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    posted a message on The Rogue Quest, The Caverns Below, is OP. Nerf it already.

    I'm split on the issue. On the one hand, if the criteria for a nerf is that a card is too powerful then I don't think the quest should be nerfed, as the requirements to completing the quest put you far behind in the early game (most of the time) in a meta that revolves around early pressure.

    If, on the other hand, the criteria for a nerf is lack of interactivity, then I could see a reasonable argument for a nerf. That said, I have played with and against the deck a lot since release, and it can still lose the value game to some of the paladin and warrior lists around, in addition to struggling early game. It might be the case that it changes the way you need to play in a way that most people don't find fun though, so there's that to consider.

    The biggest problem is probably that when laddering people don't like thinking of their deck in terms of matchups. "I have a 60/40 matchup against silence priest and a 30/70 matchup against quest rogue" kind of thinking. It seems like people prefer the idea of being 50/50 in every matchup, which I suppose is fine if that's what you want, but isn't typically how meta games in card games end up working out. Quest rogue is a deck that has very favored matchups and very unfavored matchups without much in the middle, so it feels overpowered or like you can't lose, depending.

    Running into your bad matchup a bunch of times does hurt though. 

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    posted a message on Looking for Hearthstone friends? Post your BattleTag Here 2.0

    Battletag: Bandaid#1898

    Region: NA
    Usual Play Times: I live in Asia but play on NA so I'm on at weird times.
    Level of Experience: Intermediate/Advanced
    Preferred Heroes: Warlock, Warrior, Priest
    I’m Looking For: Someone to spectate while I eat dinner, talk about the game, test stupid decks, etc.
    Tell us something about you: I like discussing lines of play a lot so if you do too then huzzah. 

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    posted a message on What do you think is the BEST class after WotOG?

    I have to say it's probably Warrior. They're the only calss with multiple viable top tier archetypes that play consistently well. Shaman might have the best single deck at the moment, but Warrior has multiples in the top 5 to my thinking, which makes it the strongest class post Whispers. 

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    posted a message on [PRIMER] N'Zoth Priest

    I've been playing N'Zoth Priest almost exclusively this season, so I thought I'd throw in my two cents.

    While the games are slow I have to say it feels like a really solid choice in the current meta. It's a deck that gives you the options to fight most anything you'll encounter, and has the benefit of a lot of tech choices depending on what you're facing. Losing access to Lightbomb is not great, but the aoe the deck does have access too is still usually enough. I haven't run in to too many boards that require it over the aoe we have now.

    Midrange strategies with a lot of 4 power minions and combo decks are the matchups I find to be the most difficult. Fortunately, decks like Miracle Rogue and Freeze Mage are not the easiest to play, and so make up a smaller portion of the meta than their strength would suggest they might. The popular decks tend to be 50/50 to favorable, depending on your build, so it's really up to you what you want to target. The deck has around six easily flexible slots, so work in what you need.

    Among its advantages is the existence of a matchup that feels nigh unlosable in N'Zoth Paladin, though I suspect the deck will be less popular moving forward as it's more suited to tournament play than ladder given the complexity of the decision trees and time required to win. Your answers line up so efficiently with their limited threats that unless they get an early Monkey you almost can't lose. Paladin doesn't have a great way to pressure your life, and their best bet is usually just to never actually play their Tirion. Not a bad place to be.

    One failing of the deck is that it can sometimes fall to the "drawing the wrong part of the deck" problem. Against Zoo and Shaman you basically must draw into two board clears (at least with the version I've been running). Sometimes you'll simply not draw those, or not draw early interaction, and lose. Remember to accept those games and just move to the next one. he deck can pretty easily maintain in the neighborhood of a 65% winrate even accounting for those games, but you have to devote the time to learning the deck and matchups.

    More than most other decks I've played, N'Zoth Priest requires you to have a plan. That is, identify the matchup as soon as possible, and identify what the game is going to be about. Similar to playing Warrior against a Freeze Mage where all you really care about is generating as much armor as possible, N'Zoth Priest is at its best when you can develop a plan early and stick to it. Often this means identifying the key cards in a matchup and mulliganing aggressively for them. Look for Pain and aoe against shaman, for example, or Entomb against Paladin. 

    It's a fun deck, and very powerful. If the meta shifts it could be a poor choice, but as it stands I think it's a strong deck that can bring you however high you want to go on the ladder if you put in the time.

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    posted a message on Nerf fiery war axe!!!

    Ridiculous shit, I say.

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    posted a message on Trying to advance using only f2p what should be my next move?

     The deck looks reasonable, though I would say if you have them getting a couple of Azure Drake in there would be good. It's just a fantastic card and if you don't have them I'd recommend getting them. They go in a ton of decks and have been good since beta. Maybe cut the 1/4 taunt guy and the skeram. If you can find room for a Living Roots

    If you're looking to save up for some legends, Sylvanas Windrunner and Ragnaros the Firelord would be good to craft. They always go in and out of the meta, are strong right now, and would make this deck and many others better. 

    As for general play improvements, I can only really recommend playing a bunch of games with the deck and figuring out what the matchups feel like. Also, mulligan for your early ramp and cheap minions pretty much always. 

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    posted a message on Is there even a reason for the casual modes?

    This thread pops up again from time to time and it always really just boils down to the fact that some people want Casual to be something it isn't, and never really was. It's a place where you can play fun decks with no consequences, not a place where everyone has to do that. Casual is less of a "fun" mode and more of a "do whatever you want because it won't affect anyone's rank" mode. 

    People go there to practice decks, play weird decks, grind gold, finish quests quickly with a class they don't want to ladder with, or play games when they have a shit connection or may need to bail in the middle. The problem is that different people want it to be only one or two of those things, and you're not going to get that from a game mode where everyone who plays gets to decide what they're going to bring. 

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    posted a message on Shaman is too broken. What was Blizzard thinking?
    Quote from archirug >>

    gotta sell those packs even if it removes any enjoyment still left in the game.

     Ah yes, I can see how that conversation must have gone down in sales. 
    "Old Gods, people! That's the theme, and we gotta make sure these packs are flying off the shelves! Who has some ideas?"
    "Corrupted Dr. Boom?"
    "Make epics good? Then people will have to buy tons of packs!"
    "Give golden cards a bonus to their RNG effects so the most competitive players have to get them!"
    "A good common?"
    -everyone stares. CFO McDeepockets's eyes bulge and ash falls from the smoldering tip of his fine Cuban cigar-
    "Charles, you're a mad genius! Make it happen people! Nothing sells packs like commons!"
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    posted a message on What exactly was Blizzard thinking?
    Quote from gUBBLOR >>

    I don't mind losing because my opponent is better than me, that's a great way to learn. It's not what's happening now though (and I'm currently 10-5 with the deck I'm playing). Now it's fun for a while, and then it's instantly over.

    As far as Yogg goes, if I wanted that much RNG I'd go play the lottery. Yeah sure it might be hilarious to laugh at for the first couple of days, but it's not interactive, it requires no skill, and it ruins the game.

     How does Yogg ruin the game? Seriously, how often do you actually encounter it? I've played a ton of games since launch and he's been cast against me once. I lost but I was losing anyway, so whatever. How is something that's such a small percentage of the meta game ruining the game? It seems like your problem is less with the actualy application of the card and more that it exists at all, which is nonsense. 
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    posted a message on How far will Pally fall in standard?

    Paladin didn't really achieve dominance until Mysterious Challenger came around. Before that it was a good deck but not dominant. It spent a long time as first or second best deck in the format once Secret Pally became a thing though, and I think now that it doesn't have it's excellent curve it will have to adapt. I think initially it will drop pretty far as people try to find sideways replacements for the cards it lost. The class will need to be approached from a different direction, and once people figure out which approaches work for the meta I think the class will be fine. With Keeper and Aldor it will always have decent ways to deal with minions, so I don't think it will ever be unplayable.

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