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    posted a message on Rally the Dudes! New archetype - 59% Winrate in Legend

    I built an almost identical deck myself yesterday! Weird. There's potential for sure in this archetype.

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    posted a message on Innkeeper hasn't worked for over a year now

    I'd given up on it, and I guess this was why. Thanks!

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    posted a message on Innkeeper hasn't worked for over a year now

    As stated in the title, Innkeeper has not worked for me in over a year. It's up to date, has appropriate permissions, etc., etc..

    It can't just be me that's having this issue.

    [2020-11-18 12:32:15.241] [IPC] Starting servers...
    [2020-11-18 12:32:15.308] [IPC] Servers started.
    [2020-11-18 12:32:15.309] [UI] Starting Electron...
    [2020-11-18 12:32:15.365] [UI] Electron started.
    [2020-11-18 12:32:16.981] [IPC] UI client connected
    [2020-11-18 12:32:16.993] [UI] UI is ready!
    [2020-11-18 12:32:17.009] [Update] Checking for updates...
    [2020-11-18 12:32:17.112] [IPC] UI client connected
    [2020-11-18 12:32:17.427] [Update] No updates found!
    [2020-11-18 12:32:17.436] [Auth] Auto Logging in...
    [2020-11-18 12:32:17.701] [Auth] Login successful!
    [2020-11-18 12:32:19.048] [Hearth] Found Hearthstone! [A]
    [2020-11-18 12:32:19.061] [Log] Config file was OK
    [2020-11-18 12:32:19.116] [Hearth] Region is US
    [2020-11-18 12:32:19.128] EXCEPTION: 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
    [2020-11-18 12:32:25.541] [Hearth] Found Hearthstone! [A]
    [2020-11-18 12:32:25.541] [Hearth] Region is US
    [2020-11-18 12:32:25.544] EXCEPTION: 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
    [2020-11-18 12:32:31.949] [Hearth] Found Hearthstone! [A]
    [2020-11-18 12:32:31.950] [Hearth] Region is US
    [2020-11-18 12:32:31.953] EXCEPTION: 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
    [2020-11-18 12:32:38.324] [Hearth] Found Hearthstone! [A]
    [2020-11-18 12:32:38.324] [Hearth] Region is US
    [2020-11-18 12:32:38.327] EXCEPTION: 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Put your spoiler here.


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    posted a message on Faire Minded - What Do You Want From The Darkmoon Faire?

    Choose One: Discover a random spell and add it to your hand or Add a random spell to your hand. /s

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    posted a message on Should Coin finally be nerfed?

    Everybody: Coin turn 1.
    Geoff: I'd like to speak to a manager.

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    TriOptimum #11269



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    posted a message on When do you rope an opponent?

    If I start a game then get distracted (getting more coffee, a snack, helping my wife, or dealing with kids) I end up roping. I always emote with an "oops" upon return if this happens. It's times like these that I want an earnest way to apologize but it's likely perceived as trolling. There are however those rare moments when I genuinely run out of time trying to input everything I want to achieve and have to wait for lengthy turn animations to give a random minion charge (for example). Never out of spite though.

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    posted a message on Played my 1st Specialist Tourney! What a blast!

    BEWARE: BattleFLY.net is spam.
    BattleFY.com is what they probably meant.

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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist bug

    Yup. It's been shared on the bug forum. Apparently a patch is needed to fix it.

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    posted a message on Nomi'Thun Greedy priest

    Can't work. Re-read Lazul's Scheme. "Reduce the attack of an ENEMY minion ... "

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    posted a message on Players who bluff hoping you will concede.

    I refuse to concede because of this.

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    posted a message on Turn 1 Mojomaster Zihi vs. Heroic General Drakkisath; My turn 2. EZ.

    I'm one of those that hasn't finished the Heroics, so this was very helpful. Hope it helps someone else.
    Not my discovery, but it is my match. Enjoy.

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    posted a message on What did you get in your pre-ordered fireside gathering RoS packs?
    Quote from KingDav3 >>
    Quote from Matty1981 >>
    Quote from KingDav3 >>

    81 packs, 7 Legendaries, 16 epics and many golden rares and uncommons. It was the first time that I bought a pre-sale pack and it was worth it. I will craft the Paladin Secret-Gnome Legendary and than I will have a lot of fun with many different classes :)

    I guess I will main Warlock, Warrior and Paladin. I'm eager to see if the Cards that are transformed by a golden Rafaam will automatically transform into golden legendary cards.

    Fel Lord Betrug

    Arch-Villain Rafaam GOLDEN

    Chef Nomi

    Heistbaron Togwaggle

    The Boom Reaver

    Madame Lazul


     All of the cards Rafaam transforms will be golden if he is golden 100%.


    Thanks, than I'm definitely going to try out warlock :)

    Maybe there is even Synergy with Betrugg.

     Now I want a golden Rafaam ... thanks.

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    posted a message on What did you get in your pre-ordered fireside gathering RoS packs?

    I must be super lucky ...

    First 80:
    Kalecgos (Golden)
    Chef Nomi

    Second 50:
    Keeper Stalladris
    Catrina Muerte
    Fel Lord Betrug
    The Boom Reaver

    10 legendaries, plus Archmage Vargoth

    20 Epics, 3 of which are #3's, so technically 17 keepers.

    EDIT: I opened a golden Nat Pagle the other day and felt cheated. These ROS packs made up for that -- LOL

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    posted a message on Get all 3 Login cardbacks (iOS/Android/PC) on PC , no emulator , no additional download
    Quote from kimzester >>

    Go to the folder where HS is installed. (For me it was "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Hearthstone")

    There you will find a file called "client.config", open it up and add

    emulateOnDevice = 1
    DeviceName = "Android Phone" 


    emulateOnDevice = 1
    DeviceName = "iPhone" 

    If "client.config" doesn't exists, simply create a new .txt file with the lines above and save it as "client.config". 

     THIS is what I was looking for in that other thread where I said "brb with a solution." Good stuff. I couldn't remember how I did it before, but this is definitely what I did.

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