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    posted a message on The terrible text of 2 upcoming cards.

    Seemed pretty clear to me.  If it was your hero, or any other minion it would list it out.  So if it doesn’t specify some other character, it’s that minion.

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    posted a message on Albatros will now counter Spell mage decks !

    Is this a serious question?

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    posted a message on Return of Mechazod! is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    The lack of Priest reduces the amount of healing.  Need to both be on the same page and play Cho+Millhouse after Mage has a large amount of big damage spells. Had to beat with friendly challenge and communicate to plan the big turn.

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    posted a message on wait, did they just add a murloc battlegrounds hero?

    yeah.  Regis was saying on stream he wasn't sure it was supposed to be in this patch, but it is!

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    posted a message on Highlander decks are breaking deck rules and it doesnt seem right....

    I beat a lot of Highlander decks with my Galak-Bomb Warrior list.  It's quite nice when someone forgets about the bombs I've shuffled and plays a Zeph or something else with no effect.

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    posted a message on N'Zoth and Rag back to standard
    Quote from thebitterfig >>
    Quote from hillandder >>

    There is not much N'Zoth can do with Standard pool unless Belcher and Sylvanas come back too.

    Khartut Defender will be really sweet with N'Zoth.  Each half which dies gets resummoned as a Reborn-intact version.  That'll lead to a lot of sticky taunts which also heal you.

     Apparently the full list was leaked, aaaaaaannnnd it contains a certain dark lady with a powerful deathrattle as well...


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    posted a message on Zephrys the Great - Hotfix!

    He bases his suggestions off health, board state, remaining mana for your current turn, and how much mana you'll have next turn.  If you play him on 2 with no board, everyone at or near full health he will always offer Wild Growth for ramp, Animal Companion for tempo, and Brightwing for value.  Because those are the best options from Basic and Classic in that very specific scenario.

    If you hold him until later in the game when you've put your opponent down to lower health he'll offer you the big cards like Pyroblast to finish them next turn, or maybe a Fireball or other small damage spell to win on your current turn if possible.  Another example I saw Thijs in yesterday, his opponent was Quest Paladin and made several 2/2 Mechano-Eggs which give him the 8/8 dino mechs when they die.  Thijs had 8 mana, so he chose to hero power, then play Zephrys, leaving him exactly 4 mana for the turn and wanting to see Mass Dispel in his options.  And BOOM, Zephrys gave him Mass Dispel as an option to stop those eggs from popping out 8/8 mechs.

    So in the Thijs example, he manipulated the situation by playing himself to 4 remaining mana to further increase his chances that Zephrys would give him the 4 mana Mass Dispel card that he wanted.  Kibler playing him on 2 during the stream was more because he was curious of what would happen, not an example of how to use Zephrys.

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    posted a message on Zepherys missed easy lethal!
    Quote from Pempek >>
    Quote from Infirc >>

    no :(, this jsut happened to me opponent played Jaraxxus on an empty board and when i played Zephyrs he  offered Gorehowl, Ysera and Pyroblast

    Thanks. That settles it to me. Spaghetti code.

     That's odd because during the reveal stream I thought the scenario of getting SacPact against someone who played Jaraxxus was mentioned as a possibility.  So now I'm confused as to why people aren't seeing it happen.

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    posted a message on WTf No Bomb Warrior Nerf Yet?
    Quote from C_A_W >>

    If Highlander decks are getting hard countered by Bomb Warrior then they are already too weak to see play anyway. When Raza Priest was top tier in both Wild and Standard, people tried to counter it with Weasel Priest but Raza Priest still had 50%+ wr against it. 


     The difference there might be the fact that you had 2 Weasels in your deck to draw, play, and have die to shuffle into your opponent’s deck.  For Bomb Warrior you have 4-6 cards in your deck that shuffle bombs when played, or when you attack.  So it’ll be much easier to negate the “no duplicates” effect.

    Not too mention the Priest deck’s main way to win didn’t require Raza’s effect, it just helped to win quicker when combined with the DK power.  So I would agree, these new highlander decks will be too weak if they are built to win only off their effect, rather than the effect being a tool to aide you in winning.

    I don’t agree with the OP on Bomb Warrior needing a nerf, however, Iksar was on the latest Omni Stone episode and they asked about this very issue.  They have already considered making a change like to not count things shuffled in by your opponent, but would prefer to not do that as things like Weasels, Candles, Ambushers, etc have always been a way to counter these types of effects.  They are waiting to see how it goes before they take hard action in regards to the bombs and no duplicates effects.

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    posted a message on New Paladin Legendary Card- Sir Finley of the Sands
    Quote from user-27297335 >>

    Odd Pala in Wild is the Reason that this cost 2 Mana and not 1

     But Odd Paladin already has the upgraded Paladin power, which is what Odd Paladin is built around.  Why would you want to discover another upgraded power?

    Actually, this being Even is much better than it being Odd!  You could potentially make an Even Reno Paladin and upgrade to the two 1/1 power, or the 3 damage to face Hunter power... Not saying it's good, but it has more potential in an Even deck than in an Odd deck.

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