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    posted a message on Two New Golden Standard Bundles + Sparkles Card Back Have Appeared On The Shop

    That's another really good point against the price of packs in this game.
    I bought Resident Evil Village last weekend - bundled with RE7 and all of its DLC - for $80.
    The price of a super preorder.

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    posted a message on Honestly I don't understand why people play this game anymore.
    Quote from happyday >>

    First of all, I've never said that it's wrong to netdeck. I only questioned how much enjoyment is there in playing a deck that you have no part of making.(except for copying it)

    Secondly, I've said that I know people find pleasure in different ways, but playing exactly the same thing for years? There's a nice Far Cry quote about that.

    Thirdly, I've never said I'm a superior person or a great deck maker.

    Fourthly, if it takes 1-2 hours just to build a deck then it only shows that you never build one before. You first think of a concept, then locate the cards that help you accomplish that concept and after that you may include tech cards depending on the meta. And the most important part is playing the deck.

    Fifthly, the difference between the questions - copying a deck and not putting any thoughts into the cards you use is as follows. I copied a deck and used it, because it allowed me to win more. I don't know why I play this card in my deck but the website had it so it must be good.

    Sixtly, I'm happy that you play your own decks.

    And lastly, what superiority? The superior one is the one who wins. And I don't care that much about winning. I only care about having fun. But when even casual is filled with tier 1 net decks it's just kinda funny and sad.

     If I'm wrong about you then I'm happy, but a lot of what I was talking about was implicit in the OP.  Discussion points like this only come up when people are trying to demonstrate some sort of social superiority - they want to feel morally/intellectually superior to their peers (fellow HS players).  "Homebrewer Master Race" discussions are often rooted in the desire to feel superior to people who aren't homebrewers, "netdeckers".

    But hey, if I'm wrong, I'm wrong.  I was just responding to what I read into your post.  If there was nothing there, I'm sorry.
    But that Far Cry quote would only apply if people were expecting different results from playing the same deck over time - psychologically the opposite of that is what we'd assume from the behavior.  They play the same deck (ex. Secret Mage) over years and years because they expect the same results, i.e. winning a lot of games in Wild Ladder.

    We do share a grievance with people playing tier 1 decks in casual.  Casual is where I play my silly lists like Galvadon Paladin and it does feel bad to match up against APM Mage when I'm supposed to be relaxed.  But what I learned on here when I proposed my grievances about it is this: if it's a casual match against a deck you don't wanna see (or if somebody is roping you in casual queue), just concede.

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    posted a message on Two New Golden Standard Bundles + Sparkles Card Back Have Appeared On The Shop

    I'm a sucker for Golden stuff, my favorite classes are laden with Golden versions of my favorite cards for them.
    But this is just a little silly, even for me.

    They're asking for a lot.  50 dollars is the cost of a pre-order.  This is 1/5th of the packs, you aren't even guaranteed anything you want.
    Frankly, all card games should do away with the pack system.  MTG got away with it because at least the pack format had a purpose from the start (Draft format where you use the random cards in a pack to make a deck and play it) - but it is factually gambling marketed towards kids and young adults.  It's predatory.  LoR is a step ahead of the game with a way better model for collection.  Money can be used to optionally and efficiently (because you pick the cards you want) expand your collection, but it's 90% cosmetics.

    Rewards track was a step in the right direction.  But if we don't start making leaps in that direction, Hearthstone is going to become prohibitively expensive, and the average person won't be able to play anymore.

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    posted a message on Honestly I don't understand why people play this game anymore.

    Well, firstly, believing that the way you enjoy doing something is the only acceptable way to enjoy it is unproductive, toxic, and has proven to do nothing for you except make you upset.  Other people aren't wrong for enjoying other things than you.  Other people in the thread have already listed multiple reasons, all of which are valid, why people might play the game differently.

    You're not a superior person because you like to build decks alone rather than use other available resources for help.  You've decided, because you like to feel superior to other people, that you MUST be right, and you're SO much better than other people.

    "Is it fun to copy decks from a website" - No, but neither is sitting there staring at my collection trying to figure out the final 1 or 2 cards to put in my deck.  Deckbuilding is a fraction of what makes this game what it is.  Not everybody has hours to kill tinkering with the most minute features of their decks.  I've taken some excellent decks from here.  And I've tuned them according to my personal taste over time.  I'm not a deck builder in Hearthstone, and being one wouldn't make me a better person/better at this game.

    "Is it fun to not put any thoughts into the cards that are in your deck?" - What?  What kind of question is this?  This is literally just a re-shaped version of the last question.

    "Is it fun to play the same deck for more than a couple of years?" - Probably.  You say it yourself that people find pleasure in different things.  People DO enjoy different things.  I enjoy playing Hunter, and various Hunter decks.  I've been experimenting with different versions of Spell Hunter since it came out, and I haven't gotten bored of it.  Seems a bit contradictory to the whole "homebrew galaxy brain" mentality to be opposed to spending time fine-tuning a deck/archetype.

    You make it extremely obvious that this is a play for social superiority when you make up a fictional person saying "new secrets are better" and then owning them by implying their an idiot and telling them to "get back to netdecking".  Either admit that you just want to feel like you're some superior, galaxy brain Hearthstone player - or realize that this toxic superiority complex has only served to make you upset at total strangers and make yourself look like a complete elitist jerk.

    Sorry if the tone of this post is a little aggressive, I try to be nice on here but this kind of stuff really gets me mad.

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    posted a message on Guidance does not trigger Unbound Elemental effect

    Ultimately this is a flaw in the wording of Unbound Elemental and the functionality of Guidance.  My guess is, since Overload is an option you can opt into, Unbound doesn't check to see if it was an Overload card.  Unbound probably triggers on play when a card is played that Overloads you, it won't check as a card is resolving its effect and happens to Overload you.

    Unbound should have its text changed to match Tunnel Trogg - that way the effect is more consistent across cards that are similar.  Also, I think making it a 2 mana 2/4 would have been a better change than a 3 mana 3/4.  But that's just my opinion.

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    posted a message on Most hated Meta ever?

    Every meta is the worst meta to somebody.  Everyone has different tastes, and like 80 billion million people play HS I guess, so statistically every meta is probably widely hated.

    My least favorite meta is whichever ones that have like, 40 minute games because control is too good.  I liked K&C but as fun as Cube Hunter was, playing every game against Highlander Priest or Cubelock was just... Not so fun.  RoS also had Bomb Warrior - and imo Bombs are one of the least fun things the game ever did.  1/6th of your Health as unavoidable damage, stapled to cards that were already solid from a tempo standpoint.  I could go on - every meta has things I liked and didn't like.  Even Un'Goro, my perfect child, had Quest Mage and Quest Rogue.

    My favorite Meta is whenever Hunter is like, high tier 2.  Not so uber powerful that everybody is actually justified in complaining about it, but still good enough that a good Hunter player can win consistently.  The deck doesn't really matter to me - unless it's Mech Hunter for flavor reasons - I just like Hunter, and I like when Hunter is good, but no so good everybody hates it.

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    posted a message on Shaman Class Redesign Concept

    Alrighty it's my day off and I highlighted some cards to bring out of my Google Doc and share for public opinion.

    Getting it started with my most controversial addition; here's todays example of "what Ramp could look like in Shaman":

    Overclock was a top-down design.  I liked the idea of a Fire Spell that dealt in Mana somehow, but wondered how it could possibly be flavored to work that way.  Overclock is a result of that challenge.  I think this is a really fair and engaging form of Ramp - it demands that you set up a play by Overloading first, then rewards you in 2 turns (so your Crystals can cool off) with what could be a pretty major burst of ramp.  I'd like to reiterate the design intent here: Shaman's curve, with these hypothetical changes, would be way more erratic than Druid's, since the class would have cards that incentivize destroying your own Mana, and Overloading.

    Here's an example of a minion that does just that, with a really solid payoff that's worth considering.

    Lavalasher - to clear up any confusion - targets something as a part of the Battlecry, then pops your Mana and deals 2X Damage (X = Your Overloaded Mana Crystals when this is played).  The Mana would be destroyed, then the card would Overload your mana on its own.  With that out of the way (which could be incorrect btw, that may not be how Overload works on Battlecries), the design.  I'm finding myself drawn to Fire spells being ones that destroy Mana Crystals for payoffs - and I'll settle for Fire Flavor on minions.  This couldn't be played for its effect on curve, unless you managed to both ramp AND Overload enough to do so by turn 4.

    Next up is what MTG Players would call "Keyword Soup".  At some point I remembered Shaman does Frost things - sorry Moorabi - and postulated what THAT would look like.

    Wow, 3 whole Keywords and a Spell School!  I had to pull back on letting it do anymore lest it become "Not Ultimate But Pretty Good Infestation".  This is a really nice utility spell with an upside, letting you play it defensively or offensively based on your needs (Freezing a well statted minion so it can't trade while I go face - Freezing a scary minion I can't deal with right now) while also ramping you if you've just played a Frost Spell.  The biggest travesty is that I didn't have time to find a picture of an actual WoW Ice-Pop that isn't already in Hearthstone.

    Next up is a fun detour to an old community favorite: giving Forbidden spells to classes that never got them.  Shoutout to whatever year Whispers came out.

    Temporary ramp is a tricky beast, and early game this card seems extremely frightening.  Of course, first we'd want to look at the top-end, the biggest thing that the card is capable of doing.  If you coined this out on turn 4, you'd gain 5 mana next turn and have 10 whole mana to spend.  In this way, you could compare this to Eureka! - a spell that cheats out a huge minion on turn 6, but can be coined out on turn 5.  The main difference being that you can select the card you pull, and Battlecry effects will work.  Big Shaman is a historically fun archetype, and this could enable it.  But of course we need to know what else its capable of.  Turn 4 you could play this, then turn 5 you could follow up with Bru'kan and a decent amount of burn.  We could say Serpentshrine Portal and Lightning Bolt, equaling what... 13 damage?  That's quite a lot for turn 5, all at once.  And of course Lightning Bloom makes this potential high-roll burn deck all the more insane.  All in all, I think there's a lot of complexity to this one - way more than I feel comfortable saying this is "printable".

    Of course, with Forbidden Channeling, the idea is the same as in all ramp, but more extreme.  You're fully tapping out and doing nothing, as well as telegraphing to your opponent that your next turn is going to be big.  Does spending 1 turn doing nothing and making it clear that you're about to pop off enough of a downside to make this fair?  I genuinely don't know.

    Finally, a cool value minion.  It must be the time I spend playing Even Shaman giving me some bias, but all of these being Evenly costed was a coincidence.  I think.  Value/card draw is something Shaman really wants for, and I like exploring how to solve that issue.

    Here we have some poor fella who crossed the wrong Shaman, and is now handing out deals.  What I like about this is that there's a lot of potential synergies for this, making the ceiling for the card very high.  If your turn ends and your Overloaded crystals unlock naturally?  Gain some Health, draw a card.  Did you cast Lava Shock after playing this and unlocked some Overloaded Crystals?  Health + Card.  Did you play a card with Cleanse?  Healthcard.  There's a lot you could put into this to guarantee/accelerate how much value you get out of it.

    So that's all I've got for today.  I hope you dig the ideas, let me know what you think!  I really am grateful for the feedback I get, it keeps me from going fuckin' crazy with my ideas.  Criticism keeps me grounded, I guess.

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    posted a message on Shaman Class Redesign Concept
    Quote from fjl93 >>

    Nice concept there with Cleanse, I like it! But I don't think it's a good idea to also give ramp tools for Shaman. Shaman kinda "ramps" it's own way with overload, by casting powerful effects for less mana than they should. If you also give them the ability to ramp, you probably eliminate the problem with overload, since most of the time, overload cards aren't expensive. I think Cleanse alone would be just a wonderful mechanic alone by itself, with no need of adding ramp. Even without Cleanse, IMO ramp would be broken af in Shaman.

    It's kinda why they removed druid most of it's face damage. Ramping + face damage isn't something fun to play against.

     I think there's a great deal of valid criticisms to levy at giving any class Ramp outside of Druid.  Shaman having a large amount of access to burn is certainly one of them.  Ramp being added to Shaman to help balance out Overload being as bad as it is - is certainly a weird solution with a great deal of downsides.  The way I saw it was

    A: This lets me brainstorm how to bring a new - but existing - mechanic to a class.  How does X mechanic look in X class is a fun exploratory thought.
    B: The same downsides of Ramp in Druid exist here as well, where it's inherently slow and would open the door for early aggression to take you out.  Some cards, like the one that heals, contradict the nature of ramp being a downside since it patches up the intended downside.  Others, like the one that ramps really slowly by giving you an empty crystal next turn, or the one that requires you to be behind on mana I think are more true to the concept.
    C: Let them eat cake!  When I design cards/mechanics, I tend to design really high on the power spectrum on purpose.  It's more exciting and fun to make powerful cards, and I've got the mentality - though it is probably flawed - that if everybody's cards/mechanics are overpowered, things are basically "fair".

    I'm glad you like Cleanse!  Out of all of the concepts here I'm sure it's most likely to "Ship" so to speak, it's fair and allows for interesting designs in minions and spells.
    Logic-wise, Overload is actually the reason I wanted Ramp.  Overload is a really, really bad mechanic that's held the class back for so long, but it does effectively act like ramp in the way you described.  I thought "well, if Shaman can play with Mana, why make their Mana-Playing awful?

    I hope this helped you understand where I was coming from.  I think you're right, Ramp isn't something that belongs in a burn class.  Incanter's Flow has effectively proven how the community responds to that.

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    posted a message on Dissatisfied with the nerfs...
    Quote from Mugwump >>
    Quote from Cagey75 >>

    Nothing has changed much, still all Pallys and Mage with the odd bore-fest Priest in Diamond 


     Win-rate doesn't equal play-rate.
    That tier list may show how successful those decks are, but it doesn't show how common they are on ladder.

    While it's almost self evident that the most powerful deck will be the most common one, and I've made that argument before, that doesn't mean that decks/classes that don't show up here aren't being played at all.

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    posted a message on Shaman Class Redesign Concept

    I sure hope this isn't thread necromancy, but I finally found time to put some stuff together from concepts I had.  Revisiting the ways that Shaman would be allowed to Ramp, I had this idea of shuffling mana into your deck that Casts When Drawn and gives you a Mana Crystal.  While becoming more fundamentally random - something I want to avoid - the idea of moving your mana forward in time, and setting up Ramp to recover after destroying your own mana is far too compelling to me not to at least look into.

    Astral Recall

    Here's the first idea I came up with (and also I figured out how to put cards into posts the good way, yay for me!): Astral Recall puts Mana Crystals into your deck that "Cast When Drawn".  Functionally, when you draw a Mana Crystal this way (I would have made a card for it but "mana crystal fan art" was impossible to find) you gain that Mana Crystal back permanently, then draw the next card (a function of Casts When Drawn).  This is a neat setup tool, you can put yourself behind in Mana to trigger something like Elemental Surge for instance, or just keep playing as you are and when the Ramp finds you, you're pretty happy about it.

    Next was an idea I had yesterday when considering Shaman's general lack of advantage.  And while I know Legendaries are hardly a good fix - more of a band-aid solution than anything - I liked this idea too much not to share it.

    Gurrath Thunderclap

    Gurrath here generates advantage in an interesting way.  Essentially he gives each spell in your hand Twinspell, though functionally it's not that simple.  "Unique" is here to balance the card; meaning that the effect only triggers when you cast a spell with a different name than one you've cast this turn.  That way, you couldn't Lightning Bolt and add infinite Lightning Bolts to your hand (which may be a completely unnecessary form of balance but, hey, I can't let everything be OP).  Letting you milk 2 casts out of each spell in your hand is an interesting form of advantage I haven't seen explored yet - though the downside of not being able to keep the second copy around in hand makes the advantage Gurrath provides rather fleeting, which I think is fine from a class flavor standpoint.

    Just two more for this post, I think.  Next up is a cool idea for a finisher I had.  For Shaman, burn is a reliable way to close out games, hampered by the fact that it has no draw and bad card generation.  There's something Hearthstone did exactly one (1) time that I really like, that Legends of Runeterra does a lot, which is let cards generate non-random tokens, or generate other cards that already exists.  Kiri, Chosen of Elune and Razorpetal Lasher are the only cards I can think of that do this.  I think these cards are cool, and the thing they do is underutilized.

    Crack the Skies

    Crack the Skies is my interpretation of a rock-solid finisher in Shaman.  You could play this in a classic aggro-burn list as a finisher, and I'd encourage that, but being able to rip 9 damage of burn for 5 mana (Plus 6 Overload) is awesome - though perhaps too good.  I'd considered, and it might be better this way, that Crack the Skies gives you 2 Lightning Bolts instead, bringing it down to Fireball levels of burst.  But as far as I'm concerned, if Mage can get away with the things that it does, then this should be allowed by Blizzard's standards.

    Finally is another card pondering what advantage could look like in Shaman, but leaning towards Elementals.  There's a lot of reasons Elementals are underpowered, the function of their synergy in particular being a huge detriment to the tribe.  Being able to at least acquire multiple Elementals without having to proc any synergies is a start for the tribe in a better direction, in my opinion.

    Wizened Weird does the ole "Battlecry and Deathrattle", something I like quite a lot.  Tutoring Elementals is something really valuable, and the last card that did so wasn't even an elemental, thanks Sandbinder.  Here we have a "slower" 2 mana draw 2.  The balancing here was simple imo.  Knight of Anointment is 1 mana and tutors something.  Tutoring has its advantages and disadvantages.  Sometimes its as good as drawing a card, but sometimes a tutor is unable to get what you actually need in the moment, and is far less flexible than card draw is.

    Alright so that's today's lil update to the thread.  Sorry it's been so long - and I know that only 1 of these cards is directly related to the mechanics I conceived specifically for Shaman - but hey not every Mage card says Freeze or Counter on it, ya know?  I hope y'all liked these!  Let me know what you think.

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    Quote from AntonydusWurm >>

    nzoth must really like a broom (hint hint, cough cough)


    I had this thought as well, actually.  but this raises the question:
    Why not keep N'Zoth, God of the Deep at 10 mana and just... give the minions Rush?

    In terms of the nerfs we did get, I'm mostly disappointed because the Paladin hits absolutely thrashed my Even Paladin deck.  First Day of School was great for rounding out my curve and getting my Call to Arms through Counterspell.  And poor Crabrider was the best Windfury minion that Corpsetaker had access to...

    Oh well!  I'm having fun with Even Hunter too.

    I will say that Mage, perhaps, needed a little something more than a slap on the wrist.  At least slap both wrists...
    Or the dominant wrist a la Incanter's Flow.  Silly wrist metaphor aside, Sorcerer's Apprentice and Flamewaker perhaps should have been tickled even a little bit.

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    posted a message on Patch 20.2.2 - Balance Changes, Quilboars In Battlegrounds Nerfed & More

    I feel - and this could be wrong and we'll see a meaningful difference - that the Shaman changes missed the mark a little bit, ya know?
    Lilypad Lurker wasn't underplayed because its stats were bad, it was already solid on its own.  It was underplayed because elemental synergies are just kind of bad.  They're inflexible and reward making suboptimal plays sometimes.

    Tidal Surge should never have costed 4 in the first place, so this is a great change - though I don't think Shaman has the tools to take full advantage of having a decent anti aggro card.  The things Control Shaman needs are absent from the game.

    Unbound Elemental is also just... a suboptimal card.  It's a slightly worse Questing Adventurer that demands you play cards with downsides.  Just kind of stinky on the face of it, a single additional attack is nice but I don't see that pushing it into viability.

    I wasn't expecting much for Shaman, tbh.  It needs changes way closer to the roots of its design, nothing they could possible change with a regular balance patch.  I'm not disappointed, but I hope more changes come next expansion that involve the whole class, not just cards that don't do well.  Ya know... since the whole class isn't doing well.

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    posted a message on Change isnt always good...

    Change is good most of the time, though.  And changes that are made with the intent to improve things should be considered.
    I think every class should have a good deck.  So yeah, I do want Shaman to have some insane burn deck or whatever - because if that's what it takes for Shaman to have a good deck then at least we have something to work with in a previously terrible class.

    Also, the game has like a bajillion million billion players or something like that.  Valuing your own enjoyment over theirs, while understandable and I endorse that most of the time, isn't really helpful when talking about nerfs/buffs.  Value your own enjoyment over others on a game-to-game basis.  Play whatever you want that brings you joy, that's what video games are for.  Nothing will ever make every person happy.  Nothing ever makes Hearthstone players happy.  But these improvements might make enough people happy to make them worth trying.

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    posted a message on Fellow Control Warlock players...

    Is this for Wild or Standard?
    For Standard I'd say keep the Armor Vendors.  The extra 4-8 Health can mean the difference between life or death (consider how popular Alexstrasza the Life-Binder is rn).

    That's about all the advice I can give, though.  I just recently got into Warlock as a class so...
    Yeah.  Armor Vendor good against aggro, while the healing from Soul Fragments is good, it's unreliable and slow.

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    posted a message on Which battle-ready deck did you get?

    Do people believe that FTP players "don't have stake in the game"?  Just because they've not spent money on it?
    That's a little bit bologna to me.

    FTP players can lament about how expensive the game is all they want.  Hearthstone is  expensive.  Not only that, but stake in something doesn't require fiscal investment.  The amount of time and dedication needed to do FTP competitively is immense, having to earn every card in your collection with time is a lot more difficult and painstaking than just blowing money on packs.

    Besides, there is a direct translation of how many dollars Hearthstone Gold is worth.  There are products available for purchase with either.  FTP Hearthstone players can only acquire cards with money they've earned and worked for in game.

    I'm rambling.  All this to say, FTP Hearthstone players absolutely have stake in Hearthstone.  They've invested their time.

    Besides, the game being more accessible (such as these decks being available for purchase with Gold) is literally detrimental to nobody (except Blizzard in a minor way) - it's a literal positive to everybody who plays the game when things become more accessible.  Not sure why so many people are so opposed to that.

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