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    posted a message on Delete Tickatus from the game

    It's pretty adorable that when Mage and Paladin are the way they are, you think Tickatus is the problem.

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    posted a message on Thank the Lord for Classic format in these trying times!

    This is 100% why Classic should remain as it is, rather than introduce more expansions for it to inevitably end up in the same mess as modern Hearthstone.

    I have been a Wild player since its introduction without many complaints, and an occasional Standard player, and I have never seen them in such a rough state.

    0 mana secrets, 0 mana card draw, random generated from random generated from random, OTK combos completed on turn 4-5. 

    This was not Hearthstone.

    Let us keep Classic as a refuge of what Hearthstone was, remnants of a gradually deteriorating game.

    Don't fuck up the timeline again.

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    posted a message on Are people afraid to play something other then meta?

    Wild is not much better.

    I played Wild since its introduction without much complaints, but it's in disgusting state right now if you don't enjoy playing Paladin or Mage.

    Just chilling in Classic for the time being.

    Blizzard, please leave Classic the fuck alone. Don't introduce any expansions for it to inevitably end up the same way the modern modes are.

    Leave one last relic for us to remember Hearthstone.

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    posted a message on Does anyone else hate mage?

    Mage hasn't been OP for a long time.

    But I always hated them because in 7 years of Hearthstone and thousands of wins and losses as a player, I can count the number of games a Mage has interacted with me on one hand.

    Their decks are either Aggro throw spell at face, or Combo draw cards until Exodia obliterates.

    Every outcome is the same. They play with a playstyle that shows they don't want to be here.

    If they don't want to be here, GTFO. Even Priests interact more.

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    posted a message on I Finally Get Why People Hate Tickatus

    The trouble with combo decks in Hearthstone is they are too simple and require no effort to become active.

    So it is appropriate that there is one (Tickatus), or many, cards that can simply remove these cards from your deck and hand.

    Hearthstone is a game of 30 cards. I can honestly say, in the times Tickatus has been used against me, I have recouped and made the most of my remaining cards.

    If you are playing a 3-4 card deck in a 30 card game, you need to be ready to hit Concede when you lose one card.

    Hearthstone combos require no effort. Easy come, easy go.

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    posted a message on Can I safely dust copies of Core cards ?

    The disenchantable Jaraxxus you have is from Classic packs.

    You can dust it, if you have no intention of playing Classic. Your Core Set version of Jaraxxus will be playable in both Standard and Wild.

    If you want to play Classic, you need to keep your Classic version.

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    posted a message on Is the Reward Track Better?
    Quote from The_George >>

    Reward track is horseshit.

     The reward track is objectively better than what we have before, everyone is making more gold whether they know it or not.

    But you do still have some people like the fella quoted above, who hold on to their faux-outrage and keep their little e-protest thing going.

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    posted a message on 186440 dust - what now?
    Quote from Rencol >>

    craft random golden legendary, dust it, craft it again, dust it, repeat till you have no dust left

     Or he could craft golden Millhouse Manastorm 58 times and post a screenshot on here to verify.


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    posted a message on 186440 dust - what now?

    Just seeing the title I was about to say:

    "convert to Wild and play Hearthstone as F2P until the end of time".

    But seeing as you got that dust from Wild...........

    Play Standard until you run out of it, I suppose. Should keep you going for a year at least.

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    posted a message on Playing classic is better than I remembered.

    It's pretty fun, it will be my secondary game mode after Wild.

    But I feel like it is a lot different than I remembered.

    Every class has one deck. It feels a lot like Classic WoW, where back in the original Vanilla everyone was clueless and had no idea WTF they were doing, which made it a lot more fun. 

    But the gamers of 2021 have everything worked out. It's a "solved" game.

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    posted a message on Has Blizzard lost control of your card collection?

    I was under the impression that any Core cards you have would be playable in Classic. Seems not to be the case, you need to have a separate Classic version. 

    It's pretty weird looking through my collection and seeing 2 + 2 sets of normal and 2 + 2 sets of golden for an individual card...

    Guess they need to leave in some incentive for Classic packs to sell.

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    posted a message on I just hit legend with an original list!

    Looks just like a Handlock but with Voidwalker.

    Which seems contradictory to deck's goal, a lot of the time you want to do nothing on turn one to get out your Mountain Giant on turn 3/4.

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    posted a message on You can no longer insta concede to progress Play 3 games with X, Y and Z Quests

    Intentionally losing games to earn digital currency and then coming to a forum to complain and "sigh" about it, is a pretty weak image to behold.

    Maybe you need to take a break.

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    posted a message on The Only Thing Classic Missing

    Removing the sorry emote never made any sense. If Blizzard were truly worried about manbabies getting upset over emotes in a video game, 'well played' and 'wow' better achieve that.

    Also I agree about the portraits and card backs. I use my 500 wins portraits in Classic, even when I have several of the 1000 win ones, but it is a bit immersion killing when every single Priest is Tyrande.

    They made the effort so that Classic only has the original 3 game-boards, I think they could have done this too.

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    posted a message on Classic is Coming!
    Quote from Neko_Tamo >>
    Quote from Tykaine_J >>
    Quote from Neko_Tamo >>

    That said I think people saying this will be a dead mode in a month are also exaggerating.

    People tend to over-dramatize new modes in games like this, as they are afraid their chosen mode will leak players.

    I don't think anyone is expecting Classic to keep a playerbase as large as Standard or Battlegrounds, but as long as there is a community that enjoys it, let it be.

    The work has been done, Blizzard does not need to do anything else to maintain it.

     You could be right. I think people are just too pessimistic coupled with wanting to jump on the "duels are a failure" bandwagon.

    That said I think Classic will have more appeal than people think, being less RNG, lower power level, slower, more tactical etc appeals to people beyond mere nostalgia. Now being forever static will probably cancel that out for most people. However if Classic were to receive mini-sets of its own that follow this spirit of lower power, less RNG, etc I could see this Mode absolutely thriving. I suppose time will tell ;)

     Yeah there is certainly a niche that Classic can fulfill which other modes do not.

    Personally, Wild will remain my main mode, as it has done since its introduction. But Classic will be a nice fall-back when wanting to play something a bit more straight-forward.

    You can really tell by playing Classic that Hearthstone was meant to be a mobile game. Something which I think it has shifted from in recent years.

    Most of my Wild decks I wouldn't want to play without a deck tracker.

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