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    Considering that a majority of the minions are primarily good for their battlecries in this deck, would Jepetto Joybuzz be good in this deck? The only truly bad draws would be the Deckhands, Sharkfin Fan, and Hench-Clan Thug. While this does lower the power of some other minions (excluding Former Champ and EVIL Cable Rat), it could help enable combos, especially if key minions *cough* Spirit of the Shark *cough* are at the bottom of the deck.

    Although I imagine you could play Sprint/myra's for a similar effect (without the decreased costs though).

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    The real nerf is that she stops her battlecry if she dies or is silenced during it, just like how Yogg was nerfed, yet unlike Yogg, there is no dust refund. This also makes it harder to play removal cards from other classes like fireball or polymorph, because if a rogue plays those, Tess can literally be an eight mana do nothing. 

    I do believe the dust refund is what everyone is mainly angry about, but things like it how wasn't announced (literally in bugfixes), how Tess is already a card in a bad archetype, and that it was literally said to work like pre-nerf Yogg are also things people are angry about.

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    Tess was nerfed, and it doesn't matter how fringe it is, it is still less powerful. It was intended to work as pre-nerf Yogg, and they now changed it to nerfed Yogg. There are several people who crafted Tess thinking this would stay the same as they were publicly told it would work like that, but it doesn't work like that, which you could argue to be deception.

    Personally I'm not sure why this is a debate, people crafted a card thinking it would work one way, but it didn't work that way because it got nerfed. It's not what they crafted for. A dust refund would be obvious considering it is a straight up nerf, unless Blizzard changed their refund policies, which would also be bad considering it would be unannounced. 

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    Except that isn't the nerf. The nerf is that Tess stops after she is removed from the board or silenced. To make a simple example of why this matters, lets say a rogue steals only 2 mana wyrms and a fireball and they decide to play them all.  Now, before this nerf, the Rogue would at least have 2 minions on the board no matter what, but now if Tess decides to hit herself with the fireball first, it's an eight mana do literally nothing. 

    Another example, you want to play twisting nether from a warlock, but that would make Tess literally just a twisting nether with no chance of anything else, different from pre-nerf. And there are many other examples due to the fact that there are plenty of of removal cards.

    You could argue this is a small change, but a nerf is a nerf and does impact WR. Tess is already not competitive and the winrate is already low enough, so this nerf is just unnecessary. Personally, I'd rather not have a refund, and would rather have the change reverted because I would rather not make Tess weaker than she already is, although I wouldn't care if it still had a limit of 30 cards.

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