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    posted a message on Glinda's got a wild new bag.

    I've been looking for fun things to do in WIld lately, might have to give this a try.

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    posted a message on Odd Paladin in Wild is insane!!!

    Pretty sure one of the first things I saw people say when Level Up got nerfed was "Oh well!  The Wild version of Odd Paladin doesn't run it and is better anyway."

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    posted a message on A Chance Encounter is This Week's Brawl!
    Quote from Bladehawk >>


    I think you've just named the next big Legendary with a crazy RNG effect: Modnar!

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    posted a message on A Chance Encounter is This Week's Brawl!

    I was in a mage mirror match and through the first three turns we each just played Lorewalker Cho and Nat Pagle.  I'm surprised neither of us quit out of sheer boredom.  (I won, by the way!  Turn 1 The Coin -> Cho for the WIN, baby!!!)

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    posted a message on Proposed updates to Baku and Genn

    Wow!  ToxicUSer really is a toxic user!  Such an honest screen name.  Incredible!

    I personally didn't see this as a "salt thread" but rather a discussion.  If you think about it, changes to Baku and Genn could be inevitable as Team5 has made it seem as balancing Wild is an important part of their long term game plan for the overall health of Hearthstone.  When the WitchWood rotates out of standard next year, this is when I can see Odd and Even decks in Wild getting more and more powerful and becoming big problems.  This is because right now, they limit some designs with consideration for odd/even.  But when that effect is out of standard, they may not give it as much thought, accidentally creating some really broken stuff in those archetypes in Wild (potentially).

    I like your idea, OP.  I know the intent with "Start of Game" was to avoid the "Keleseth effect" where you win or lose based on drawing them.  The "always start in your hand" option like with Quests does eliminate that factor and could be a big enough downside as well as this throws off your opening hand curve with the mandatory one high cost card that right now, no one keeps in their opening hand unless it comes in as a mulligan card.

    I had a discussion about probable changes a little while ago, and my thoughts on this was to make it so Baku gives you your upgraded hero power on turns when you didn't use your hero power the previous turn.  So you still get the effect, but not a constant buffed hero power.

    For Genn, the same effect really does nothing except block a turn 1 hero power.  Could be big in an Even Lock game, but elsewhere... I don't know if it has enough impact to really matter.  So I thought Genn could start you at 1 cost hero power, but every turn you use it, the cost goes up by 1 the following turn, and then comes down 2 when you don't use it, but never costing less than 1.  Essentially you get the same effect, and really shouldn't cause too much of an issue with how you play these decks, unless you love to spam that hero power for 1!

    I will add though, I think your proposal would be more likely, as mine messes too much with how the cards and their benefit operates in game.  And Team5 hates that kind of stuff.  They'd rather just change mana cost.  Like make Baku cost 10, and Genn cost 7!  Oh... wait, no!  :)

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    posted a message on Which C'Thun Deck is the most viable?

    Are you talking "viable" as in fun or as in "legend viable"?  I also got the Wild bundle, but I didn't get the Twins (only Shifter Zerus from the OG packs).

    I've been bored with Standard lately and tend to move to C'Thun decks in Wild because he's just so fun!

    Shaman can be fun with a C'ThunShudderwock combo.  You either use Shudder to double up on your C'Thun battlecry buffs, OR you play C'Thun first, then with other battlecries like Fireguard Destroyer and Omega Defender you hope Shudder gets attack buffs before the C'Thun battlecry goes off.

    I was trying to make a Rogue C'Thun deck work, simply because I wanted to play with Blade of C'Thun for some reason.  I wouldn't suggest it.

    Druid is still good, but it takes times to pull off the big combo.  I'm running the Aviana -> Kun the Forgotten King -> Brann Bronzebeard -> C'Thun -> Zola the Gorgon on C'Thun -> 2x golden C'Thun combo, but with no Wild Growth and one Nourish (mostly for added card draw).  My list is likely not the most optimal for this deck, but I rarely play Wild and I've climbed some of the low ranks with it.  (https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1227656-nightmare-druid)

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    posted a message on Playing for Goal or Fun

    The goal I play for is to have fun!  Lately I've been just making C'Thun decks in just about every class for the memes and trying my best to terrorize the lower ranks of Wild with them.  Not a new idea, but I build an Aviana + Kun + Brann + C'Thun + Zola + C'Thun + C'Thun Druid the other night, and while it's not consistent in winning games, it is SO much fun!

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    posted a message on Unable to connect to WebSocket server :(

    I keep getting an Error about the WebSocket: "Unable to connect to WebSocket server :(".  I've been getting the error on my new laptop since I got it back in mid November.  Still seems to work on my old machine.

    Tried turning off anti-virus and firewalls to see if that was causing the issue, but I still got the error.  

    Can anyone help me in figuring this issue out?

    innkeeper log:
    [2019-01-09 23:24:27.921] Innkeeper/ (Release)
    [2019-01-09 23:24:27.923] [System] OS: Microsoft Windows 10 10.0.17134 (64 bit)
    [2019-01-09 23:24:28.799] [System] GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (
    [2019-01-09 23:24:28.800] [System] GPU: Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 (
    [2019-01-09 23:24:28.804] [System] Display 1: 1920x1080 (Primary)
    [2019-01-09 23:24:28.806] [System] Screen scaling factor is 1.25x
    [2019-01-09 23:24:28.807] [System] Aero is enabled!
    [2019-01-09 23:24:29.876] Innkeeper/ (Release)
    [2019-01-09 23:24:29.879] [System] OS: Microsoft Windows 10 10.0.17134 (64 bit)
    [2019-01-09 23:24:30.152] [System] GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (
    [2019-01-09 23:24:30.152] [System] GPU: Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 (
    [2019-01-09 23:24:30.156] [System] Display 1: 1920x1080 (Primary)
    [2019-01-09 23:24:30.158] [System] Screen scaling factor is 1.25x
    [2019-01-09 23:24:30.159] [System] Aero is enabled!
    [2019-01-09 23:24:30.206] [IPC] Starting servers...
    [2019-01-09 23:24:30.275] [IPC] Servers started.
    [2019-01-09 23:24:30.275] [UI] Starting Electron...
    [2019-01-09 23:24:30.430] [UI] Electron started.
    [2019-01-09 23:24:32.221] [UI] UI is ready!
    [2019-01-09 23:24:32.224] [IPC] UI client connected
    [2019-01-09 23:24:32.244] [Update] Checking for updates...
    [2019-01-09 23:24:32.247] [IPC] UI client connected
    [2019-01-09 23:24:32.341] [IPC] UI client error: An exception has occurred while receiving a message.
    [2019-01-09 23:24:32.342] [IPC] UI client error: An exception has occurred while receiving a message.
    [2019-01-09 23:24:32.345] [IPC] UI client disconnected: The header part of a frame cannot be read from the data source.
    [2019-01-09 23:24:32.345] [IPC] UI client disconnected: The header part of a frame cannot be read from the data source.
    [2019-01-09 23:24:32.833] [Update] No updates found!

    ui log:
    [2019-01-09 23:24:30.698] 1920 1080 1.3 830.7692307692307 1
    [2019-01-09 23:24:32.178] Your version is: 0.4.30
    [2019-01-09 23:24:32.225] WebSocket connected!
    [2019-01-09 23:24:32.324] WebSocket closed: 1006 - !

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    posted a message on Keeping Hearthstone Fresh - The HearthPwn Deck Building Challenge

    I scrolled down here to comment basically the exact same thing.  Took the words right out of my mouth.

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    posted a message on Casual Ettiquette

    The only thing Casual is, and should be, is a place to play any deck you want without the stress of trying to climb ladder.  As others have stated, there is an invisible match-making rank that effects who you play in Casual, so unless you're on a brand new account playing Casual with a top tier deck, you aren't playing inexperienced players.

    On another note, I don't get how someone playing a fun, homebrew deck in Casual can get upset about losing to a "meta" deck.  If they were concerned with winning they'd be playing a stronger, top tier deck rather than a fun, homebrew deck... right?!  I was playing a Rogue C'Thun deck the other day which was super fun, despite losing a lot of games.  I was playing this at Rank 20-19 Wild Ladder though, which is basically like Casual since all the Big Priests, etc, in Wild are much much higher up the ladder.

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    posted a message on Make the Card

    Had to redo my Warlock idea, but here is what I came up with...

    First, the how to add a custom imprint (on Hearthcards.net).  I don't think you can do true custom but there are some options the site provides.

    So I guess you could not discard or make your opponent discard a card, OR do both if you are holding a Dragon and played an Elemental last turn.  However, if you discard your only Dragon the effect won't trigger to keep the discard... Could just be a "Both discard" effect if you play it in a Mech/Elemental Warlock deck with no Dragons.

    Whoever is next, your choice!  A Warlock minion that costs 5 mana, and is either an Elemental or a Dragon (not both), so Warlock has something to synergize with Malfunctioning Reaver on one of the conditions.

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    posted a message on otk mechathun rouge deck
    Quote from Joseph_Turok >>

    but what to do with rest of cards to meet condition of the card fast and easy?


     Gadgetzan Auctioneer + Miracle build 

     Add a Hemet, Jungle Hunter in there somewhere as well.

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    posted a message on 40 Wild Pack Bundle in Korea.

    If this came to NA, I would get it.  Maybe two if possible.  I didn’t play a lot over the GvG and TGT periods and don’t have most of those cards.

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    posted a message on Myra's Unstable Element Worth Crafting?
    Quote from KingCarnage >>
    Quote from sanchogrande >>

    It's a sad card. I thought for sure someone would figure out a clever way to use this card, but no one ever did. It just made it into an aggro deck and is used in a pretty boring way. 

     It can be used in pogoshuffle or espionage decks.

    Using it in aggro is stupid af. Makes more sense to prep/sprint. Rogue doesnt have a card draw problem at all.


     I think some people used it in aggro/tempo decks as a last ditch effort to pull a card they needed to secure a win.  However when I saw someone use it that way it was usually a pro player in a tournament literally praying for Myra's to pull their Leeroy and/or Cold Blood(s).

    I had a golden Myra's Unstable Element but found I was never using it.  So I recently DE'd it to make Hemet Jungle Hunter after I finally opened Mecha'thun.  Now I barely use Mecha'thun/Hemet... I have made so many choices in this game that I regret!

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    posted a message on State of the Game

    Some big name streamers may be leaving, but I tend to see the same number of overall Twitch viewers for HS when I get on to watch someone like RegisKillbin, Kibler, or Asmodai.  I used to watch a lot of Kripp but my doctor told me I needed to cut back on the salt in my diet.

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