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    posted a message on Have you tried Diablo "Immoral"?

    I grew up playing Diablo 1 & 2, so naturally I hated Diablo 3. It wasn't Diablo. It went with the comically cartoon art style that Warcraft has (which suits Warcraft, not Diablo), and it was impossible to die in.

    I didn't think they could dumb the game down any more than they did with 3, but by God, they somehow managed it with Diablo Immortal.

    It is the very definition of the mobile game stereo type. Whip it out of your pocket when you have 20 minutes spare, mindlessly tap tap tap tap tap tap on your scree, feel like you've achieved something. No challenge.

    My expectations for Diablo 4 are nil, that I won't bother to play it. This franchise has been murdered.

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    posted a message on How do you all deal with ladder anxiety/frustration?

    I find it impossible to feel "anxiety" at the ladder since its revamp, it takes a few hours each month to get legend now. Sometimes I get there without aiming for it.

    Just remember - the ladder used to be a lot worse, and even the old ladder was a picnic compared to other games.

    That should be enough to remove your worries.

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    posted a message on New Rogue Epic Card Revealed - Garrote

    What a strange card name.

    Why not just call it Garrote? That's a rogue ability, same purpose.

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    posted a message on New Priest Legendary Card Revealed - Seek Guidance

    I can understand the anxiety people have with this card, but it is slowness on steroids. At least in Wild, games are going to be finished long before this can come into play.



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    posted a message on Stealer of Souls Breaking Wild?

    Stealer of Souls Warlock does lose to hyper-Aggro.

    So that is the meta now, you play either Aggro or another broken Warlock combo. Riveting.


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    posted a message on Xyrella!!! My wife!!!


    This is almost as disturbing as the WoW players who obsess over Jaina, although they exist in Hearthstone too...

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    posted a message on Hero portrait shop opinion and game monetization

    Blizzard has a history of doing this. In WoW they would nerf difficult and respected achievements to become trivial. Players would call on Blizzard  "I want X mount/title/transmog set".

    Until everyone had them and then nobody wanted used them anymore.

    It's human nature to want what they cannot have, and when they have them, they don't want them.

    You see this behavior often in children, or less-developed adults.

    I suppose in Hearthstone's case, purchasing a pre-order or winning 5 games during a season is hardly an achievement, but it was an incentive to do these things. 


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    posted a message on Is it Worth It to Disenchant Wild Cards for Standard?

    Nobody can answer this question for you.

    If you have no intent on ever playing Wild or Duels, then there is no point holding on to those cards.

    I have always preferred Wild, because Standard feels like a demo version of Hearthstone. However, Wild is in a dire place right now and Blizzard have shown no will to correct this, they always fall back on the meme of "new set coming soon, we will wait and see if that balances the meta". The meta has remained nearly the same for over a year.

    You should at least give those modes a try and make that decision for yourself.

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    posted a message on guess new legendaries

    I wouldn't be surprised if there was another Murloc.

    They added a ton of Murlocs to the Barrens, more than any other expansion, even though in World of Warcraft there is not a SINGLE Murloc in the Barrens or any neighboring zone, besides Dustwallow Marsh.

    You can tell the new Hearthstone team have no idea about the lore and are just making it up as they go.

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    posted a message on Big Priest is a terrible deck......why do people hate it?
    Quote from DMH_Meta >>

    its hard to pilot

    No, it's not.

    There is a reason why some time ago, bots were playing Big Priest and Pirate Warrior. Because the decks play themselves. There is no thought process involved.

    The bots only switched to Odd Warrior recently because longer dragged-out games give more exp under the new reward system.


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    posted a message on Why is HS so f***ing slow?

    Is this your first card game?

    Hearthstone is super fast, and getting faster each expansion. We have lethals as early as turn 4 now (at least in Wild), only a few years ago a turn 7 lethal was considered aggro on steroids.

    Hearthstone is as quick as you want it to be. Want 3-5 minute games? Play Aggro. Want 10-30 minute games? Play Control.

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    posted a message on Has Hearthpwn lost its charm? Is there any way to recover it?

    Definitely. There are at most, a few hundred people online at once. There is a mere 66 online at the time I am typing this.

    There used to be tens of thousands online 3-4 years ago or so in the Ben Brode days.

    Most of the sub-forums are dead, no discussion to be found.

    The user-created decks part of Hearthpwn used to be decent, now it's crammed with meme decks and people get actual stats from HSReplay, TempoStorm ect.

    It's not just exclusive to Hearthpwn, I have witnessed several boards become barren as Discord and Reddit become the go-to platforms for discussion.

    I don't like it. I prefer old style forums with avatars and signatures ect.

    And let's face it, Hearthstone as a game is long past its peak. 

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    posted a message on Turn 1 10/10 godhand

    What is Even Mage supposed to accomplish in Wild?

    You have 6 mana cards in your hand. Games don't go on that long.

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    posted a message on Is shaman main issue... 4-health minions ?

    Shamans have many issues.

    • Overload being the worst mechanic in the game, besides overkill from Rastakhan's.
    • Worst designed hero power in the game, which was actually made worse in the update.
    • Terrible board clears.
    • No actual late win condition.
    • No card draw.

    4-mana drops seem to be the least of their problems.

    Blizzard has an ongoing hate-boner for Shaman.

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    posted a message on Meta untouched after last patch

    Paladin and Mage went up some percentage.

    Shaman FELL further.

    It is actually sad to see Hearthstone like this. The developers, the ones that still remain, are so far out of touch.

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