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    "Drink this elixir straight from the barrel. You'll be granted power that'll make your enemies grow pale. Trust me dear friend, its absolutely not ale."

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    Hugh Mandelein A Fair Trade

    Hugh Mandelein:

    The World of Warcraft universe has a seemingly endless variety of fantasy creatures adventurer's can encounter. With so many otherworldly beings and humans that can wield vastly different powers, it can be hard to see any value in the regular folks. Despite having no extrordinary abilities, the Nobility of Azeroth have an unmatched aptitude for diplomacy. The Kings and Queens can command the masses and call upon dragons to aid them in battle. Hugh Mandelein holds the highest authority amongst mere men and will use everything in his power to match the tenacity of his foes and protect his realm.

    A Fair Trade:

    Hugh's rein is suceptiple to aggressive enemies, but is sure to win any war of attrition! Those who enlist in his army can expect to make fair trades with their opponent, only for them to find the exchange was far from equal. A Fair Trade can be used to ensure your resources can be utilized when necessary and lull your opponents into a false sense of security. If you can withstand the initial onslaught of your foes, no minion big or small will be able to stop Hugh from proving once and for all the common men of Azeroth are not to be trifled with!



    While this aptitude for persuasion may seem like an ovewhelming force, only the prestige nobility can utilize this power. Hugh Mandelein's pawns will need much more mana investment before attaining this potential. This makes Hugh's army far from one that can secure early victories. However, with a steady stream of resources Diplomacy offers his highly esteemed companions time to bypass your opponets last hopes of stopping your end of war strategies. Expanding on what was stated above, Hugh will have little resources to combat opponents who make quick use of his fair trades hero power. Opponents who exhaust their hand in a timely manner can often make Hugh's options of response underwhelming or downright unplayable. While those afflicted with greed however, will see their efforts easily thwarted!

    Dashing Diplomat Dragonman Maloriak D'plomaseeker Gavel of Gravity Determined Dettterent

    Dashing Diplomat: Dashing Diplomat excels at living up to his name, as anyone seeking the throne must do. Singular targets that threaten the realm such as the Vicious Fledgling, will find no quarter behind Taunt minions. While providing little to no value in bypassing Taunts in hopes of defeating the enemy, Dashing Diplomat can persuade those that would stop him from fulfilling his duties in protecting Hugh in the early stages of battle.

    Dragonman Maloriak: Once a man in Hugh's court, Maloriak was subjected to conditions that led to his acendency to a Dragonman! While he is a shell of his former self intellectually, he can still aid the realm through inciting cooperation from the Dragons of Azeroth. When combined with Hugh's A Fair Trade hero power, increased value is sure to be reached!

    D'plomaseeker: Hugh Mandelein's oldest and most trusted ally is difficult to stop when called upon under the right conditions. This makes his ability to bypass any foe all the more deadly!

    Gavel of Gravity: Similarly to the realms most dashing diplomat, the Gavel of Gravity is sure to put an end to key targets that threaten its wielder's rein. While Hugh may lack capabilities in addressing swarms of enemies, rest assured opponents who strive on seizing  the tempo of battle will soon see the gravity of their situation. Additionally, when the dragons of old cannot be found, Hugh himself can take to battle and persuade his way to the enemies face!

    Determined Deterrent: To the men and women in Hugh's realm wishing to contribute to the cause, look no further! Your conjoined effort is needed to stop the biggest of foes. With a seemingly endless amount of pitchforks held high, even the fiercest of Mountain Giants will return from whence they came!

    Given the chance to fight on, Hugh's arsenal will remain in line with what has been showcased. Aggressive enemies will fin his castles easily seized, while cowards who hide behind blockades will soon feel the wrath of the slowly moving army of what will no longer be referred to as mere men!

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