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    Both Spectral Cutlass andBazaar Burglary are ways to give sustain to Burgle Rogues. Here's a way to keep your health up for other Rogue archetypes.

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    Quote from McF4rtson >>
    Quote from wardomi7777 >>

    Just clarifying this entry before a discussion happens... technically, yes, it follows the rules. 

    Rules aside, this card is broken because of Stonetusk Boar, or even Skaterbot.

     It's not even just that: It's her own synergy that breaks her.

    If you're able to give her reborn through Embalming Ritual or even just pinging her to one health: She'll be Reborn with 1 Health and then give herself herself reborn through her effect: so immortal 3/1that also makes everything else immortal.

    Change is really simple though. Make her text read: Reborn, Your other minions gain Reborn at the end of turn. (Or even just: When you play a minion, give it Reborn.)

    Keeps the 'Everything Reborn' idea while making her not completely broken with everything.

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    Quote from DeraVCC>>
    Great Idea, but probably could use a different name. "Reborned" isn't really a word, so probably something like "Kel'thuzad, Ascended" or just "Arch-lich Kel'thuzad" would be a better name.
    Quote from GnammyH >>

    First of all: make it a legendary. This effect it too dang powerful for just an epic. 2nd of all: this card is just too dang powerful full stop.

    Let me put it this way: in the current standard format, both Paladin and Druid have exactly four cards that could possibly kill this reliably. And all of them are neutrals. (To be specific: Deathwing, Tinkmaster Overspark, Big Game Hunter, and Voodoo Doll. Doomsayer and also Choose-both Keeper of the Grove technically can kill this, but that's why I said 'reliable ways'.) There are no Druid or Paladin standard cards that remove without dealing damage, and sweet mercy on your poor opponent if you could draft this in arena.

    There's a difference between something being weak to silence effects, and something that forces silence to be run by a class that literally cannot kill it otherwise. 

    Quote from Zhal >>

    Yeah, this is not as slow as you think it is. Yes, it doesn't do anything when you place it down but I'm honestly reminded of Rez-Preist when I see this, and that is not a good thing.

    Hear me out: You place this down on turn 4, it does nothing. But if your opponent just has a minion on the field, you trade the Phoenix, then you ping it with hero power. +2 spell damage in 1 turn: your next turn Blizzard is now a Flamestrike. At worst, if you only pinged this, you have +5 spell damage, (essentially permanently) by turn 10. If your opponent has any minions at all, and maybe needs to use an AoE effect one time: this minion gains +11 Spell Damage in 6 turns.  That's not quite as bad as having 4 Obsidian Statues up by turn 8; but I'd say it's close.

    Quote from SilentBlackStorm >>

    Defiantly your best designed one by far. Thematic, looks balanced. I like it a lot! (And am rather scared to compete against it with my own rogue weapon if I'm honest.)

    Quote from BMcGill >>

    Repeat again: Don't use Imgur. (Also you don't really need to specify what Reborn does. The 1-durability requirement is part and parcel to the keyword.) 

    Otherwise, I think 4 or 5 mana would be a little bit better. Unlike trying to multi-hit with Sul'thraze, it shouldn't be that difficult to get something to 3 health or less to kill with this weapon.

    Quote from MattyHooba>>
    I honestly can't figure out if this is too strong or too weak?
    On one hand you drop this turn 4 and your opponent can kill it if they have three damage just around. However if they can't? As long as you can use spells to clear off enemy minions (and you're most likely a Mage so you  generally do.)  This thing can start snowballing fast. It's certainly more balanced than a lot of the other "permanently reborn minions" here, so I think is probably is balanced really well: I'm just quite scared of the idea that you would have to kill this in one turn lest it spiral out of control. So thumbs up from me. :D
    Quote from Sillyraptor >>

    Definitely think that Spirit guide is the best designed of the two: Suddenly healing totem is the biggest threat. I'd say it's a little weak stat-lined though, probably give it 3 attack. The effect of permanent reborn via conditions is much probably more worth 1 mana than two.

    I'm less keen on Growing Sapling simply because of the second Choose One option. It's worded in such a way that I can't tell if it becomes reborn forever or only once after it dies the first time: and neither option is that great. Might I suggest instead the option be between 2 2/2 treants and 2 1/1 Saplings with Reborn. That way as token druid, (where this would almost certainly go) you'd able to choose between a little more damage or being a bit stickier, both of which are actually good.

    Quote from Lordinaryus >>

     I like your photoshop skills. You have potential. ;)

    Regarding your query, since Mekgineer Thermaplugg doesn't trigger when he dies, you shouldn't have to worry about that. The only thing I'm thinking about is that there's few enemy board clears in Druid, so realistically you'd have to combo with Wispering Woods or the like to properly abuse this, and I'm not sure how well it would fit in Hand Druid or Token Druid. I love the idea and it seems balanced, I'm just struggling to think of where it would fit into a deck.

    Quote from Guts4Dinner >>

     Okay: So compare Blood of The Ancient One and Mogu Cultist. The first is small number of really big expensive minions that combine over two turns, the second requires a lot of cheap minions to combine in one turn. Your card is an expensive minion that need to combine with other things in a single turn: as a deathrattle.

    Just thinking of the logistics here: Lets imagine you did, somehow, get three Zuls on the board at once. You need 6 Dark Youngs to combo. So just Hellfire and you have three Dark Young and Three Zuls: How do you kill the Zuls without the Dark Youngs also dying? Two Mortal Coils and a Shadow Bolt for 9 mana maybe? Cause you cant AoE them down; the Dark Youngs need to be alive. And all of this all needs to happen on one turn to work.

    And that brings me to Ghun which is: No. Just No.

    First off: Hexproof isn't a keyword. And if you mean "Can't be target by spell or Hero powers", Soggoth the Slitherer was hard to remove, and he was 5/9. This is 30/30. So not only is this card almost impossible to pull off, but it's absolutely broken while also being too slow, since you need to play him the next turn you pull off this combo, that means your opponent has a full turn with your empty board + any direct damaging effects the turn after that to kill you.

    I understand where the idea came from, but there is a lot wrong with basically every stage of this card to make worth playing.

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    Hey, the finally buffed Totemic Might into something usef... Wait, What do you mean it's a new card?

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    Quote from Nihls >>

    So apparently it gives Wild Growth consistently if you play Zephrys on turn 2, that means all singleton decks have access to mana ramp. That sounds somewhat scary.

     From what Peter said, it seems that it will only give Wild Growth if the board is completely barren. It's most likely not guaranteed if someone has a minion or weapon out.

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    (I think I have a new favorite Legendary of the set!!!!)

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    So to clarify what we know of how Zephyrs ability works:

    • It's a Discover that shows you 3 Basic or Classic cards.
    • Cards have been defined as either Value, Tempo, and Control. (Possibly more)
    • You are shown one card from each group, similar to the Tri-class discover cards. 
    • Zephyr will always show cards that you could play next turn, or (possibly) that you can play this turn at turns 10+.
    • The cards offered can be from any class.
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    Holy Ripple, mini Holy Nova

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    Top 5 in order.

    1. Conjured Mirage: It just feels like such a gigantic guardian. I wish Soggoth the Slitherer felt as imposing.
    2. Overflow: I can almost guarantee this will be my favorite golden: watching a dam break apart in motion.
    3. Psychopomp: One of the most evocative art they've ever had; reaching out to save a fallen soul.
    4. Elise the Enlightened: Elise has never looked better. Enough said.
    5. Bloodsworn Mercenary: The guy is literally on fire. What more can I add to that?


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