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    They need to stop spreading themselves so thinly wasting time on dead modes and concentrate on getting standard/wild and probably BGs into some sort of fit state.

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    posted a message on Wild is broken beyond belief
    Quote from HighDef2021 >>
    Quote from Thaulopi >>

    Wild is broken post number 30.30030.00e300000d0 e^12. it is WILD IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE BROKEN Several Exclamation marks...

    Do not play Wild if you cannot take a beating or are too bad to rank up. L2p, git gud, have fun

     Ah, the obligatory "git gud" comment. Sorry, my nose isn't as far up Blizzard's ass as yours.

    What netdeck do you play?


     To be fair, their are tens if not hundreds of threads already covering this very topic. The fact you made an account just to create this thread probably means you already know this.

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    I worry for people who are triggered by HS emotes. Life is going to be really tough for them.  




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    posted a message on Wait, people GENUINELY think the game is rigged?

    The amount of dick swinging over a children’s card game in this thread is brilliant. Some of you lads really need to get something more important to worry about. 

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    posted a message on Games must be over by turns 7 to 9


    Old article but does make interesting reading as to why Blizz MIGHT be shaping the game to suit the Chinese market...


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    posted a message on Games must be over by turns 7 to 9
    Quote from Kurgo >>

    And your "News" is garbage.

    Everyone knows already that Cheatstone can´t play more than 5-7 Turns....

     The average turn in which the game ends is...turn 8. Just like *drumroll* last expansion. Amazing.

     So this proves *drumroll* the game has been going shit longer than this expansion. Amazing.

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     Zeddy is a massive universe sized cunt. I'll take the ban.

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    posted a message on problems with no managerie in last patch

    These ideas are so busted I think you could actually get a job at Blizzard. All these are far, far too strong.

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    posted a message on The Hearthstone you knew and loved is gone forever; How does that make you feel?

    I think standard and through association wild is at a cross roads right now. At the next rotation blizz can either

    a. Do the mass rebalance that there has been rumblings of and tone down card effects from that point forward.

    b. Keep to the status quo and just keep increasing power levels the way they are until all games last 5 minutes including roping.

    Personally after seeing mercenaries, the amount of BGs skins released and how much they cost and what could be percieved as a lack of care for the base game, I can only imagine they're moving HS into a phase transitioning away from its roots and into pure mobile territory, if not just running it into the ground while making maximum profits. I wouldn't be suprised if in the next 24 months either mercenaries or BGs becomes the main 'e sport' depending on which is more successful.

    There is no doubt that Blizz is not the more fan focused company it once was anymore (maybe for the better with recent revelations), and anyone who thinks as a business they care about your feelings over making as much cash as possible is a fool. I have no ill feeling towards them as it is their product to do with as they see fit and they probably have a mountain of cold hard data to back up any decisions they make as a business. Plus in the real world there are much more important things to worry about than how balanced HS.

    Am I sad HS is not the game I've enjoyed so much over the past 4 years? A little. Will I lose any sleep over it? Much like what happened with WoW, not a second.


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    posted a message on New balance changes are just..... wow. Are they gonna fix something?

    Best version of Q lock doesn't play stealer, so technically now all we're going to see is the most optimised version. I'm not sure if doing something about the quests is going to hurt some designer's feelings but they're obviously not going to deal with the root of the problem.

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