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    I know I'm very late to this party, but when I click on the download link, it brings me to my Google Drive saying that I do not have access to the file. Both on my phone and laptop it does this. Is there any way to avoid this? I was thinking about making class overhauls and saw a lot of positive feedback about this page. Any advice would by greatly appreciated.

     I'm the topic starter. I can't get back into my account.

    Google made some kind of security update and messed with the file, so I had to manually approve people. I think I changed it, so it should be OK. When I open the Download link in incognito mode I can download.

    Here's a new link I just copied: New Google Drive Download

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    Quote from ankha >>

    Character: Orc in Santa's clothing. Action: Stealing presents. Background: Lots of snow in a forest. Its nighttime. Tree in the middle has Christmas lights and presents underneath.

    Ok, so the request descriptions are asking for too much :) It's hard to get so much stuff into the same image that will be on in small scale when on a Hearthstone card, and keeping the main character central. Less is more!

    Quote from Stelios >>

    Type of character/spell/object:Void elf Female Warlock. Action:Casting a shadowbolt. Background:Some dark forest

    Quote from Blondu >>

    Type of character/spell/object: Dragon Mage


     You got a gnome Dragon Mage in an ancient city

    You can find .png files of requests and examples in the first OneDrive link in Post 1.

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    Need different art for your cards? Or just some Hearthstone art for yourself?


    • Type of character/spell/object:
    • Action:
    • Background:
    • Other: More details may improve the final result, even though surprises can be best.

    Spells will be made in aspect ratio 3:2. Minions in 2:3 to fit card structure.

    Example gallery in OneDrive (low res versions): https://1drv.ms/u/s!AozySk0xP-CrhJtQ-jGroh1DoNuhfA?e=nTUXSj 

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