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    posted a message on [TOP40] Quatro Murloc Rogue is back!
    Quote from Miksel1608 >>

    Replacements for COMMON cards!? WutFace
    But if seriously, Nagas are really good in rogue since a lot of time rogue has weapon in hand

     There are so many things wrong with this response. 
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    posted a message on [Legend] Murlock's, Demons & Dinosaurs.

    This deck has been so much fun for me. The stingers are my favorite. Lots of value. Early megasaur pain.


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    posted a message on Live Aggro 73% WR rank 5-legend

    Any excuse to play Hydras. Double-edged swords are the best in all games. 

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    Some guy added me after I beat him with this deck, and particularly the Stormforged Axe. He said I should cut it because it's a bad card and I'm just lucky to have beaten him. The quiet salt.

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    posted a message on Makabi's Midrange Hunter - Rank 5 to Legend

    Seems that the meta has shifted and this deck is just not the same :/


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    posted a message on S37 Dragon-Lyra Priest
    Quote from Mr_Kodt >>

    no idea how to handle midrange hunter, pirate warrior, quest rogues and even murloc midrange pally (no idea how to keep up with their strong early game into Tarim/Tirion). the whole game i try to react to their board, but i just cant keep up with them. even if i survive till turn 6 and can clear with the dragon fire potion, i am behind again the next turn and their highmane, tirion/next murloc wave, arcanite reaper etc kills me shortly after. how do you beat these decks and whats your wincondition against strong lategame decks like jade druid? jade druids crush me with ease, because ungoro dragon ha 0 earlygame pressure. or am i doing something horribly wrong?


     Hmm, I'm not the deck creator, but I have some things to say. Midrange hunter, thats a particularly easy match up. Potion of madness is a huge tempo swinger. You've also got 1-drops so mulligan for them. Stay in control. You'll out value. Quest warrior, I've only played two games. Won one, lost the other. This match up is hard because Quest Warrior is just a tier 1 pretty strong and almost too strong deck. I'd say shadow word pain is your friend here. You can shadow visions it, too. It handles the 2/7 and the 2/6. Huge. 

    I'd say something important to keep in mind is there is a lot of decision making to be done. Take it slow. Read your opponent's decks. Your discovering is key. Jade druid is a rare gem, and yeah there is no way to handle the really big golems, but I think this deck is capable of beating that. My advice is try and play your cards right. This deck is far from brainless, but its what makes us better players. 

    p.s. haven't lost to a midrange hunter yet, so that's one you can be sure to win if you slow it down and play it right. 
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    posted a message on Mage is actually not okay.

    Everyone telling this guy to go to salt thread... That thread is so full of shit. Yes it is great that it exists, but it doesn't even help the problem. Something worth complaining about is something worth talking about. Things getting shoved into salt thread, just ruins the chances for that. 

    That being said, Ice Block is totally broken, its a whacky mechanic, and it is countered by just one mediocre card, Eater of Secrets


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    posted a message on Pirate Warrior: best current decklist?

    Actually I started making some fun new decks and gave up on the moment of darkness I was having.

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    posted a message on The Rogue Quest, The Caverns Below, is OP. Nerf it already.

    Hard to complain about sh*t until the meta settles down and the big boys figure out what's good.

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    posted a message on How do you deal with post-game friend requests?

    Anyone else friend request people after games and are a little sad when it's ignored 95% of the time.

    Lol. I'm not trying to flame you. Just tryin to chat about the game.

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