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    I've been playing Hearthstone for nearly 6 years. In that time it has become probably one of my favourite games of all time, right alongside Street Fighter II Champion Edition and Tekken (very different games I know!). Over the years I've spent a lot of money on this game, probably close to or even more than $3,000 to date. I'm definitely in the whale category.

    So why am I making this thread? What's the point? Well, I honestly don't know. I suppose this is one of those 'I'm outta here' threads so I fully expect the customary 'don't let the door hit you on your way out' or 'who are you again' replies below. 

    But I do genuinely think that I am done with Hearthstone. The game just doesn't excite me anymore. I mainly play constructed and have zero interest in Arena or Duels. BG's is OK but not something I really enjoy. Constructed has become unfun for me. I am good enough at the game to know how many misplays I make during a normal ladder game and I just don't have the time to play enough to 'git gud'. Hearthstone has become a frustration for me and the frustration now outweighs the enjoyment I used to get from the game. 

    More than that, constructed has started to feel very samey to me regardless of what cards are in rotation. The classes seem to play the same way they always have, doing the same things with new cards. 

    I've always said that I'll stop playing when the game is no longer enjoyable and I think that time has finally arrived. I am lucky enough to have disposable income to spend as much as I like on the game so money isn't the issue. It's just that spending upwards of $500 a year on something you no longer enjoy makes no sense. It's a shame because I have a great collection including tons of golden legendaries from the times before Standard. Plus I'm sitting on about 120k gold and over 12k dust. I guess my account will stay like that, frozen in time, waiting for me to log back in again one day. Maybe I’ll get a good welcome back deck when / if I do!

    The e sports side of HS is something I've always enjoyed and I will probably keep following it at least in the short term. 

    Anyway, I just felt that I should write this seeing as I've visited Hearthpwn every single day for nearly 6 years. I'm not bashing HS in any way and I have zero interest in trying another online card game. 

    I've enjoyed being a small part of the forum and wish you all the best of luck with your future pack openings. And may the RNGods be kind to you. 

    Take it easy, peace. 


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    Quote from Beastmodus >>

    Fuck me there are actually people who could not figure this out on there own? 

     It is quite sad. But don't bash people's math when you don't know the difference between 'their' and 'there' 

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    Level 34, about to hit 35. No pass. 

    I only play for 30mins to an hour a day so that's pretty decent progress imo. Should easily hit lvl 50 in time for the reset next year. 

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    Hearthstone is what I do when I'm taking a break from real life. It's a hobby that I do solely for entertainment and enjoyment. Of course I like working towards in game goals like hitting 500 wins with each character (got golden Rogue last night, my 5th golden hero so far. Priest next!) but I'm in no particular rush to get there. I also enjoy following the 'pro' scene. 

    Before they announced set rotations a few years back I had a goal of getting all the good cards in gold. I spent a little too much (actually waaay too much) on the game back then to craft all the cool stuff like golden Nerubian Eggs, Belchers, Shredders, Mad Scientists, Reno, Kazakus, Loatheb, Rag, Sylvannas, Azure Drake's, Tomb Pillagers etc etc thinking that the cards were probably going to be around for a long time yet. I was obviously way off there so lesson learned. Now I keep any good cards I get in gold and DE the rest. I haven't crafted anything in gold since the Lich King in KotFT. 

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    I feel you OP. I wish they would only give us 1 card per pack with no duplicate protection whatsoever. Of course this should be at the same price we're paying now. Heck, maybe even a little more expensive. I know my wife feels I don't spend enough money on HS so this could help me make her happy. This would make it a real challenge to get a single deck together - and that's what I want. 

    Free stuff also pisses me off to no end. They should just remove all gold, all log in rewards and stuff like that. No pack bundles either, just a flat $1 per pack with one card and no duplicate protection at all. 

    They could go all the way and make the packs 'standard' packs so you get one card from any of the sets in standard - none of this buying the set I want nonsense. It's too easy. 

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    World's didn't show us anything we didn't know already. Usual suspects really - Edwin (has to be a fav for HoF), Blade Dance, Twin Slice etc

    I expect to see some nerfs before year end. DH Has to be taken down a notch, that's been obvious for a while now. 


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    Quote from Armion >>

    I picked him too, but I am very disappointed with his loss in the final =(


     Yeah same here. Reminded me of the final between Fr0zen and Tom28669 a few years ago. Happy for glory but I feel that Jarla was the top player at this tournament, much like Fr0zen was when he lost to Tom. 

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    Warrior has not been a class I've ever been attracted to but I've been playing ETC Warrior the last few days and I have to say the deck feels really effing good. Even in my noob hands I've won a decent amount of games against all the main culprits: DH, Pally, Rogue, Druid. When I lose it's usually because I made some dumbass misplay that cost me the game. Note to self: Pen Flinger into Bladestorm will KILL Pen Flinger!  

    According to Vicious Syndicate CW's worst matchups are Clown Druid, Secret Mage, Highlander Hunter, Deathrattle Hunter (yeah, me neither), and Pure Pally. The caveat here is that ETC Warrior's stats are lumped into general CW stats which hasn't been doing well at all so I don't think this info is very accurate. Pure Pally is a tough matchup but I def have a positive winrate against them with ETC. 

    Res Priest is also a bad matchup for CW but I won the games I played vs Priest so the CW stats are probably skewing the data. 

    I don't think you're forced to play Priest at all. Hunter is always a good choice vs Warrior, has been forever. 

    ETC Warrior has 2 main win cons: ETC combo and RATTLEGORE. If you can silence / poly Rattlegore then that removes the only late game threat they have. 

    Milling their combo pieces with Tickatus may be an idea? 

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    posted a message on Sweet baby Jesus I did it! Made it to legend with 5 minutes left!

    Congrats OP, nice one! I managed to hit Diamond 1 last season with Totem Shaman but I went on a bad run and dropped all the way to Diamond 4. A mix of poor play and crap matchups. 

    Anyway, congrats again! 

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    Quote from Krewger >>
    Quote from StholidCardsth >>

    If you live in the States, fly to Blizzard head office and chain yourself to the offices fence and go on a hunger strike

     That’s constructive isn’t it, ****.

     Wow, you sound like a lovely person. 

    Sorry to disappoint you but I'm enjoying the new expansion. The last set of the year is usually the one that has the smallest impact on the meta. Usually the stronger decks just get a little stronger and maybe one or two new decks emerge. 

    Anyway, I'd def look into that hunger strike thing. 

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