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    Love it. Great card even unrelated to any specific deck, but also helps bind my old wild quest druid (Jungle Giants) deck together.

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    A cheap, decent buff, that always comes back and can even lead to generating more copies of itself?

    This goes immediately into my Galvadon / Lynessa deck...

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    Office of Paladins, end of a job interview:

    Lady Liadrin: Am I hired ?

    Uther: Yes Ms. Liadrin, if you would come with me please, I will show you where you'll be working...

    [Proceeds to show the department of Kaleidosaurs and the Libram department]

    Uther: Can you start today?

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    posted a message on Arch-Villain Rafaam

    Pretty much what Queendom said. This is a fun card, not for climbing the ladder.

    However, I will say I crafted it golden and I enjoy every time I play it.

    My suggestion- if you decide to craft it golden, play it in casual or low ranks and have fun!

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    I love the flavor of this card:

    To activate Mecha'thun's ability to utterly obliterate your opponent, you first have to obliterate your hand, deck & board.

    Also, the flavor text is awesome (based of-course on the text lines of the original C'thun).

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    So, lore wise, how would that work?

    Why would this little defender bot suddenly gain a massive attack buff?

    Did it get annoyed at all the Annoy-o-Tron type mechs blizzard is making?

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    posted a message on Zilliax

    It's new, it's hip, it's the all new, pocket sized, Mini-Al'akir !

    Call now and we'll throw in two free Boom-Bots !

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    This element must be very unstable. It seems to cause a lot of things to BURN.

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    Well, to each his own meme I guess...

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