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    Teacher's Pet got a new highroll

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    Darkmoon Rabbit, Moon Moon & Moonfang

    I feel like the darkmoon decks are going to be the primary gimmick, each class gets a at start of game effect or the decks are going to be neutral and you can build a deck around the effects of the persistent effect of the deck type.


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    me: Hi i'd like to open this link to this new charge card?

    Hearthpwn: OK now we're gonna open up this link to a new web page created to display a new charge minion. Aaaaand is rush!

    me: what?

    hearthpwn: It's rush now.

    me: What happened to the charge?

    Hearthpwn: You took to long and now it's rush

    me: i wanted a-

    Hearthpwn: CARD HAS RUSH NOT CHARGE. Thanks for stopping by.

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    keep him in your starting hand, drop him on turn 2-3 if you went first then your opponent might waste their coin turn 1. dropping him turn 3 will bait out hard removal or force your opponent to skip their turn setting up your turn 4 Infested Wolf . now if you got the god draws you have Tundra Rhino for your turn 5 which will allow your Infested Wolf to trade with a 5 health minion because it's deathrattle spiders will have charge.

    you can drop Doomsayer to just stall an empty board on turn 7 so you can call of the wild on turn 8 or on a turn that you know c'thun will be dropped to absorb it's damage and possibly kill the c'thun if it survives

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    This card will be auto include in all midrange hunter decks. with call of the wild and synergies with infested wolf late game makes this high threat card last expansion into a massive threat in this one. there are a lot less removal in this meta so the chances of it surviving are very high. drop this turn 5 and it gets dealt with immediately baiting out hard removal for your turn 6 drop. or it gets ignored and they lose.

    The streamers all say that this card is bad in this meta and thus never even thought about putting it in any hunter deck. Trust me, they're wrong.

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