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    posted a message on Does Knife Juggler need to be nerfed with the Standard rotation coming?

    If blizzard are going to nerf knife juggler, then ideally what I would hope for is that they keep the mana cost to 2, keep its 3/2 body, but make the ability activate after you PLAY a minion instead of after you summon a minion so it only activates if you summon a minion card from your hand. The ability is only broken when used with cards that summon multiple minions on the battlefield at once.

    But to be honest I do not even know what cards are going to be nerfed, all I hear is speculation. But what I find unfortunate is that people want cards to be nerfed but they will complain if the card gets absolutely destroyed. When blizzard nerf cards, they tend to nuke them out of existence which is why I am not looking forward to the nerfs because some well known classic cards may end up being rendered completely unusable.

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    posted a message on What gives you a good first impression when it comes to new cards?

    This is something I have been wondering about especially when new cards are first being revealed in upcoming expansions. I have noticed that whenever new cards are revealed in each new expansion, before the card has even been released a lot of people say that the card is garbage, it will never see play and that it will be the worst expansion ever. I remember when cards like Piloted shredder and Dr Boom were first revealed, people actually called those cards garbage. So my question is when a new card is revealed, what would convince you that it will be a good card on your first impression without having tested it? 


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