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    posted a message on noob here. Need advice on deck building.

    You can cut a divine favor and cult master because divine favor shines when you play very fast and exhaust your hand and one cult master provides enough card draw.

    Replace them with a frostwolf and an ogre.

    Also you should check out aggro paladin(eboladin).Aggro decks are pretty cheap :) http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/266177-s16-aggro-eboladin

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    posted a message on Fan created Rogue spell.

    It's nice but i think a 2/3 shuriken would be better,random damage is not really good unless you get multiple tries and rogues don't need a 1 damage weapon,and let's not forget that you need to trigger the combo 1st unlike Muster for Battle that get's value immediately, with this in mind it's a great card!

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    posted a message on [Poll] Do you auto-concede?

    When i wanna have fun and don't care about wins i always auto concede to the fucking warriors,goddamn fucking class that takes 30' to play a single boring ass game with infinite early removal and 4 goddamn perfect cheap synergistic hard removals ,kill everything regardless of HP AoE. scrub ass class...

    When i wanna have fun i autoconcede to that joke class  even when i have a good deck against them.

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    posted a message on Reno Jackson vs. Aggro! The Dream

    New OTK decks coming BOIZ!

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    posted a message on A way to nerf aggro decks?

    I've never had problems with hunters,all you need is a way to stabilize the game and then go face yourself,hard.On the other hand the almost infinite early game removal of warriors:Bash,Slam,Win Axe,Deathsbite coupled with 4 Hard removal cards that synergize almost perfect with the other cards and a decent Brawl gets me r3kt.

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    posted a message on What deck would work best?

    I can't decide into what deck i should put my resources,Face hunter,Mid-range hunter or Mid-range paladin.What does the forum think?

    For the paladin i popped a Tirion, but i can't craft Quartermasters just yet.

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    posted a message on What deck is best?

    If you have the cash i would have to say control warrior is the best..

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