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    The Satyr are classified as Demons in WoW lore, it should be one.

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    and I'm going to laugh at you fools when Odd Druid turns out to be worse than normal Druid.

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    1 cost totem hero power is meaningless, unless we get some absurd support for Genn, the card is dust.

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    This card is worthless garbage, Druid cannot function without Wild Growth, Ultimate Infestation, Spreading Plague or Swipe. 


    At least it gives nice dust?

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    This card would be worthless at 5 mana, while at the same time we get stupid nonsense like Psychic Scream.

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    This thing is garbage in every sense. Overstated, trash effect with no real benefit, forces you to play bad cards, this thing is horrible. At least it's epic so Warlock arena isn't suffering from this.

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    Worthless trash when Warlock is at its worst. Blizzard really is letting Warlock down so far.

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    or atleast take away windfury.

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    I don't know why, but I love this card.

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    Gadgetzan was such a massive mistake that its failure shall ripple throughout Hearthstone until it's rotated out.

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    I love this card because he gives Al'akir some play.

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    Team 5 Nobody: "Guys, nobody takes Hearthstone seriously from how random it is, what should we do to fix that?" Ben: "We need an entire expansion of cards that pull 3 random results that vary from overpowered to useless" 

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    If you told a Hearthstone player a year ago that the strongest 1 drop in the future is a 1/2 that adds a 1/2 to your hand they would call you crazy.

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    I was wrong as hell, it turns out the caverns below is the most cancerous tier 0 deck in the game.

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    This wouldn't be a problem if Blizzard wasn't ran by imbeciles that are soo stingy with the nerfs that it would make a Jew cry!

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