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    I thought I already faced Lelouch - I thought he was called Kel Thuzad and his hero ability was called Chains.

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    I suspect that Frozen Inferno is correct that any such effects will be handled by minion but, it would certainly be possible to get effects with duration by putting them on self-harming minions.

    Riffing on the original example:

    Engangling Roots
    Druid Minion
    4 mana - 0/4
    Stealth. Enemy minions can't attack. At the start of your turn deals 2 damage to itself.

    Note: With this wording the freeze-like effect is only guaranteed for one turn. Once the Entangling roots damage themselves they become visible. Also a flamestrike can remove the Entangling Roots, which kind of makes sense to me.

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    I'm surprised at the relatively low votes for UtH Buzzard given the rather large boards that folks tend to field.

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    It used to be that trades happened all the time - then a ton of new deathrattle minions cropped up (first in Naxx, then in GvG) which made it so that trading was frequently a waste. The discount for kill cards are very much meant to nudge people back towards trading (either to cash in their own discount or to prevent their opponent from getting a discount).

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    Quote from aiDen »

    Instead of talking about a new type of silence, what about just discussing if normal silence should affect weapons as well.

    Edit: I see Velerios is unto the same thing :p

    Because expanding the use of existing cards limits the creative space for the developers to insert new cards into the environment. This is also the same reason why it is worth considering this effect rather than just another weapon breaker.

    The developers have already said that they intent to be very cautious about adding more silence to the game environment because it is an inherently un-fun mechanic (seeing as its purpose is to remove all the interesting stuff from another card). Likewise, I think they need to be careful about making too many new weapon breaking abilities or weapons will simply cease to have any place in the game.

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    Is face warrior a thing again? I just faced three in a row.

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    Hunter Spell
    6 mana
    Deal 2 damage to all minions. If this kills any minions summon a Starving Buzzard.

    Change log: 5/14 - Updated effect text to make it more clear that this card summons only one Starving Buzzard no matter how many minions it kills.

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    Just what I want after being thrashed... to get matched up against the exact same opponent.

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    Quote from Ultimatecookie »

    So I have about 400 gold saved up, should I just keep saving, then start with arena?

    Right at the beginning arena is definitely going to cost you more gold than it makes you, so I would ask which you would prefer:

    • I want have a chance to play around with different mixes of cards that aren't in my collection yet
    • I want to build towards a specific type of deck and need gold to get there

    If you're more interested in the first, arena is definitely the way to go. Your collection will grow more slowly and will lean a bit heavily towards GvG, but you'll get to experiment with all sorts of cards and get a good feel for the trading game.

    If you're more interested in the second, arena is probably the wrong direction to head. You only need 3-4 wins per run to be getting your packs at the normal price, but they'll be GvG packs which don't normally do new players as much good as classic (unless you're going for mech mage).

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    Quote from Rochemare »
    Quote from Seqenenre »
    Quote from kpb »
    Quote from ImLikeWhoaaa »
    Quote from DatJake »

    You should always re-roll your dailies to get the higher gold ones or total dominance (100 gold quest for 7 wins in ANY mode, you can play your friend, if he lets u win 7 times u get 100 gold..lol)

    No, No you can not play your friend to get gold (unless you know how to queue up to him on ladder 7 times in a row)

    I don't know about playing your friend but you can get wins for the 7 win quest by doing the class challenges in the adventures. I did that twice with BRM. Next time you get the quest try it out. Go do the Nax hunter challenge or the BRM mage challenge for random laughs and easy wins for your quest.

    I don't think I've ever had the total domination quest myself, but it does specify "ALL" play modes, so should include the various solo types. You should be able to just go up against the novice AI with an aggressive deck and knock out seven wins in about ten minutes.

    I've had it multiple times. You CAN challenge a friend and have them concede 7 times. 

    Or, you know, take on the innkeeper.

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    Quote from nonnonx »

    BRM in general did not change the ladder as much as we all expected after naxrammas, I don't think this is the time for blizzard to nerf him if they intend to do so.

    Plus i did not see any cards intended to counter him or offer another option in BRM. They probably wait for the next set and if the new 7 dropd are not played because he's still the best, they will nerf him. 
    We still have a load of time ahead of us before a nerf i think.

    Everyone except Priest got one or more of the following:

    • A cheaper (if conditional) 7/7
    • A minion that does something when damaged
    • A minion that pings repeatedly
    • A card that gets cheaper when things die
    • A low-damage AoE effect
    • A card that lets you bring out 8/8s by T7

    Every single one of those abilities is one that potentially mitigates or replaces Dr. Boom - so yes, I'm pretty sure the folks at Blizzard were trying to reduce the appeal Dr. Boom with BRM. If fact, half the cards in the set include at least one of these mitigating strategies - that's 50% more than feed into Dragon Synergy.

    And in truth, I think they were wise to take a more circumspect approach. When he was first announced, Dr. Boom was considered to be Blizzard's "answer" to Big Game Hunter, which at the time was being credited as single-handedly killing control. Creating a direct "answer" card to Dr. Boom could easily generate just as big of a problem card if not an even bigger one.

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    I suspect a nerf is coming for Doctor Boom. I'm seeing him less than I did before BRM, but he's still practically an auto-include for anyone who has the dust to craft him. This means he's cleared the first big hurdle for a nerf, remaining OP/overly favored even after an adventure or expansion with mitigating cards.

    That said, I think they may go for a fairly mild nerf, my guess is that the boom bot damage range will be adjusted so that it now reads (0-4).

    And yes, I would love for Doctor Boom to have more competition, but not if it means turning the 7-mana spot into what 4-mana used to be.

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    Quote from szabozalan »

    The people who are always waiting for the favourable matchups for their greedy decks are always going to be disappointed. Control does not mean that you do nothing on the first 5 turns of the game. You should understand that the game starts at turn 1 and if you skip a few turns, you will lose a lot of games. Warlock rush is not a rush deck, it is a tempo deck. Mech mage also... People complain about face hunter, but I do not remember the last time I saw one. People play midrange hunter now. These decks can kill fast if they face little resistance, but they are not rush decks.

    Also I do not understand why people do not want to adapt. I mean this is the main thing in card games, figuring out what is good in the current metagame. If someone sticks to something which is bad in the current meta, it is their problem and should not complain.

    I'm using a face hunter this season (mostly to gain data - but still I'm playing it).

    Thing is, if you're playing aggro vs aggro you still need to treat the early game like it's a tempo game. The last thing you want to do as aggro is let another aggro deck get board position on you because you've got @$&#% for board clear.

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    Quote from olo89 »

    Yes the calculations could be fair but what I'm trying to say is, the creations on the first few pages are the ones that people will get to see first, increasing their chances of getting +1'd, leaving the ones on (ex. page 4,5,6,etc.) not viewed as much.

    Are cards on the finalists poll solely based on +1's of other users or are there other factors like say, editor's choices?


    The forum moderators confirm whether or not a card meets the competition criteria, but otherwise they leave it to the +1s.

    Entries on later pages do not usually get as many +1s, but the determination of whether or not they get included is heavily informed by their performance on their own page.

    Once a card makes it to the finals, an image is put on the first page so that all finalists are on equal footing.

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