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    posted a message on wait, did they just add a murloc battlegrounds hero?

    Played Fungalmancer Flurgal twice.  Fun to play.  Broken.  He'll get nerfed in a week for sure.

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    posted a message on I'm sorry but they have ruined Battlegrounds over the past few weeks...

    Best ever?? You're high. Games are complete trash now. Tirion and DW top 4 almost every game. In my games I'd say 1/2 of the players are DEAD before 10 turns which is EXTREMELY early. There is no late game anymore.

    Maybe you aren't in the late game because you haven't figured out how to play the new patch.

    To be honest, I was frustrated as you are for a few days after the new patch.  What I was used to doing did not work -- not at all, and I couldn't win.  Then I watched a bit of Savjz videos and saw how I needed to adjust.

    Now, I have to get terrible luck to not be in the deep late game.

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    posted a message on I'm sorry but they have ruined Battlegrounds over the past few weeks...

    Battlegrounds might be at its best ever right now.

    It is very difficult to acquire synergy, so to compete you have to level up and hope to luck into synergy or find a cherry high tier minion and build around it.

    This is far better than automatic snowballing murlocs or demons or mechs.

    Pre-patch, if I had Bartendotron, I would 100% get to play at least 1 Gentle Megasaur before I died -- because I'd make a beeline to Tier 5 and maybe jump to 6 if I felt secure or desperate.  It wasn't a question of "if", but how much health I would have and a question of whether the Megasaur was do or die on hitting Divine Shields.

    (I could also do the same with Yogg pre-patch.  Hitting a few key minions with hero power could produce a significantly over-stat board allowing fearless leveling for at least a couple of turns in a row.  And Rafaam for obvious reasons.)

    Now the Brann minion is almost useless because the minion pool is so diluted you can't find any Murlocs or battlecry minions for the type of board you have.  And Tier 6 is so diluted now, Megasaur is an oddity on Triples or even being at Tier 6.

    Consistency is the enemy of good Battlegrounds games.  You should win with your wits combined with luck while trying to play the odds. instead of very reliable and secure win patterns.

    So yeah, hard to find easy reliable paths to victory in the current Battlegrounds.

    Makes it a way better game than watching some unstoppable Bartendotron, Yogg, Rafaam or Tirion effectively lock up the game in the first 5 turns due to sheer unstoppable inertia.

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    posted a message on Does Alex need a nerf?

    Thanks for this advice!

    I had been a bit hesistant to play as Alexstrasza.  Then Alex was one of my options, I selected her and viewed this thread following instructions.

    Finished #1 with an incredible board against several extremely powerful opponents (divine shield poisonous murlocs, big dragons like mine, huge mechs).  I had lost to boards like mine in the past and wondered how the hell they got them because I can never find "the good dragons".

    This game I was the guy with the 118/122 Dragon and a 44/46 dragon to go along with it plus Nadina.  2 other players had similar Dragons and Nadina, but I got my Dragons earlier so they were a little bit larger.

    (I got pummeled badly good on turns 6, 7, 8 .. )

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