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    posted a message on Have you tried Diablo "Immoral"?

    No one play PoE for the acts, no one cares that the "story" can be completed for free. This is not how arpg's are played nor designed.

    You can't complete a build for a normal amount of money (15-20$/month) thus it's garbagee, simple as that.

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    posted a message on Patch Tomorrow - Stormscale Siren Removed in BG
    Quote from Psy_Kik >>

    Maybe adress what Leeroy has done to mechs? Why did they nerf murlocs and quillboar with the last patch? ...where did the data to justify that come from when no one was playing anything but nagas?

     Watch out bro, you're starting to make sense and that's illegal

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    posted a message on New Three Kingdoms Bundle Skins [Valeera, Uther, Garrosh, Anduin] - Basic Voice Lines

    The overlords are pleased, blizzard, abandoning your culture for money is always the way

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    posted a message on Turn 1 17/16 in stats.


    warrior bad.

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    posted a message on Rewards Track Client Patch - Updated With Gold Swaps For Packs

    If you can earn the same achieve more then once it's ok, if not it's useless

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    posted a message on Blizzard's response to the whole system revamp
    Quote from M0res >>
    Quote from DickDraggin >>

    Wow, a post where I can actually say KEKW and not feel like a douche.

     Whoever uses “KEKW” to communicate should always feel like a douche 😎😎


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    posted a message on Blizzard's response to the whole system revamp
    Quote from soc4real >>

    The sad part is, they will change the system if they face to much backslash to its original form and people will install Hearthstone again. Until they try the next shit again. 9000xp for 1 year of the dragon pack is the last nail in the coffin.

     I did not reinstall the game KEKW. It's not only about gold, it's about time commitment.

    I love how accurate the meme is, because they really are that predictable, removing the worthless end of track packs and adding pure gold. I'm sure as the meme said that this was always the plan all along. Go ubergreedy at start and then when then natural outrage appears go take a step back and go only very greedy and people will concede.

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    posted a message on Blizzard's response to the whole system revamp
    Quote from CookieFamous >>

    As a whale (having spent >2K on this game in the past 5 years) I'm out.

    I was already saving gold from last expansion, I already told myself I would not purchase the next preorder (as I have way over 100 packs from the gold now) but this is it, I'm out.

    It now forces me to play game modes I dislike to still earn less gold than before.

    Fuck it. They won't get another dime.

     Even if it did not have different game mode quests, it still forces you to play HOURS DAILY.

    Insane, i used to do 20mins of RNG constructed every 3 days on the days i did not feel like playing the game and still get some coins for when i would feel like playing, not locking myself out of a future expansion.

    Now all that is over. It's either play forever hours a day or just pay hard cash KEKW.




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    posted a message on Did they kill FTP completely or is it even better now?

    3 minute quest vs hours of commitment. AND a very low hard capped gold total at the end of an expansion.  NAH BRUH. I'm out, the game is trash anyway.

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    posted a message on Duels. Joke or real?
    Quote from Jennifer >>

    Are your aware that it is early access with limited content? It's basically a demo

    WTH did you expect?

    Have you been paying attention to the gaming industry in the last 10 years at all? This is the finished game. They just coin it like "beta" and "early access" to get money out of the fools.

    Look at BG, on paper still in beta, the reality is the game was past the beta phase on release.



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