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    posted a message on Top 350 75% Winrate Aggro DH Guide

    without consume magic, what to do against a turn 3 12/12 vanCleef or other buffed minions - ignore?

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    posted a message on Achievements suck

    "Achievements, thats what we've been planning to do for a long time"


    There are so poorly designed. It is not an achievement to collect ie.3,4,5 cards! Thats playing the game. Same with this continous play 3 minions now 4 now 5... there is nothing achieved just an annoying message constantly at the bottom of your screen where you think oh what legendary I received?


    I have no problem with achievements, it was great to reach 500 wins and get rewarded - thats how to do it. But this thing right now, where you even have to click each one (if you find them in the weird menu), because otherwise nobody even notices.

    Hope there will be a revamp in old blizz quality. 

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    posted a message on Priests everywhere, why are they everywhere

    5 Demonhunter in a row, so I switched to my slow control deck and guess what I get a Priest -.- welcome to my 39 min game :(

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    posted a message on Legendary Tier List & Crafting Guide

    so out of 30 games i saw maybe 20 times Cthun splitt up - but I never saw it complete ^^

    It is really slow or people havent figured it out yet, well given its lots of fun if they discard one of their spells..but still

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    posted a message on Achievements: am I dumb?

    the achievements are not that well designed, feel like rushed... why do u have to click them? they hard to find. the little pop-up during the game where you think: Oh did I get a legendary now?

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    posted a message on Thief Quest Rogue

    best Quest deck, quick and fun :)

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Why is this page so friggin slow with all those adds ?!

    but back to topic;

    It sucks to play control these days, all those free dusts and cards enabled everyone to craft a top deck that usually consists of a huge swing random whatever play. Sure that keeps noobs in the game to buy exp.packs but its not much fun. Esp. towards the end of a cycle where there is lots of crazy stuff around.

    I mean how many times I ve seen Primal into Solarian? Then Solarian into Box of Yogg.

    Whatsup with all the Penflinger decks where you just sit and watch?

    Or hey play Ysera as a druid and thats it - 50% win chance garanteed. Same with those Bombs just straight forward and will net wins easily, cause your opponent cant do much against it. So just go straight aggro and see who wins first.. 

     edit* and curse those roping Priest players!

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    posted a message on duel paladin C'thun the shattered

    still needs to have duel at 4 or max 5 mana in order to survive. Not sure if Nozdormu is really that good because mage just destroys you, same as libram pally. So might be good for some meme games.

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    posted a message on Galakrond Burst

    why only one corsair cache? Isnt it top priority to draw your weapons for bombs to shutup neutral pall or highlander? also wheres docBoom?

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    posted a message on Phaoris quest druid

    I'd always include a silence. Keeper is always good to kill a deadly minion that hides behind a taunt or for lethal as you said. I wonder most topdecks don't have a silence I guess because the odds of having a silence in hand when needed are so low compared to when you do 100+games to climb to legend.

    Anyways I hate to lose a game just cause I can't get past that 8/8 taunt or buffed minion hits me too hard and I can't do anything against it as a druid. Other ideas is to include BigGameHunter

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    posted a message on Fall Reveal Stream - New Cards!

    and it doesn't stop pyroblasting even if Yogg dies!

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    posted a message on [LEGEND] Control Shaman

    êhm.. Notetaker, Marshspawn & Instructor Fireheart? Even S-Portal does damage and brings a minion to the board so its like 2 cards

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    posted a message on [LEGEND] Control Shaman

    fun deck, but I also believe that without Fist its abit borring esp. when facing other slow decks and it doesn't put any pressure so I even included Pharao for the big spells. 

    If the aggressive version is performing better I can't say yet. every 3rd game you get slammed by some lucky mage/warri or HL rogue.

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    posted a message on COLOSSUS BIG PALADIN
    Quote from lv426a11 >>

    I've been messing around with this deck and I think it has some legs.  I don't have Turalyon, the Tenured, Colossus of the Moon or Nozdormu the Timeless so I replced them with a 9/9 rush dude and the 10/10 taunt dude.  Given I have no minion to pull on 4 I also swapped out the two Call to adventure and replaced them with another redemption and a Underlight Angling Rod for some early board control.  I don't want to draw my minions on turn 3 when I cant play them till turn 8 (even if they do get a buff).


    good replacement ideas. Having Archmage Vargoth beeing pulled is nice too. Also Ysera might be ok.

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    posted a message on Disapointed in Hearthstone now

    Shaman - do people play shaman?


    Yes, I dont know why people say that? Featured decks always have some shaman.

    Quite fun actually. Wether its a spell oriented deck or Highlander it always finds its place. Oh and theres still token decks (murloc or totem) or a simple Quest Galakrond. 

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