few extra goldens to dust. Might buy Galakrond's Awakening if its adventure cards still seem relevant a few weeks into SA.


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