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    I move to wild so i can play my belove control warrior. Sick of auto loss vs Cthun warrior lolz.

    Nzoth is just to good to pass. I mean you dont even have to make a nzoth deck. I replace Ysera with him. In Control You usually play 1 shredder 2 sludge 1 syls and have 2 boom bots from Dr Balance anyway, in a long game its like pay 10 mana to summon Dr.Boom again plus Syls plus 2 best taunt plus a shreder. So balance lolz

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    Since Beacher gone i use Abomination a lot in both Nzoth and Control Decks. I even play Geddon too and when it works it totally murder argo decks. The problem is, ít is a card you dont want to play on curve , you want to play when ur opponent board has 2+ minions  already for maximum effectiveness. And in Nzoth when you bring him back, if your opponent has AoE , Abomination can murder your whole board. Flamestrike , priest shadow aoe combo or elemental destruction kill Abo instantly plus his deadrattle means whopping 6 aoe damage for your  nzoth board lolz. It cost me quite a few games.

    so this card has its pro can cons. Good at a tech card if you face a lot of hunter,shaman or zoo.

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