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    posted a message on Huge opt-in wave seems to have just gone out!

    I got a second one :( sorry to all you guys still waiting.  Soon!

    (no, I didn't sell it.  I gave it to a friend)

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    posted a message on Question for player's that have a beta key.

    It really depends on the guy of player you are.

    If you're the person that is going to spend a ton of hours up front getting every deck leveled and a bunch of shit unlocked for the sake of completion, the game probably won't have the same lifespan as someone who plays when they feel like it and let's things happen as they happen.  Too many people seem prone to burning themselves out by trying to "finish" everything right away, but that's an issue with players.

    As far as the game itself, I think the Hearthstone certainly has the potential to hold interest for a long time, between the leveling and unlocking cards and building new decks and the dynamic of every game being different, especially as we get new heros and cards as the game develops.  Arena and ranked play will also add an interesting aspect of play.  

    Generally, Card games have potential to hold interest a long time because even with a finite amount of cards you can have an infinite number of unique games.  Hell, people play M:TG still and that game is [i]twenty years old[/i].

    I've been playing the beta off an on for a few weeks, but haven't spent a huge amount of hours since I want my enjoyment to last.

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    posted a message on Beta Key sale

    I don't think they're necessarily going to do it to combat beta key sales, but pretty sure it'll go into open beta at some point which is a pretty strong argument against blowing a few hundred dollars for a beta key that's eventually going to be free to anyone that wants one.

    Of course, the game itself will be free, too, so either way one's impatience is terribly costly here.

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    posted a message on Fireside Chat #10 - Hearthstone Constructive Criticism Contest

    The game should be completely functional without a keyboard, but the ability to keybind certainly things would be nice.

    Background sound setting would be nice so the game didn't automatically mute itself every time I clicked on another window.

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    posted a message on Max level is currently 50. You get the golden version of your class as a reward.


    Nice to hear the cap mystery is solved ;)

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    posted a message on Forum overflowing

    Forums are better with active posters and more people discussing.  Who wants to post on dead forums?  I'm pretty sure pulling readers out of lurkdom was the entire goal of the giveaway.

    And yes, surprisingly the forums are going to be more active once people can actually play the game they're interested in.  I imagine it's going to keep increasing as the beta picks up momentum and will have a huge influx with the game goes live.  An exclusionary attitude isn't benefiting anyone.

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    posted a message on HearthPwn IRC

    I'm just pouty you're not on quakenet ;)

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    posted a message on Why is there no in-game chat?

    The original battle.net has an infamous reputation for the vitriol of the chat in matches.  I learned all kinds of exciting new racial slurs and insults just by watching my spouse play WC3 games.  Some people would enter the game already shouting epitaphs before anything had even happened, without any rhyme or reason.

    I'm sure that's why.  They probably want to avoid that.  It's practical for them (then they don't need to hire people to go through chat logs to issue suspensions and whatnot), and it's probably more enjoyable for us if our community builds on moderated forums instead.

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    posted a message on Golden Cards as Rewards

    Well that's... peculiar.

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    posted a message on The Official "1 Gold per Win!?" Thread

    Quote from DrOwnage »

    Im sure the 1gold per win is temporary, although it is disheartening to see this blizz team going in a p2w direction when they were talking about how this was something they were doing for the community more so than from a business perspective. I remember reading a couple weeks ago that the team was hovering around 1 dollar per pack--> now its up to 1.50 (2,99 for 2) at the first option.

    I don't really think this makes it "going in a pay to win" direction, but it does make it really annoying to do without paying.

    That said - I'm all for being able to spend real person money within the context of a game like this in order to advance faster, but 1g per win is pretty absurd.  I think it's a little too early to be crying the sky is falling though; this could totally be a just-for-beta thing.  I don't think we've seen any blue posts on it, have we?

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    posted a message on HearthPwn Member Loyalty Beta Keta Giveaway

    Three days shy of three months!  Rushed over here the second I heard about the site.  Mostly been lurking all this time, but 15 constructive posts isn't hard.  I just shoulda done it sooner ;)

    Good luck to everyone!

    Edit: I was just given a key, please don't count me in this giveaway!

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    posted a message on The BLIZZCON 2013 Thread!

    Quote from Noix »

    ugh i was gona buy tickets for online watch, friends that go keep telling it its awesome!

    It's pretty great, but it's very crowded and, if you're far away it is very expensive. It can be cost prohibitive to people out of the country, so those people shouldn't feel bad opting to watch it online or just read the news blogs on it.

    If you're a fan of Blizzard games, I think everyone should try to make it out at least once if they can afford it.  It's great to try the games and interact with the community and get the panels in person.  I look forward to it every year.

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    posted a message on Mirror Image

    With their free cost, low health and taunt, these cards exist primarily to soak damage and buy the player's hero or minions another round of life.

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    posted a message on Bloodlust

    Named for the original Warcraft ability that later that was added to the shaman class in Burning Crusade (Heroism for Alliance, Blood Lust for Horde) and later to Mages (Time Warp) and Hunters (corehound pet ability).

    This is a great card to play when you have several minions in play.

    Also, Best. Flavour. Text. Ever.

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    posted a message on Adrenaline Rush

    This card is named for the rogue ability of the same name, the energy regen cooldown available to Combat spec'd rogues in WoW. 

    Looks like the hearthstone equivalent of faster energy regen translates is faster cards in hand.

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